Condell On Rape


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    Coming here soon….better get the wife, daughter, sister, mother, grandmother, granddaughter and cousin out to the range….they don’t necessarily care how old the female is, so long as she’s a ‘western whore’…

  2. It’ll be interesting to see how Sweden’s Islamic population shapes up when military conscription is re-introduced, next year.

    • Randall Flagg

      Nothing more than providing free military training to their enemy.

    • Apply your observation to Britain or France. If you do you should be very afraid — both countries have nuclear arms.

      • There is no doubt in my mind that the US, Russia and China … have plans to nuke the whole of Europe so as to prevent those weapons falling into the hands of the Islamists.

        • Pakistan has had nuclear weapons for years. France is already 20%+ Muslim, and there has been an enormous influx of ragheads into the German Army over the past few years; one source claims the Wehrmacht is now 40% Muslim. US, Russia, China have no such plans that I know of. Evidence?

          • Fourty percent, that is not good. Sorry Haxo not everyone loves these degenerate scum anymore. Political expediency aside from the major players (China and or a demoncat led America come to mind), no nation state will stand idly by if mahdi believing manics get anywhere near nuclear weapons.

      • Jimmy the Saint

        Pakistan already has them, and Iran will soon enough. Once Iran gets them, expect the oil sheikdoms to get them in short order. Getting control of French or British nukes is just lagniappe.

  3. Yup. 

    There’s some Kraut named Karl Horst over at Z-Man’s blog that is quite fond of German supremacy and running Americans and the U.S. down.

    When he even hints at it I rip into him with 10-15 links of the sort that TR has. I’ve been doing that for over a year and chased him underground a few times.

    He’s one of those EuroWeenies that couldn’t find the truth if it bit him in the ass in broad daylight.

    His (and the rest of his Komrads) willful blindness is absolutely impenetrable. It’s actually quite frightening. That Merkel, Cameron, Hollande (sp?) and the EU in general have deliberately engineered this for Europe is blatantly obvious to anyone with a brain. It’s white genocide on a massive scale never seen before in the history of the planet. It’s South Africa on a grand scale. The muzlimes are just the shock troops. There is a grand objective behind the scenes and Soros (and company) are into it up to their eyebrows.

    For those here who don’t know of the “Kalegri Plan” I strongly suggest you go to uTube and seek some info out. There is even an award based on this evil fucker’s plan that (of course) Merkel received last year (or the year prior). This is being actualized in Europe as we speak 

    Here’s his Wiki page for starters:

    And a better source for the *real* skinny:

    This shit would have been forced on us as well if that cunt Hitlery had been elected. 

    And now the gay mulatto has that MB operative Jarrett moving in with him and he’s “ready to roll”.

    They never stop, they never quit. Only a few well-placed deaths will do that.

  4. We must at all times protect our women, even from themselves.

  5. I lived in Europe for some time and saw the evidence. I guarantee the Islamic hoards will win while the self righteous, naïve Socialist elite continue their “coexist mantra” even as the beheading knives are plunged into their necks.

  6. Much the same as the women being raped in Europe, so called FreeFor is headed for the the same dismal fate. Instead of uniting to become an actual force to be reckoned with, we’re impaled on the stake of individuality, me first, me second, and me always. I’ve noticed that many others here cannot brook the word, “submit”. No problem here, don’t submit, to anything you don’t want to bro. When we as individuals are being rounded up, here and there, it will become glaringly obvious that our jailers, and executioners, have no such qualms about unity of command, and “submitting” to the leadership of a group they belong to. See, even though they are leftists, they know that 100 guys who can fight and operate as a team, can whip a 1000 individualistic,stiff necked, me, me, me, men, who can’t. Know why all those Polish Army Officers went to their ignominious deaths with a bullet to the back of the head, in a dirty, bloodstained, basement? They were waiting for someone to exercise that leadership thing, and fight, instead of just get slaughtered. Since they obviously had no real leaders, they waited until they saw how they were going to die, to make their struggle. Sure, they were unarmed, but they gave up their guns WILLINGLY, hoping that a murderous regime, known world wide for their murdering ways would some how have a little mercy. So no problemo, all of you individuals and rock-ribbed men of Liberty. You will not “submit” for as long as it takes to defeat the enemy, because you are so fucking independent, and liberty grounded. You will however, submit to the claws of the Leftists, when it’s your turn to take a little trip to the basement. Just before that loud noise behind your right ear, it may occur to you that they have their shit together, regarding how to win, whereas your shit is weak. And the Left used that very weakness you have, to kill you. Nothing of actual value is ever won in this world, without some kind of sacrifice. You either sacrifice something now, or you become a sacrifice later.

