Give The Man An Eleven


The Diplomad assesses last night’s POTUS speech.

Now action.

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  1. Alfred E. Neuman

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  2. My, aren’t you guys easily impressed?

    He is Commander-in-chief and could put a stop to 99% of illegal immigration by deploying the military on the border tomorrow.

    So stop with the fluffing of the guy.

    You call yourself 3%? STFU.

    • hummus abedin


      • 2nd.
        illegals, muslim immigrants, inner city blacks. we know who the problems are and where they are but have yet to do anything about it.
        this country is a mess and either you start cleaning it up and let it get a little more messy now or let it go ahead and dissolve into the 3rd world mess it’s on its way to.(I’m betting on the later as the usa’s final state, 50 years of unchecked immigration has done it in).

    • Might want to read the parchment before you go calling him the CiC.

  3. performance art, more of. With a particularly intense reach-out to the poor, persecuted Jews and Blacks, so terribly victimized by WhiteRacisssssm in ‘Murka.

    meanwhile, it is now Day 40 in the Reign of the alt-Right’s God Emperor. During this span c. 280,000 non-White invasives – mestizos, blacks, muslims, asiatics – have legally/illegally crossed the disappeared borders. And, via the Kosher Culture of Death – abortion, porn, faggotry, and Judeo-feminism – the White die-out continues. And by now we also know that

    *there will be no repeal of Obamacare. Instead, it will be remixed, re-packaged, and reissued as Ryancare.

    *the “Wall”, it it ever does get built, will consist of a swinging door.

    *the Beltway swamp continues to deepen.

    *and the sanctions on Iran/Russia remain in effect, as the Zionist slide toward a terminal War continues.

    the Pentagram will, however, have another $50,000,000,000 to spend on more F-35’s and “Littoral Combat Ships”.

    • Relax Haxo, my stepson is single handedly trying to make up for the Yuppies lack of reproduction.
      He may have number 3 on the way now before his 20th birthday.
      Either him or one of the other dumb redneck druggies knocked the whore up. She is 19 and it will be her third. Dumbass hasn’t done a blood test yet to see if the first two are his.
      Best thing for the babies is for them to be his since we are the only set of potential grandparents that have a decent income between us.

      Believe me, poor white trailer trash is breeding just as fast as ghetto trash once you get out of the suburbs and into the drug ridden rural small towns.

      I don’t understand these dumb cum dumps. None of the young punks have anything but a bad attitude and some weed or meth to offer. No jobs, only jail and child support in their future. Don’t get me going on the damn stupid tattoos either.

      Idiocracy here we come!

  4. So happy you’re keeping tabs on him. Good dude. Knows whereof he speaks.

    Now, to hijack the thead. (sorry)

    We have reason to fear that Trump is not getting the full dope on the threat of plain ol’ garden variety Islam, accepted by 1.5 BILLION fucking muzlimes.

    (BTW, if only a measly 1% [ and we all know the percentage is probably nearer  to 25%] take up arms that’s 15 MILLION lunatics armed and ready to kill or enslave you. Thought you just may wanna know…) 

    Here’s why.

    From Diana West’s column, in it’s entirety:
    The Islam Catastrophe Continues
    Written by: Diana West 
    Monday, February 27, 2017 5:17 PM   

    Former FBI special agent John Guandolo has written a strong and sobering essay at his website, UnderstandingTheThreat, called “Unfit for Duty.” It argues that two senior Trump administration officials, HR McMaster and Sebastian Gorka, are “catastrophically wrong” in their assessment of Islam as publicly stated and that this is “leading America down a disastrous road towards defeat.”

    I agree. However, the problem is much, much larger than that.

    It is true that the statements (excerpted below) of both men serve to sever the logical, in fact, blatant connections between Islam and what I will call Hot Jihad (terrorism, war) and Cold Jihad (the imposition of Islamic law and customs through migration into Western democracies, also Hot Jihad). Both are components of the age-old design of Islamic conquest. With regard to Sebastian Gorka, a friend and strong supporter of American Betrayal back in the day, it grieves me to have to say so, but I have to say so.

