WeaponsMan: German Generals Led From The Front – And Paid The Price

Scherl Bilderdienst Generalleutnant [Werner] Freiherr von Fritsch 27391-32


That guy who looks like he’s in charge?

Best to drop him.

And best to have your team armed with the succession plan and necessary skills to assume command if you get whacked.

17 responses to “WeaponsMan: German Generals Led From The Front – And Paid The Price

  1. Mike Davis

    Teddy Roosevelt Junior was the Deputy Commander of the 29th Infantry and led from the front as well. Historically the difference is that US troops continued to operate and fight even as the leadership was taken out. They didn’t depend on direct input from headquarters to act. That seems to have changed over the past decade and a half.

  2. Yup.

  3. What was the ratio of generals compared to privates? What was that ratio compared to the US, UK etc?

    In other words if you have an army with more generals in the field, more generals might die in combat especially if that army is losing the war.

  4. If a unit is using swarm tactics and modern comms it might be quite hard to diff the scout from the lead. Especially if the initial encounter the unit is in the dispersed formation.

  5. Everything will devolve into 4th Gen warfare. Much like A’Stan FreeFor will be made-up of small, localized, self supporting clans of resistance. It will become a way of life, at least until the food runs-out.

    • agree.

      the old way has proven time and again it doesn’t work.
      i sure as hell ain’t following anybody. especially, if they aren’t actually leading out front. the dumb shit is for dumb asses.

    • Daddy, the food ran out three days after it all started…. What did you do then??
      Corny vision but with JIT systems that is about how much slack is in the food distribution system.

  6. The Great Plains

    If you can read this in English, thank a VETERAN!!!!

    Our heroes Eisenhower, Patton, Bradley, and MacArthur saved us from the German Menace!