Gut Check


JJ calls the question.

Are we serious or just poseurs?

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  1. “If we cannot conceive of sacrificing in our daily lives to build a better future, then we are absolutely no threat to anyone whatsoever.”

    And, “That doesn’t happen unless we stop the childish sniping and actually start working together.”

    Right. There.

    The statement above is the answer to the question posed by the blog owner: Are we serious or just poseurs? The sense and value of sacrifice for posterity no longer exists in tangible amounts. Ego has replaced it, tempered by the same disease affecting those who really do want us all dead: ‘Snoflakitis’ The difference being that team FREEFOR’s snow flakes are typically camouflage colored, but believe they are just as special. Check out FB flame wars between ‘patriots’ and the root causes of those flame wars. It’s all about personality and ego from what I’ve seen.

    Further evidence can be gained by observing the commentary of the ‘kill ’em all, let God sort ’em out’, ‘you go firsters’ aka ‘what have you done, asswipe’ types that call people out but never evidence their own plan in the blogosphere (all you have to do is look at the general commentary here objectively), preps, or struggles, and the ever present, stone throwers who thrive on calling for the violent destruction of ‘murica’ without ever once proposing anything acceptable to mainline America (by design I sometimes thing) because THEY are the ones who have the ‘hearts and minds’ to be won over.

    Unfortunately, team FREEFOR’s blogosphere commentating is primarily used to vent spleens (countless examples exist, even on WRSA ) because it’s easy and there’s no accountability (you know, having to look the man/woman you’ve just insulted in the present and back 4 generations to the point that in meat space, combat would occur) while subsequently demanding that anyone who may be doing something in meat space ‘spill the beans’ on ALL the details (expecting terminal stupidity) and when faced with refusal, demonize by calling the party out as a fed, COINTELPRO and other niceties, all designed to ‘shoot the messenger’ rather than refute the idea or work with a messenger who may have ‘a diamond in the rough’.

    Yeah, JJ has a good point.

    Rant off. My .02 Flame away.

    • I would second that DTG…How many people really want to build instead of destroy… Thanks again for your work in helping people become more aware and giving them the tools to build something better for themselves and others…It doesn’t go unnoticed or unappreciated… Thanks Brother…God Bless…

      • Absolutely! And per my post that you had commented upon, Lineman, in my case the struggle often becomes that of motivation. I await your comms concerning ‘teammate’ needs. Rather than the “just for me” I find myself in the opposite camp: if it is JUST ME, I could really care less. I KNOW what happens when I draw my last breath!

        By the way, our host has my contact info (and I emailed him to send it to you), although an enterprising person might be able to send me an email via an invisible carrier.

        I do believe it is time for me to contribute in a more wide-ranging way, it is just unclear what is the best approach to doing that!

        • Sometimes CA gets a little busy so I will try to make contact through our mutual friends if it’s not forthcoming…That’s exactly how I feel when I only had me it was a different mindset than now when I have a family to look out for…Will share more when I receive your info…God Bless Brother…

    • until the brainwashed wake-up and see the truth of the 911 attacks, there will not be, nor can never be, any “working together”

      who in their right mind would want to work or even breathe the same air as some MSM trained moron? if you believe official story of the bush/cheney/rumsfeld admin, you are one of them.

      sorry, the deniers are just as much the enemy as islam is.
      correction. they are worse. for they are traitors to the truth and the country.

  2. “…I want this to develop into a true counter-culture. That doesn’t happen unless we stop the childish sniping and actually start working together. There will never be a right time.”
    If I may add my piece, probably a good idea to get out there and meet other like minded people, talk to them and if you and them are on the same page work with them.
    To repeat what I said in a previos post, there are going to be “Spirit of America Rallies” in various places this Saturday March the 4th. Breitbart article here: and for locations:
    The current battlefield is in the media / social media and in the streets at public gatherings and rallies. I know that not everyone is sociable or willing or able to be out in public in any way, shape or form, but for those that are I think it is a good chance to participate in the current soft conflict and meet possible future allies in real life (I think what CA referes to as “meatspace”).
    All the best to everyone doing whatever they can. 🙂

    • Avoid crowds.

