Taming The She Beast



Pass it on to the young men and young women you know.

Too many fish in the sea….

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  1. Wow, I am the first to comment on this one. Sounds like the archetype of the Christian marraige. Not the Rick Warren ideal more like the Spurgeon or Wilberforce ideal. Strong, protective man who treats his wife as Christ treats His bride, the Church. My wife is a very strong personality but mine is stronger by Gods deaign. Does my.wife get her way often, yep on the little things but when there are big life decisions to be made, we do it my way because I have done the due diligence and make these decisions in the best interest of my wife and now geown children. Men, step up, be the honcho God intended you to be and treat your wife likenthe treasure she is. Proverbs 31:10

  2. Excellent.

    This is a topic that neatly weaves right into the dirty blanket all the commies are trying to throw over us.

    A few months back I ran across a video on Youtube about “MGTOW” (Men Going Their Own Way) – and started listening. It was eye opening because the guy talked about a lot of things that I had felt or suspected since way back in my college days thirty plus years ago.

    It’s hard to really come to grips with how screwed up society is these days when you haven’t been really exposed to one that is “right”. But – like Morpheus said to Neo:

    You’re here because you know something. What you know you can’t explain, but you feel it. You’ve felt it your entire life, that there’s something wrong with the world. You don’t know what it is, but it’s there, like a splinter in your mind, driving you mad.

    There’s two guys on Youtube who have put out quite a few videos on this topic , Sandman:

    and Howard Dare:

    If you can get past their mannerisms and some of the stuff they say – there’s really a lot of truth in there – and what their saying weaves right into all the stuff the alt-right has been talking about.

  3. Outstanding. Just outstanding. I was immediately his buddy when he said he would tie her up on a chair for nine months, throw her out when she had the baby, and raise the child himself. Epic. Every woman needs to read this. Every … single … one.

    An AR-15 or M1A and tactical abilities doesn’t make a man. R. J. Rushdoony once said that the difference between a boy and man is the willingness to take responsibility.

  4. So… I walk away with nothing to show for 27 years (plus two prior marriages) of trial, patience and devotion but failure, heartache, betrayal, no property and the misunderstanding/shunning of most of my/her family?

    I’ll surely feel like a big, strong, independent and righteous Man then. I can then go looking for that mythical creature, the intelligent cooperative wife?

    All you floundering little manthings looking for easy answers to the evils visited upon us by The Enemy, spare me your platitudes.

    I well remember when men ruled the roost and it wasn’t all that great either.
    I grant that it was simpler, for men possessed of the rights of property and divorce, and without the finality of hysteria, sexual blackmail and manipulation (as if that has not ever been the case), but the lot of women (and children) wasn’t so great, absent the exemplar Man and Husband required to complete your familial utopia. Men are as fallible as women, and children are often the innocent victims.

    Do you really think that there will ever be, in our lifetimes or perhaps EVER!, enough women sufficiently, er, enlightened, to fulfill this “solution?”

    Believe me when I say that I completely understand this reaction to our current social straits, but myth and dogma will avail us nought, nor wishful thinking.

    For those of you so fortunate as to have married a woman who has her head and biological priorities straight…

    May God continue to bless you.

    • I re-read that article… it makes great sense.I believe it to be the pattern for marital if only women could/would read it, comprehend it and take it to heart.

      These days, there are very few who are so disposed, and I don’t know a single (heh) one of them.

    • The divorce court only gets to impose its policies because a high enough percentage of men obey those rulings. Suppose the average Western culture woman is the enemy. Ok. Now, what are you going to do about it? Women reject you but say they will keep your paycheck, and you submit to that. People who pay for welfare are dumber than people who collect welfare.

      • As Fred puts it: People deserve what they will tolerate.

      • This is what the MGTOW guys talk about. Basically they’re adopting the same conclusion WOPR came to: there is no way to win the game – so don’t play. Their premise is that all the welfare , and all of the whining and all of the “equality” is basically paid for by men. So if you REALLY want to bring the system down – stop paying for it all.

      • My reference to divorce was an example, not my present reality. The one divorce I experienced, I kept everything.