    It is also true that this catastrophically wrong assessment of Islam is by no means unique to these two men. I wish it were. I know of no one in the US government or military who has a realistic view of Islam — that is, a view derived from the study of authoritative Islamic texts and centuries of jihad and dhimmitude. None. Donald Trump the candidate actually came the closest, but, as president, he appears to be enveloped by the “establishment,” which actually thinks Al Qaeda, or AQI, or AQIM, or AQAP, or the Taliban or ISIS or the next regrouping thousands of miles and oceans and deserts away is the main threat to these United States —  not the government’s outsourcing of our understanding of Islam to jihad-affiliates; not the incursion of sharia into US finance; not the tranches of Islamic money subverting US education; not the seeding of mosques, generously funded by Islamic governments, throughout America to establish the sharia (Islamic law) for still-burgeoning Muslim immigrant and refugee populations. Houses of worship, only? Then why do more than 80 percent of mosques in America disseminate violent materials?

    But I digress. 

    I haven’t been writing as much about Islam of late — I’ve written it all so many times over. It’s not rocket science. Still, for old times’ sake, I will mention again something that I think is pretty key: even Donald Trump’s big, bad term, “radical Islamic terrorism,” is but a riff on the old “tiny band of extremists” routine — and, worse, a not-too-distant cousin of the “violent extremism” non-sense.

    How can that be? All three terms, even as they seem to orginate on three different points of the political spectrum, depend on the exact same fantasy: that there exists some non-radical, non-extreme, non-violent “Islam,” a peaceable and anodyne faith with texts and laws and a godhead that are separate and unrelated to jihad violence and conquest, Islamic supremacism and dhimmitude, and, more dangerous still, that are compatible, and, indeed, basically interchangeable with the Christianisty and Judaism of Western society. 

    This. Is. Not. True.

    “Violent extremism” divorces jihad violence from Islam entirely, which is non-sense.

    “Tiny band of extremists”  divorces jihad violence from an imaginary Islam that is non-extreme. 

    “Radical Islamic terrorism” does exactly the same thing: If terrorism is the product of “radical” Islam then there must be some plain-Jane and non-radical-Islam that is perfectly ok.

    But it doesn’t exist! Islam is radical. Islam is extreme. So be it.

    As Turkey’s Erdogan so memorably put it, “Islam is Islam and that’s it.”

    Donald Trump the candidate appeared to have an innate understanding of the dangerous radicalism of Islam itself, as well as the threat to our liberties posed by the import of Islamic violence and, more dangerous, sharia culture. He discussed this on the hustings. I can only hope he falls back on his own instincts again and seeks new knowledgable and experienced experts. I will gladly provide a list — starting with veteran intelligence officer Stephen C. Coughlin, and former DHS official/whistleblower Philip Haney.

    Meanwhile, here are some relevant excerpts from John Guandolo’s essay. 

    On McMaster:

    “The New York Times, Guardian, and CNN all report Lt General McMaster told members of the National Security Council Thursday he felt “radical Islamic terrorism” was an unhelpful way to describe terrorism because becoming a terrorist is actually “un-Islamic” in the first place.

    In a talk he gave at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in May 2016, LtGen McMaster said, “There is a cycle going on where groups like ISIL, who use this irreligious ideology, you know, this perverted interpretation of religion to justify violence, they depend on ignorance and the ability to recruit vulnerable segments of populations to foment hatred, then use that hatred to justify violence against innocents.”

    Following his refutation of these statements, which have zero basis in any authoritative Islamic sources, follows, Guandolo concludes:

    He [McMaster] is doing exactly what our enemy wants him to do – creating an imaginary target for us to chase while our real enemy prepares to defeat us.”

    On Gorka:

    “The President’s Counterterrorism advisor, Sebastian Gorka, is “over the moon” [about] LtGen McMaster is the new National Security Advisor. …

    Speaking at CPAC this past weekend, Gorka stated:  “Zuhdi (Jasser) knows it better than anybody because he understands that this isn’t about poverty or lack of education. It’s about people who are fighting for the soul of Islam – not a war with Islam, but a war inside Islam; as King Abdullah, as General Sisi has said, for which version is going to win.”

    Guandolo comments:

    “Utter nonsense.  There is one version of Islam and one Sharia.  To say otherwise is to be factually wrong, but also dangerous when national strategies are being built off that utter nonsense.”


