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  1. Awesome.

  2. “The rebellion”

  3. trump and his admin are fucking losers. totally out of touch with reality.

    “…Trump’s presidency is effectively over. Even if he is permitted to remain in office, he will be a figurehead for the Deep State’s presidency. President Trump has already fallen into line with the military/security complex. He has said Russia has to return Crimea to Ukraine, whereas in fact Crimea returned itself to Russia. He has rejected a new strategic arms limitations treaty (START) with Russia, stating that he wants supremacy in nuclear armaments, not equality…”

    talk about boomers… the old farts better get their heads right pretty soon. they’re quickly becoming the minority. oh wait…

    “By talking about marijuana and violence, the attorney general is inadvertently articulating the strongest argument that exists for legalization, which is that it allows regulated markets in a way that prohibition does not.”

    Prohibition keeps drug cartels in business and needlessly puts thousands of Americans behind bars.

    But then again, that must be why Sessions also reversed the DOJ plan to phase out the for-profit prisons last week; they’re going to need somewhere to put all those non-violent drug offenders once the federal crackdown on a benign plant legalized in over half the country begins….”


    • Oh great prognosticator,soothsayer,all-knowing oracle.We get it. We are all so…fucked.Same old story.Same old song and dance. What “stupid murikans” do you think are listening?Why continue your incessant diatribe?I think you really care about us clueless knuckledraggers a lot more than you realize.Thank you for your concern.It helps me get through the day.

  4. Pretty obvious that Shumer et al is working for his Zio-masters. Anybody watching Trump address Congress tonight could feel & see the contempt. World Kakbuki Theatre being staged. Of course most ignorant Americans & people for that matter don’t have a clue about the difference between Jews & Zionist’s so naturally through years of social programming guilt or shame of the ignorance is thrown into the Anti-Semitic Basket & negative section of the brain rather than wow, what an award & educated Goyim.
    Long past wake up time to who is playing – why they are playing what’s really at stake.

  5. Read the fucking speech please, every fucking word. Then think as though your life depends on it. Just like your front sight, focus on it.


    End the fed. Close the borders. Deport the illegals. Jail the pedos. End the undeclared wars.

  6. Mark Matis

    I perfer:

    Make Ginsberg croak!

  7. I am sending the Congress a budget that rebuilds the military, eliminates the Defense sequester, and calls for one of the largest increases in national defense spending in American history.

    W3 is coming, all we did was buy time. Get self sufficient. We all have a duty to harden up, don’t relax because someone in a red hat told you it will all be ok. It won’t.

  8. I knew a man, during my summer of farm work in Alberta, I spoke with one of the ranch hands I worked with that had been shot with a .22 rifle that hit him in the sternum. He showed me the scar. I asked him what he did about the shooter.

    His reply, “every time I saw him, I beat the crap out of him. After three times getting a beat down, good and hard, he moved far enough away that he had no chance of my seeing him.”

    That’s what must be done to Schumer.

  9. And may Schumer weep those bitter tears, always. There are other things, well known to all of you.

  10. Trump just put the Congress on notice, in the vernacular:
    Play ball with me, or you’re going to get the bat shoved up your ass.

    The naysayers will probably continue to wet themselves about how he’s failing right up until he hands over the job to President Pence or facsimile in 2024.

    Enjoy the show, continue your preparations for sportier days, and make friends at the local level.

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  12. `as to the March commentary ban, that cuts the heart out of America; better a civil war then a culture with no voice!