  5. That’s how I manage my dog. My dog has my rope around his neck, and ultimately he does what I want.

    If women have to be managed like pets then I’m going to make a robot with boobs, running a copy of my (male) buddy’s brain. My male buddy actually liked me. He doesn’t do shit tests. He is concerned about my happiness, and works hard to hold up his end of our long friendship.

    Straight male sex drives are easy to satisfy with fakes like makeup and bras. I don’t see why they wouldn’t also be satisfied by a robot that feels and smells and squirms right.

    Now you’re going to tell me that’s contrary to the will of the extraterrestrial alien who lives in the sky and threatens to torture me forever. That’s even worse than Hitler. Good thing he’s imaginary.

  6. Mark Matis

    But never forget the seven magic words:

    If Momma ain’t happy, ain’t NOBODY happy.

    Because that will ALWAYS be the truth. The challenge is finding “Momma” who will be happy with you being you.

    • True but good luck finding the woman who believes in your suggestion. It seems every female out there has this notion of ‘I’ll change him after we are married’. Then they are shocked at the disaster of an outcome that results from that thinking.

  7. Very good article. I sent to my college daughter and posted it on Gab and Twitter.

  8. Penny Pincher

    This only works if the man is worthy.

    I find there are very few men out there. Just a lot of adult boys. A lot of squishy, lazy, unfaithful mooches. I’ve had to be manlier than men most of my adult life because NOBODY WILL STEP UP TO THE PLATE AND BE A MAN.

    On the other hand, other women are just stupid most of the time. They worry about the dumbest shit, mostly about signaling status or virtue to other women. Yawn.

    You want a worthy woman to submit and make you a sammich, be worthy yourself. Just sayin’.

    • “This only works if the man is worthy.”

      Part of my meaning above, but the woman must be worthy as well.

      Where is the preparation for such paragons? It has been destroyed long with very other thing that was ever good in this country.

      You younger folks who might get through the coming hiccup remember this for the future roadmap.

    • First rule: Don’t ever configure your life to be dependent on a woman. Which means….. Make the sammich yourself.
      Second rule: If said female sees you making the sammich, she might wise up and anticipate what kind of sammich you desire next time.
      Third rule: Any female unaware of the second rule is not worth your time, move on and find another.

      happy hunting.

  9. Penny Pincher

    By “manlier than men” I mean I got handy because I couldn’t get help most of the time. I’ve fixed a lot of houses. I’m no good at cars tho.

    • You seem to be a little confused.. If I were a betting man, I would say what you really need is a workhorse, not to be confused with what you want…….

      Penny dear,
      As a man who has known his wife for 31 yrs. and has procreated with her to create our 31 yr old daughter, take some advice from me..there are illegals that hang out at home depot who work for pretty cheap, they will work on your cars, house, whatever and they dont make small talk because they dont speak English very good, so you wont have to bother talking to them…..and there are single men out there who are great lovers, talkers, and romantics, who will be to you, whatever you want them to be.. If you have the ability to recognize the difference between the two, you won’t get confused as to what you really want, when you want it.

  10. It was a hard pill to swallow but women, but I can tell u how it’s helped so much when man and woman take on their intended roles.

    My wife is slowly seeing the weight on my shoulders and it happy that’s not on her.

    • Grey Ghost

      And it’s that “weight” that is the reason men usually die before women.

      Grey Ghost

  11. This is a two way street. The man of the house has to actually be willing to throw down and fight to establish his position in the first place. I’ve seen a lot of guys fail to be honest with the woman before marriage that they a) want a traditional marriage with gender roles and b) spell out what that means. Either you’re willing to walk away from Feminist Felicia if she can’t handle it, or congrats you get to be a cuck and miserable. I’ve seen people talk a lot of shit about .gov and how one day they’re going to handle things. If you can’t handle your own damn household and keep that in order, you aren’t going to do shit to keep your community and country in order. You’ve failed the first and most basic litmus test, and it’s a prima facia example you will compromise your beliefs at the first hint of resistance. I lucked out and got a unicorn that was more than happy to be led, though the peasants occasionally get restless at times in JJstan, but I feel for people still looking. Solomon wasn’t kidding when said the good ones are worth more than rubies.