    “Several years ago at a town hall presentation hosted by Washington, D.C. radio station WMAL, Sebastian Gorka stated “99.9% of muslims do not support terrorism (jihad)” despite a mountain of evidence and polling data proving this comment untrue, and the fact the entire purpose of Islam is to wage jihad until the world is dominated by Islamic rule (sharia).”

    Dr. Gorka also writes in his book, Defeating Jihad, we are not at war with Islam (p.129) but our enemy is “the ideology of takfiri jihad” (p.123).

    “No muslim jihadi who fought on the battlefields of Afghanistan, Iraq or anywhere else, nor any of the jihadis who have died in Europe in the United States attacking us nor the jihadis we have arrested have said they are “takfiri jihadis.”  They have said they are “Muslims” waging “Jihad in the cause of Allah” to “establish a caliphate under sharia.”

    This is what Islamic doctrine commands them to do.

    On page 144 of his book, Gorka ends with the call for the United States to spend billions of dollars supporting “Muslim reformers” in their “ideological war to delegitimize the message of holy war against the infidel and bolster modern interpretations of Islam.”  

    This demonstrates Sebastian Gorka is either completely free of any clue of Islamic doctrine or is intentionally lying about what Islam actually teaches.

    Since these ideas and strategies to use “moderate Muslims” to ensure the “other version” of Islam wins are based in fantasy not reality, these policies will necessarily fail – and have failed the United States for 15 years.

    Guandolo rachets it up to the next step, asking some very tough questions. 

    “Is that Dr. Gorka’s intention?  Does he not know that strategies to win a war must be based in the reality of who the enemy is?  Why would Sebastian Gorka put forth such and idea when he knows what he is saying is untrue?

    Is it possible Dr. Gorka has remained strategically incoherent for 15 years during this global war?  Is he working on behalf of some outside entity to intentionally mislead the President of the United States, or is he is simply putting his paycheck ahead of the American people and his duty.”

    “The United States will lose this war against the Global Islamic Movement if we do not clearly define the enemy and target the enemy.  We cannot hit a target we do not identify and cannot defeat an enemy we do not target.”

    “Our warfighting doctrine calls for an analysis of our enemy based on how the enemy defines itself.  We begin our analysis there.  Something we have not done since 9/11/01.  If we did, our entire national security apparatus, including our military, would have been studying and teaching authoritative sharia and more of our soldiers, Marines, sailors, and airmen would be alive today because of it.”

    That is indisputable. Certainly, it is a reasonable, fact-based argument that senior White House and Pentagon officials should be presenting to the Commander-in-Chief. Over fifteen years after 9/11 and two disatrous wars later, it’s way overdue. Only President Trump has the power, and, seemingly, the will to make it happen — but he will have to overrule his inner circle and top administration officials to do so. Let’s hope this happens sooner rather than later.

    Link to Guandolo’s article:

    • Just stop importing muslims and get rid of the ones that are here. Fucking simple!

    • Anyone who thinks that muslims are not a threat to civilization is not paying attention. I don’t care if the Jews or neocons riled them up to some sort of “righteous” fury. They are an abomination that MUST be recognized and contained. Funny how half of the citizens of this country that actually cared enough to vote can’t see that. Or who voted for and are still solidly behind obama, who appears to be at least a muslim supporter at best, among other not so desirable things.

    • Socabil,

      After reading your post, it seems like someone ought to get a copy of the book, “Catastrophic Failure: Blinding America in the Face of Jihad” by Major Stephen Coughlin (USA, ret.) into President Trump’s hands, pronto. Coughlin’s book systematically and very-thoroughly examines the false picture of Islam which has taken hold inside the U.S. government – including inside the military, law-enforcement and intelligence communities – and then corrects matters on a factual basis grounded in the foundational documents and doctrines of Islam. He takes a sledgehammer to the notion that there exists a “violent, extremist Islam” which exists apart and separate from mainstream orthodox Islam.

      If you haven’t read it, Coughlin’s work is worth the time – but be prepared, as it isn’t something that most people can read in an afternoon.

  5. Just thinking if Stockman is right , a crash would give Trump the bulldozing power he needs to get ‘r done . It won’t be pretty and their will be much rending of garments but fortunes will be made.

    • Stockman has been consistently wrong since the 1980s.

