Stopped Clocks And All


California Federal Judge Blocks Law That Kept Gun Advocates From Sharing Lawmakers’ Home Addresses


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  1. Color me shocked!

  2. So lets see… Its ok to publish the list of CCW holders, in the paper no less, but not permitted to publish the list of the pols that make the laws. Yep, Got it. Where the hell is the tar and feathers???

    • Slope Transportation Secretary just said we need toll roads to pay for fixing infrastructure because “federal government” can’t be expected to pay for it. As if we did not already pay enough taxes to fix all of the nation’s roads and bridges 70 times over if the money was used properly.

      Yet I am unemployed.

      Big take down of Heller and new 4th BS coming soon.

  3. So, publish the list already.

  4. Gubmint officials who have ticked me off (in the past) have learned what happens when some dry “Ready-Mix-Concrete” gets dropped down their sewer clean-out plug. I refer to that act as “Constipation” and it has worked every time I have done it.

  5. “The odds were never in your favor.”-From the Real Hunger Games

    “I once drew three sets of deuces in a tournament. -SFG (some fucking guy)

    Black swans happen people, lets help them along eh?

  6. Stealth Spaniel

    Swear and be damned by it. And stop pleading that you are Special.

  7. Reading Is Fundamental. Judge said law was too broad. Publish away.

  8. visiting politicians at home, one at a time, is impolite, foolish, and time-consuming. In California, they can be visited all at once at the Capitol Building, Sacramento. This also holds for the national political class.

  9. California laws apply to CA residents at most, and to no one else

  10. Pardon me for asking, but wouldn’t it be easier all the way around for those California lawmakers who restrict the rights of firearm owners and then fear reprisals for knowingly abusing their powers – to simply legislate in a reasonable manner such they would not have to fear a backlash from their constituents? Being reasonable – they ought to try it sometime. Just sayin’…

  11. If the Kalifornication pussies are afraid they’ll be ‘found’, maybe they should rethink what they’re doing. Rest assured, if someone put forth a little effort to find their home or office or routine patterns….it’s done.



    Amazon- Bezos- CIA- I n t e r n e t


    they really really really want to shut it down. it’s not like they haven’t tried.

    “…There are already laws and procedures in place for taking down sites that violate the law. These acts would allow the Attorney General, and even individuals, to create a blacklist to censor sites when no court has found that they have infringed copyright or any other la…”


    I believe it was JFK who stated that those who make peaceful revolution impossible, make violent revolution inevitable. The more these Black-robed, arrogant, statist mooks tighten the screws, the more they are sealing their own fates. If I was still living in CA(I left in 2002) I would be making my lists and checking them twice.
    As it was when I did live there, the politically incorrect contraband was cached close, but not too close to be out of reach. And, when we went to Cashman Center in Las Vegas for the mother-of-all-gun shows, our mode of transportation and egress had no markings to indicate it was from the “Golden State”, as the AG’s lick spittle minions were in the parking lot taking down license plate numbers.
    Cops can be lazy and stupid. They usually are. If you are forced, for whatever reason, to reside in Occupied Territory then have a plan and stick to it. Go gray and stay gray. Trump may be in the White House, but the rat-bastard Cosmic White Marxists are still running the state houses. Bleib ubrig.