Codrea: SSDD


It’s gotta work this time!

Because feelz.

23 responses to “Codrea: SSDD

  1. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! . . . snort . . . BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! . . . stop . . . I can’t . . . BWAAHAHAHAHAHA!!! . . . breathe . . .

  2. The Usual Suspect

    How are those odious gun laws working out for the people
    of Shitcago ?

  3. “We’re not against gun rights… [but] demand accountability and responsibility of gun owners,”

    I see.

    I’m not against sexual relations between a man and a woman…[but] demand accountability and responsibility of unmarried fornicators who demand my earnings be confiscated from me and given to the welfare brood mares in the forms of subsidized housing, food, clothing, healthcare, schooling and in many cases, incarceration.

    If I’m not allowed to own any gun I want in any manner I want, why should you be allowed to produce all the children you want, and then demand that I care for them while their fathers go play drug dealer or con artist?

  4. So to help stop the bad guys we will ban the good guys (and girls lets be PC here) from having a gun when they need one. Right that will stop all the criminals. lets see if you were a mugger would you want your victim to carry a gun.

  5. John Rourke

    ……how ironic, it’s the socialist enemies of the Constitutional Republic of my country that drive my responsibility to be be armed and dangerous.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      5 college presidents just decided for the whole state of Wyoming they don’t want guns on campus. The other 1/2 million of us don’t count.

      • Damn.
        IF exercising the right of control over private property
        THEN perhaps the 1/2 million should make sure they truly are & get their outside monies cutoff
        ELSE pitchforks & exorcisms 🙂

  6. Centurion_Cornelius

  7. Fred Seymour, Jr.

    Your unconstitutional gun laws are totally meaningless to me. ……… BECAUSE I HAVE GUNS!!!!

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Having them means nothing. Having the willingness to use them – and having all and sundry know that – means everything.

  8. It’s also an opportunity for them (again) to contrast their version of “common sense” when it gets canned in the legislature. That is electioneering-101 going forward & will yield some recipients for pointy fingers later when the twittything war starts. As stated, SSDD.

    They look a bit befuddled actually, like they’re trying to figure out WTF happened to their Caterpillar stock this afternoon.

  9. good idea. If the urban nig-nogs, ‘bangers, white cosmics, Jews, etc., want to pass more gun laws binding themselves, go to it. They’ll slaughter each other even more efficiently than they’re doing now.

    • Most Southern States passed State preemption Statutes to prevent most Democratic controlled urban areas from passing stupid laws that might entrap a good old boy passing through on his way to score some trailer trash pussy on the other side of town.

      • We passed pre-emption to prohibit pencil-necked geeks from having their way in university towns. Virtually everyone I know lives in a home far nicer than you do, most likely.

        You know, where the negroes and Jews reign supreme.

        We have pro-self defense laws in my state, South Carolina, to enable me to cut off oxygen use by said pencil-necks, negroes, and Jews if necessary.


    Blacks will be Blacks. Nothing to see here. I am moving on.

  11. Randolph Scott

    It is a TND.

  12. Frederick Douglas must be spinning at 200KRPM at this moment.

    All that their actions and words really convey is that they’ve learned jack shit from history and secretly want to go back to being slaves..and they want everyone else to be slaves right along with them..LBJ would be proud!

    They’re welcome to their self-induced castration and journey into maginahood…I’m keeping my guns and carrying them openly here in Az, so the neo-slaves of burpingham can FOAD!

    They dream of riding the tiger..good luck with that crap!

    Yours in Daily Armed Liberty!
    NorthGunner. III