  12. fuck them cunts.

    when they say they love you, it really means:

    feed me
    house me
    clothe me
    buy me a car
    support me
    etc. etc. etc.

    pump n dump.

    • I’d like to meet the woman that fucked you up so bad.

      • i guess you haven’t dated much in the past 20 years, there’s lots and lots of these. although I don’t advocate using them for their bodies, you don’t have to give in just because they look and smell nice. so do cigars and beer and you don’t have talk about your feelings after working all day with them.

      • …it was probably your mother……………………………………………………*

  13. robroysimmons

    Probably help if a man would just state it outright what he expects

  14. Most guys get married or enter a relationship before they are fully developed adults, fully mature with an established set of values and a sense of their place in the world. Often, guys wonder why things didn’t work out and they usually blame it on poor chemistry or her just being a psycho. How do you explain or rationalize poor choices and their consequences? Finding a smart, fully developed woman with strong core beliefs and a willingness to accept a beta role in a relationship isn’t something that just happens. You have to search for her, usually in the right places, and be selective as to intelligence, temperament, humor, physical beauty, aspirations and a shared purpose. They don’t just fall into your lap. It is work. You have to be prepared to know what you, as a man, want from this life, and you must actually deserve such a woman and make it worth her while to be with you. A good woman is a treasure and being an alpha male requires intelligence, physical and emotional strength, confidence, adaptability, responsibility and a sense of loyalty to your belief system as well as to your woman and your offspring. Getting and maintaining anything worthwhile in life is not easy or everyone would be there. I learned when I was a youngster, just getting out of the military, that the Two Most Important Decisions in Life are: 1- WHAT you are going to do in life? How you are going to make your living and make your way in the world. And 2- (Which is germane to this discussion.) WHO will you choose to spend your life with?
    These questions and how we answer them often define the level of happiness we find in our lives. Be life’s captain, or be life’s victim.

    • Well said Brother… Captains take responsibility for their lives, Victims want to blame others for theirs…

  15. Several have rightfully commented on the manly man aspect so I won’t repeat it. There is another factor I have observed over the years tho. The women that men might consider the gold standard get snatched up pretty dang early. Some man saw the value of ‘her’ and took her out of the market. Baring some mishap said woman seldom re-enters the market. So by the age of 35 and thereafter all that is left in the market are Cat Ladies.

  16. A real mans emotional range is limited and acts as a survival mechanism. You cannot spend too much time focusing on emotional bullshit.While you are crying and whining. the guy behind you will smack you in the head and take all your shit,including your old lady.A woman walks around with an “emotional Easter basket,” collecting the mans eggs that represent emotions. The woman looks down at her basket and sees that it is only half full. You calmly explain that there is only a limited number of emotions and needs that you possess and that is all there is.She can continue searching ,however she will wind up disappointed.Projecting emotional angst upon another person is a recipe for disaster. Men are not complicated. The fewer moving parts,equals less down time and required maintenance.

  17. Sorry. I’ve been burned too many times. There are far, far too few decent women out there to make any difference.

    I was divorce-raped twice. Almost destroyed me psychologically. Took me years to fully recover. To this day, 30 years later, I still suffer from those financial losses and more. The first one turned my kids against me and the second deserted me.

    I’ve refused to have any personal contact with any women at all for going on 15 years now: full MIGTOW for me. As far as the female of our species I go with Warren Zevon: “Splendid Isolation” and am a far happier man for it.

    God bless the woman who wrote this, but remember, she still defaulted to shit-tests for quite some time. She’s damn fuckin’ lucky her man didn’t leave her in the dust after the first one. 

    From a real Alpha male, two quotes:

    “Jesus, Bullock. The world abounds in cunt of every kind, includin’ hers.”


    “I mean, who hasn’t wanted to shoot at a woman once or twice?”

    ~ Al Swearengen Deadwood 



      Word. As someone who was sub-divided twice, never marry anyone crazier than you are.