      • Took the words right out of my keyboard. I was wondering when the last time Stockman was right about anything.

  6. And despite promising on the campaign trail that pro gun executive orders would be signed during his first hour in office, Trump has failed to sign even one.

    He did have time yesterday for the “Initiative to Promote Excellence and Innovation at Historically Black Colleges and Universities”


      I’m sure there is more he could do, but cut the guy some slack, he has already accomplished more than any other Rep would have.

      • I cut Bush the 2nd some slack, went to Iraq and found out his people lied their asses off so they could pocket billions from the treasury. I’m all out of giving slack. Their words need to match their actions.

        Trump can get to work on the gun issue and undo 1989, 1986, 1968, and 1934. Obama wasn’t afraid to use EOs so why is Trump holding back. Until action matches up with the words the default setting is he’s just another silver tongue politician who had the right connections to get a NYC CPL for himself. He has to prove otherwise. All trust must be earned. That’s part of Restoration.

  7. Trump did well. Let’s see if the NWO Zionist’s force WW3 in the ME.

    The 1993 Iron Mountain Report Documentary, It Is Happening Now!

    • SemperFi, 0321

      We can yell at the top of our lungs, even here at WRSA, and the masses refuse to listen, or watch. These brainwashed sheep know better. They will continue to follow whatever MSM tell them, including to stay away from conspiracy theorists with YouTube vids. They don’t want to know or hear any of it, for it conflicts with their state sponsored brainwashing.
      How many times have I commented on taxes and the FedRes, and the next comment just continues on with how someone thinks he wants HIS tax dollars spent. They don’t want to know the truth, but instead, live in Lee Greenwood World. That’s their comfort zone.
      So as far as building tribe, teamwork, and fighting off the evil progressives, forget it, these stooges don’t even have a clue who to go look for and kill. They have no idea who their enemy is. Another form of self imposed denial.

      • Yelling at the top of one’s lungs that the deli owners down the road who have a negative net worth yet somehow still run the world just doesn’t mesh with the reality of “Made in China”, financed by the house of Saud, and blessed by European royalty.

        So, yeah, actually looking at the evidence and using critical thinking skills could use as much time as amassing ammo and multicam gear here.

  8. Honestly.
    It amazes me so many are so gullible. trump is just the latest in a long line of liars, grifters, and thieves… He’s a CONman, a carnival barker, a reality TeeVee host… FFS shake off the hopium buzz and see thru it.
    He will do nothing to improve anyone’s lot in life besides the MIC and the bankers. MAGA? Oh please. Let me know when any of you get accepted to one of his Country Clubs or Mar a Lago.

    Teh St00pit. It hurts.

    • hummus abedin


      • All y’all motherfuckers have been immersed in your apocalypse wet dream for so long that you are as unable to recognize the sea change as are the

        “Teh St00pit(sic). It hurts.”

        I mean, “sick.”

        Mt. Forge’s dirt people plurality has arrived in ever increasing numbers ans depths of awareness.

        And you think I’m “old and irrelevant…..”

    • Some Guy in WA

      tfA-t is a gay fag troll.

      It’s not hard to see the purpose that Trump fulfills.

      1. Destroying the mainstream GOP
      2. Outing the DNC is inherently anti-white to normal whites
      3. Shifting the Overton Window in our favor
      4. Bringing core topics back to open discussion
      5. Trolling the “centrist” far left
      6. WHEN things go off the rails, at least we’ll have someone who doesn’t HATE us in that chair.

      Still, people mustn’t give in to “everything is now fine” mentality a la Reagan and Bush. It’s not, and the work has only just begun. I don’t think that his rhetoric encourages complacency. If it did, and he encouraged that (he doesn’t, he always speaks of work ahead), I would be right there with you.

      Younger white Americans are being awakened through the cultural shift that he is a part of, and we’re organizing. Smart, motivated, disenfranchised white males. What are YOU doing? Talking shit on the internet, attempting to blackpill white Americans. Go fuck yourself.

      • Some Guy in WA

        Further, we are using the momentum to actually:

        1. Develop our own organizations and networks
        2. Get our people into the mainstream infrastructure and dig into the state
        3. Create alternatives so that something beneficial rises from its ashes


      • hey asshole from WA. fuck off

        isn’t that the commie state that makes you get a background check if you want to hand your son a firearm?

        enjoying your free dumb over there are ya?

        i bet you work and pay taxes too.


