Josef Ganz & The Story Behind The Original Volkswagen





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  1. I always thought it was Porsche’s Volkswagon.If you continue publishing items similar to this, that relate to positive accomplishments with Jewish roots,Haxo and Al might stroke out. Their future health and well-being is in your hands.

    • And a friendlier better functioning fascist nation used Jewish physicists to design the first successful nuclear weapons and then ex nazis to design ICBMs to put them on.

    • Interesting piece. I was under the impression that Hitler himself had substantial design input. What with his fascination with insects and all. In any case, the creativity, for good or ill, of this or that individual Jew is not in question. It’s the collective organism and its activities that’s the problem.

      • Collectivism with boundaries marked by religion is full of lies just like collectivism with boundaries marked by geography. Some Jews lie on TV, some Jews try to cure cancer. Some Catholics shelter pedophiles, some feed the poor. Is your objection to the religions, or to sheltering evil? I don’t think the “Jew” category is an accurate marker for evil. Whereas, 100.00% of voters and policemen are evil.

        • jews are a race, it’s not that 100% do **X**, but the disproportionality of the actions jewish people take. Degeneracy and communism being main ones. I’m not sure if there is a summary somewhere, but I suggest the intro at least to Culture of Critique. Despite being very in-group oriented, they tend try to make everyone else multicultural

          for laughs

        • Race not religion.

          “Secular” American Jews are the problem.

    • Look up Ledwinka who spent years in prison after the war, and look how similar the Tatra cars were as well.

      Laughed at the Night of the Long Knives survivor story, it’s a ridiculous claim. Typical tricks.

  2. I thought that was a very interesting human interest story. Consider if you will all the “deplatforming” and all that which happens these days to ppl not considered “of the body” of progs. Not much different as sane people get driven from their livelihoods by fascist operatives and all sense gets driven out of the system than when Gestapo agents did the same to him.

  3. Well shit, what will Haxo drive now.

  4. Great site!

    One big gripe: No search function.

    I so wanted to look up a) The Tucker b) Hudson Hornet and c) my high school dream car the Lotus Cortina

    Where in the the world do you come upon these sites? Wonderful!

  5. I hear the diesels are super good for der planet n what not.

  6. Amazing how all this “hidden history” is just now rising to the surface. I can’t wait to hear how Muslims invented radar and Mexicans really invented antibiotics.

    In the current year, straight White Christian males invented nothing but oppression!

    • SemperFi, 0321

      My favorite genre of stories are all the guerrilla and resistance groups that killed millions of evil Nazi murderers while all hiding in their mom’s basements and were so good they’re only discovered 70 yrs later, and not one living witness is left alive.

      My favorite part of this VW story was the Gestapo arresting him in May 1933……..and exactly how long had Hitler/Gestapo been in power then? 5 months and their high priority target is a Jew Go-kart designer? Pure nonsense.

  7. Stealth Spaniel

    My aunt Margaret bought a 1960 bug-even as a kid, I thought it was a funny little car. My mother told her that it was like riding a bicycle. Uncle Pick got in an accident with the bug and ended up in the hospital with 2 broken legs and 1 shoulder surgery. Safety features are more extensive these days as the bug now gets a good rating. I guess the joke is on all of us, as the VW Bug is now iconic and pricey.
    Good story, but I wonder why this gentleman stuck around in Germany, what with the craziness that was going on even in the ’30s.

  8. Garbage car.

  9. Fred Seymour, Jr.

    And to this day Israel is the world capital of the automotive industry.