  18. After 47 years of marriage to the same woman I have a partner who I love more than ever and whose company I enjoy more than that of anyone else. She is my favorite person in the world and I trust her completely. I can make my own sammich, but she knows what I like better than I do and her culinary skill is Nobel Prize level. Now that I am retired I try to do half of the household drudgery. That’s just fair – she’s my wife, not the housekeffir. Yeah, I can protect her, but she can watch my 6 too. (One evening back in the Early Neolithic she showed a gun to some clowns who were becoming threatening and they left.) I guess I lucked out and got the right person the first time. No regrets on that score.

  19. it’s real easy actually, if you are not a slave to sexual desires(or as some mentioned, not weak); then you can take or leave women. if you actually consider the financial and emotional costs of women, its real easy to go without and not put up with anything from the ones you are with.
    if fathers taught their sons this from 10 on, they’d be much better off.

  20. Anon, I don’t condemn you. Your situation is that you have betrayed yourself, who you actually are. That is why no one will, or should, trust you. As far as the Invisible Man in the Sky goes, that’s all between you and Him. He is your Judge, not me, or anyone else. Oughtsix, I hear your bitterness. I know your bitterness. I have tasted it, didn’t like it, and had an epiphany. It is behind me, over now, because I want it there, and I made up my mind that I am going to be happy the rest of my days, BECAUSE THAT’S WHAT I WANT. If you can make up your mind, your ass will follow. Jesse James, 100 fucking percent right fucking on. Excuse me now, I have ten years of reading to catch up on.

  21. Alfred E. Neuman

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  22. Many interesting thoughts, both in the original article as well as this list of comments. Biblical literacy is poor for many (not surprisingly) and too many people fail to appreciate the 2-way street of this dynamic. Wives are to submit, AND husbands are to “love your wives as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her.” Gentlemen, we men are called to love SACRIFICIALLY not selfishly!

    I had a long and very happy marriage to a woman who was better than I deserved, a true gift from God. We each sought to prioritize each other, and that is the real secret. The problems that occur are almost always due to selfishness. This can become a vicious cycle, as each is expecting the other to scratch his/her back in exchange for services rendered. NEITHER ONE ends up GIVING to the other, it is simply a ‘business transaction’ and that will always fail.

    Dating in middle age after the death of my beloved has been interesting. I see a tremendous level of pathology in the divorced middle aged women that I generally encounter. Both men and women who are middle aged and divorced are hurt by what they have experienced, that much is clear. Having had a great lover, best friend, confidant, and teammate in my first marriage keeps me searching for a woman who seeks this sort of marriage. The process is not much fun, but knowing how blessed marriage can be, I continue the process of searching. All I need is an intelligent, fit, godly woman who is AWAKE as to the state of the world, likes weapons, and wants to live on a small farm in the mountains! Gee, there must be another one SOMEWHERE!

    Applications are being accepted 😉

    • I have a gal in mind for you get my email from Pete and I will do what I can to put you in contact with her…

  23. I believe the problems we see in society today can be largely attributed to the breakdown of the traditional family unit.


  24. That’s the problem. Women are always TESTING their men. If you test someone enough, they will fail. And women always hold a man’s failures against him.

    Take 100 married couples and ask them all to make a list of ten things their spouse did in the last few months to piss them off.

    The women will have their list written out in about 30 seconds, and will have more to spare if you ask them. The men? The men probably won’t be able to come up with more than three or four of you gave them a half an hour.

    That’s because when a man lets something go, he actually lets it go. When a women lets something go, she really just ticks it away for when she can bring it out later and use it again.

    I thank the Army for my training as an interrogator. I win almost every argument with my wife (and strangely, we don’t have that many arguments). But you know what? I don’t necessarily want to WIN. I just want to be treated fairly. Luckily I found a wife that treats me fairly.

  25. After you hit a certain age, something happens and your penis suddenly stops making all your decisions for you. But usually not before considerable damage has been done… Some lick their wounds and settle into their place in life with little more than a whimper.. and others come crawling in on all fours looking to be triaged.. There is something to be said for aging. Experience is the worst teacher. It always gives the test first and the instruction afterward.