  9. It sounded like the usual welfare, warfare, war on some drugs, prison industrial complex stuff that billy clinton, baby bush, and barry hussein have been saying for decades. Other than trying to dismantle the administrative state from within, an idea i’m not belittling, and the usual republican promise to cut taxes I don’t get it. What was so great about it? It wan’t that great. More statist, more state, more power, money and control all the time. More of the same.

  10. ?OK, OK, I know that a lot of what Trump said he wants to do would cost megabucks, but, but if we can get the economy moving again, there is no reason we can’t pay for this stuff.?

    Where o where will we find megabux? Do you think any of the sheeple understand that they are contributing to their nation’s demise (and their children and grandchildren’s) if they sanction this horseshit? WE CAN SPEND OUR WAY INTO A GOOD ECONOMY? Where have I heard this tale before?

    A different variation was told by Hank “Tanks In The Streets By Morning” Paulson. The truth is that Hank doesn’t ever want to see that day come because there aren’t enough fucking tanks. Dirty secret that. There aren’t enough drones or treasonous assholes to fly them. Murica’s fucked up but it’s big and wide open. And if the apple cart tips, well no more Coke n Whores for guys who get the old reach around from the fed for a living.

  11. Trillion $ “infrastructure initiative”=shovelreadyjerbs.
    “Largest increase in defense budget”=moar war.
    “women’s health”= your tax dollars hard at work, killing the unborn.
    So many, former, “champions of Liberty” cheerleading the same fucking song and dance…
    The Kabuki is strong and the medical monopolies, banking cartels, drug cartels, mic cartels and printing presses roll.

  12. For the people who are skeptical– — a lot of horsepower being wasted on kabuki…

  13. The Great Plains

    “Give The Man An Eleven”


    Trumpbots sure are gullible.

    “Yay!!!! Mister Trump was mean to the media!!! That will fix America!!! MAGA MAGA MAGA hurr hurr hurr!!!

    I’m waiting for a 10,000 word post from mtnforge reassuring us that The Left is on its last gasp, and Mister Trump will crush The Left forever.

    Let’s take a look at this week’s news roundup:

    1. Trump’s new National Security Advisor doesn’t like the term “radical islamic terrorism.” He thinks it’s offensive and “not helpful.”

    2. Trump’s new National Security Advisor is “known for respecting Muslims.” Obama approves 🙂

    3. Government positions are being filled with more and more Swamp Creatures. Check out the recent nominations for Assistant/Deputy AGs, Deputy DHS Secretary, etc.

    4. Trump economic team stacked with lobbyists and other swamp dwellers:

    “But…but…you need to hire people who know the swamp to drain the swamp!!! That’s what they told me on cuckservativetreehouse hurr hurr hurr!!!!”

    5. Construction on the Mexican Border Wall…still hasn’t started.

    “But he’s only been in office for a month!!!! Give him time!!!!”

    6. The new travel ban….still hasn’t been reissued. Looks like a single federal judge was able to smack the Mighty Trump down.

    7. Mtnforge, DAN III, Knuckdm, hblowmen1966, and socabill arrested for public indecency while celebrating the Trumpenfuhrer’s magnificent speech to the nation. Authorities responded to multiple 911 calls reporting five older middle-aged white men exposing themselves in public.

    So much winning, folks! Let me know when construction on that wall starts, LOL…








    He cannot do what he says he will do without a massive tax increase. I fear this is just pandering to his base and a lot of well-meaning, hopeful people will end up disappointed. Stockman may off-base about his Ides of March prediction, but no one, whether it be an individual or a country, can spend its way out of debt.
    There will be deflation first, then more printing of monopoly money. Keep a minimum in the bank, continue your preps, and get ready for a lot of real trouble. Bleib ubrig.

  15. The Great Plains

    Trump open to giving amnesty to the DREAMer illegal aliens:

    “But but fake news something something!!! Mister Trump would never do that!!!”

    How’s that border wall coming along?

  16. I think it’s great that we have Mnuchin and Cohn running around in there, they will help drain the swamp. Whew, bullet dodged.

  17. An alternative (right) review for your consideration.