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  1. I won’t read the article.
    A brief half-paragraph synopsis would likely make me read the whole, but just a link and not the 1 minute to create an abstract for the article seems not to be worth the time, so why would it be worth my time to read it?

    • Seriously?

      Have you read the Woodpile?

      It is a well-chosen collection of links and commentary thereon.

      It is singular.

      Pity that you are so easily deterred, sir.

    • If you have been out of pocket for a week or more Woodpile is the fastest way I know to catch up on what has been happening.

    • Randall Flagg

      So you spend more time writing to complain than it would’ve taken to just click on the link? Other people’s kids… I tell ya.

    • thanks for this Teachable Moment. You are an outstanding symptom of the Reds’ Long March Through the Institutions. Now, put your longest finger on the left side of the mouse. Then click. Anybody can do it. (Maybe) even you.

  2. There are several worthy secondary links in this one, e.g., the proposed AZ bill RE asset forfeiture of protesting organizations. Flip the political affiliations & see how you like it (’cause, ya know the PATRIOT Act worked out so well).

  3. The Woodpile is essential reading.

  4. Boss, at Fox News, there is a running byline down at the bottom that says Jewish cemeteries at St. Louis and at least six other cities in the US, have been heavily vandalized. Also, bomb threats have been called in to many more synagogues. Anybody know more? Most of this seems to happen east of the Mississippi.

    • I may be wrong, but I can’t help but think of the “church burnings” of recent years.

      And I give Team Mo major props for this civil affairs play:


      • the “vandalized Jewish cemetery” is a standard Zionist, ((MSM)))-abetted false flag. During the in-betweens, the Tikkun Olas often occupy themselves by burning swastikas into each others’ lawns. Old, old stuff.

        “and Muslims reach out to help.” Yup.

        • SemperFi, 0321

          After 70 yrs you would think the Jew/Nazi issue would die out, and instead it gets more momentum as the yrs pass. More movies, more TV programs and more books every week. It’s big business planting and harvesting the sympathy dollars.
          See the article yesterday where Israel told Amazon to stop selling anti Jew propaganda?
          Find out who you’re not allowed to criticize…………….

    • They had a segment on this during the ABC Evening News last night. All I could think of when I saw it was : ” I wonder what kind of shit they’re going to try and pull from these stunts”