Barnhardt: Enemy Mindset Overhears – Part I



Part 2 anon.

19 responses to “Barnhardt: Enemy Mindset Overhears – Part I

  1. Good report. Maybe she is not mad after all.

    • lastmanstanding

      No shit boss21! I was beginning to think that as well.

      I have jizzes just like her “CC’s” in my neck. They’re as obvious as night or day to anyone paying minimal attention. Untouchable in their own minds as a nun’s monkey. Fucking laughable.

      We just go about our business, plan patiently and check 6.

      Here’s a prediction…Anne’s back.

  2. My only criticism is her misuse of ‘fascism.’

    Topic 5: The Goal Is Global Fascism, and
    Topic 6: Human rights – Fascist style

    These are Trotskyite communism – fascism is inherently nationalistic, and communism is inherently anti-nationalist (see Comintern). Unsurprisingly, the same group of people that were so terribly fond of communism, are equally fond of globalism.

    Essentially, these people see themselves as a global parasite class, and view us as their host livestock.

    Putting these people permanently in camps would be charitable.

    • Barnhardt has problems with multiple term definitions…. take the term ‘Marxist’. I was screetched at and called a Marxist back when she was enamored with and conducting classes on the phony beef futures markets. Seems the holy alliance of the bankers, conglomerate beef packers, retailers and their shill advocacy groups was off limits to untrained criticism by lowly stockmen who are getting hosed on the cash markets. Yep….I are a Marxist.

      • You and the Moiola Brothers, a feedlot operation in Brawley, CA, with whom Ann Elizabeth had a 350K disagreement shortly before closing down her brokerage. Now Barnhardt has a page of her very own – in the Rogues Gallery – at the National Futures Association’s website. I wouldn’t put it past her to have made up that entire story. It’s just a little too good.

    • Grenadier1

      Same coin.
      Both authoritarian bullshit.. They are talking about a system that establishes an intellectual elite who are in charge and benefit from the efforts and labor of the lower class. The state will control industry by direct ownership of the business or by heavy regulation that is set by the global corporate business giant (Apple they used as an example). The state makes Apple a part of itself and by doing so extends its control.
      Thats global fascism with socialist and communist class struggle thrown into the mix.
      Same bullshit. New package.

  3. speaking of commies. i found nasty pelosi’s doppleganger.


  4. Spirit of America Rallies this Saturday March 4th sounds to me like a good opportunity for getting out and being around and meeting and talking to like minded people. I am planning to be at the one in Lansing Michigan.

  5. Alfred E. Neuman

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  6. that Gramsci was one smart Red. MIssion Accomplished. And the Aaronovitch book looks like a good read. I’m sure it will upset all sorts of unpleasant racial stereotypes.

  7. Meh.
    Nothing there that is news, in any sense.
    Law professors?
    Bunch of nutless world government geeks geeking out over the smell of their own self-imagined awesomeness, and who will look properly surprised and discomfited sitting in the dock at their inevitable Nuremburg Trial, headphones to ear, and ashen-faced at what they’ve earned.

    If someone doesn’t simply clean them up and tie them to a local lightpole in the first place, long before.

    This is just life imitating art, in this case a bunch of Nazis at Rick’s Café Americain, shocked that the other patrons aren’t particularly fond of their musical choices.

  8. colddeadhandsdays

    None of that shit the sheisters were talking about will ever happen. They actually think people haven’t woken to their agenda…Lololol

  9. lon a follower

    The Roman empire invaded long ago. Many are blinded. Look into Mardi gras for just one example. (Traditions of men.
    Anglican and European catholic, like so many things.

  10. u r right.
    Pelosi and the whole lot of them.
    Look at it from another angle.
    These are some of the most disgusting creatures on earth.
    They influence and promote the most foul activities and behavior imaginable.
    Seriously, when you look at who these things are, what they wrought and what they sow, how truly evil and despicable they are, as we witness hourly, as they eclipse the worst in history, how did we end with this mess we are in because of them.
    The scope of destruction because of these, “things”, can’t call them human, is unprecedented.
    They must go.
    Everything is funneling down to the consequences of these pieces of human feces, if they are not deposed soon, it will end up a war of extermination by the most violent ultimately final means possible at the grass roots level as the only way.
    Because if there is nothing left for it by way of checks and balances, then there is nothing left for it but in the hands of the dirt people.
    Because then who or what can get rid of them?

  11. Anybody notice that the table of Leftists are connected, wealthy, organized, and confident? Not like the herd of cats who are their opposition? Alright, meow. Those unwilling to make sacrifices, will become sacrifices. We’re not even in this game, which to these people, is old hat. No wonder they laugh us to scorn, all the time. They’re probably going to win, and they know it.