    • If you stand up … and if you ARE one of these “leaders” … then men will follow you.

      Your move.

    • Amen on that Brother Sean…They are worse than just useless because they sow dissention and discord to keep people from actually unifying…The left loves them some anarchist though because they are useful dupes to them…Don’t pay them any heed they are irrelevant to building something better and defending it…

    • Randolph Scott

      So when do we start? and where? and who with?

      Time is running short as evidenced by O planning to lead the dim insurrection. Do we sit and watch or use this time to plan and plan for what?

      I have absolutely no qualms about passing out 308 pills to evil people and I am sure there a hundreds of thousands willing to do the same but that plan just feels like a disaster. What we need is a real movement with a leader to form around. Where is this leader going to come from? Lots of writers and lots of lone wolves but no coherence anywhere.

      Want to know what surprises me? There has been no Victory Marches for President Trump, anywhere by anyone. The inauguration and that was it. Everyone went home and it was back to ‘business as usual’. Well ‘business as usual’ got the USA into the mess it is in now. The excuse of ‘I have a job’ is going to put an end to the USA as we know it. Politicians only understand one thing, massive amounts of voters protesting.

      What is it going to take for 1 million white men and other colors as well to peacefully march and demonstrate on DC?

      • What is it going to take for 1 million white men and other colors as well to peacefully march and demonstrate on DC?

        A million lobotomies, hopefully.
        Why on earth would anyone want to do that in the first place?
        I accomplishes nothing of value.

        If anybody has the wherewithal to put a million liberty-minded people at the same time and place, go somewhere and do something besides group cardio. And tell them they’d best be packing heat, not platitudes.

        The Left would $#!^ itself, and the trampling deaths from collectivists stepping on each other on their way out of Dodge would be legendary.

        • Randolph Scott

          Your suggestion/idea is no better than mine. Maybe everyone should just arm themselves and do this counter on their own 1 commie at a time.

      • Jimmy the Saint

        “Want to know what surprises me? There has been no Victory Marches for President Trump, anywhere by anyone. The inauguration and that was it. Everyone went home and it was back to ‘business as usual’.”

        It shouldn’t surprise you. Every time the established American Right wins an election, it declares victory for ever and stops. Remember, when Reagan won, that was the end of the Left. When Bush II won in 2000, the talk was of the coming “Permanent Conservative Majority”.

  7. Negroes in the US imported the African rape culture when they were brought here as slaves. It has never left their culture.

    Negroes rape at a rate many times higher than whites, somewhere between 400% and 1200%, depending on your statistical source.

    Because many, if not most, muslim invaders in Sweden, France, and Germany are negroes, with some Arabs, one might guess that rape is at least partially coded in their DNA.

    Because it is.

  8. Alfred E. Neuman

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  9. Yep, been watchin the culture of the Mohamedians (sp?) for a years now but really no diff than Anglo cads for the past 30 yrs other than freq and normalcy bias. My sister had a bad anglo BF (really her fault wrt bad life choices) about 20 years ago, my lil bro and I went to his apt, kicked the door down, beat him him silly – no more bad BF problems and insto my sis had a local rep as a fem one didnt f*** with. She finally found a good man, prob solved but in the meantime – all the local prospective suitors treated her with utmost respect. I am 50+ yrs old and learned micro prob resolution from my Pop. Gotta neighbors dog that s****s in your yard – deliver same pile in a bag and tell neighbor to reign in Fido or Fido is gonna have a bad afternoon. I am no wannabe vigi lkg to save the world but when outside threats make kith and kin afraid, old skoo men take care of it. It really is that simple. Lived in a nice neighborhood in Charlotte a decade ago. Had some local thugs that caused some trouble. A couple of us older dudes found the perps and handled it. Didnt kill anybody or even put them in the ER, that said, let them know that there were crusty old homies in the cul de sac that cared for neighbors and werent gonna tolerate stupid s***.

    Again, not braggin our puffin but there comes a time where local folks need to look after neighbors. The constant for me is that thugs have a negative reciprocal tolerance for violence. S***, typically they are paper bullies – just dont make it easy for know where you live. Can I get an old school amen?


      Amen, Donk. I had a loose, vicious dog problem in my old neighborhood in SoCal 30+ years ago. Tried “going to the authorities”. No luck. Tried night letters. Worked for a short time. Tried “bark-no-more” mixed w/ raw hamburger. Problem solved. I re-read Puzo’s THE GODFATHER and Rand’s ATLAS SHRUGGED every so often. It keeps things in perspective.