      If your battlefield is in the streets, you’re doing it wrong.
      And as another poster noted, when Team Stupid takes the opportunity to come out too, exactly as they’re apparently planning to for this weekend’s events, it’s going to be anything but a “soft conflict”.

      You will be playing the part of “bait”.
      Except without any discernible overwatch.
      (Other than guardian angels.)

      A good plan now is better than a perfect one tomorrow, but a bad plan is always a bad plan.

      You want to get together, work together?
      Great. Me too.
      So why would anyone ever announce public rallies for same, like waving red capes at a bull ring?
      And if when first-timers get roughed up there, how are you going to induce them to ever come out again?
      And why would they ever trust you enough to do so?
      This will strangle things in the crib, and poison the well forever.

      You want a legit gathering? Contract a reasonably secure venue, ask for signups, charge a nominal fee, and contract for sufficient event security.

      Otherwise you’re just organizing missionary trips to cannibal cooking pots. And asking the guests to wear teriyaki aftershave.
      Or going on a tiger hunt dressed in a meat suit and armed with harsh language. {“Bad kitty!”}
      Your security plan, in its entirety, is depending on the kindness of (communist thug) strangers.

      This is event organizing 101 stuff.

      Street rallies, by contrast, are merely organizing an excuse for a riot.
      And tarring your side with the same brush as the idiots seen since November 8th, since millions watching afterwards on TV won’t be able to tell the two sides apart.

      FFS…just why?

      Screw “massive street demonstrations”.
      Try getting half a dozen like minded couples to get together and learn to prepare. Water, food, medical, comms. Fifteen minute presentation, 15 minute Q&A, next topic. In and out in two hours.
      Pull that off 100 times in local neighborhoods, and then hold a private expo.
      Now you’ve got 600 potentially interested people for getting in deeper, and 600 families who won’t be in line at the refugee center when things go pear-shaped. Or knocking on your door asking for some of your stuff.

      Instead of 600 people with pepper sprayed eyes and split lips at the local ER wondering WTF happened.

      That’s grassroots. Not some idiot’s astroturfed street theatre.

      Just saying.

      • Ok, I think a dynamic leader and a popular movement with hundreds at regular events would put the fear of God into the enemy. Very simple, find a good Christian, God centered church. Also, Oath Keepers. They have the contacts and the know how for a multitude of tasks.

      • Lots of good advice Aesop. Love reading your well-thought out rational posts.
        “Avoid crowds.” Good advice for insuring you are not trapped amongst a large concentration of people should something very unpleasant happen. But I’m going to ignore it here for what I want to do. I will be going to the Michigan rally at the state Capitol in Lansing this Saturday from Noon to 3pm. Not the best PERSEC on my part I know, I feel that sometimes someone has to stand in the gap (“to expose one’s self for the protection of something; to make defense against any assailing danger…”) and personally I’ll be damned if I will let the other side win at their game of intimidating and silencing our side into submission.
        I called and talked to the lady who is the point of contact for the Michian rally. She talked about unity and everyone coming together and moving America forward together. (Stuff the Left doesn’t want at all, I know). They got a permit for the rally and for street parking. Capitol police will provide security. They are expecting some protesters and disruptors but plan to avoid any confrontations.
        I myself am going to this as a peace keeper, not a war fighter. To meet and talk to other like minded people, hopefully some who will be local to me. Anything interesting I will take notes / pictures / video. Not expecting any trouble but if something were to happen I would want to be there to be able to help out anyone being attacked. That’s just me though.
        Will upload a report to my FB page and to CA here if anything interesting happens. With a weather prediction of 33 high and 24 low and 6 mph wind I am planning on just walking around and standing around in the cold on the front lawn of the Capitol listening to people talk for three hours and then heading back home.
        Not the most pleasant way to spend a Saturday afternoon, but more productive than some I’ve spent just spending the time inside doing nothing. Nothing exciting ever happens to me anyway…

      • This is why if it comes to a color revolution or civil war we might lose. Our greatest strength (right wing gun owners) all plan on bugging out as soon as anything gets frisky. The cities are what determines who controls politics. This is why revolutionaries try to seize the capitol, not some forest in the middle of nowhere.

        You all will play Grizzly Adams for a year, assuming you’ll come back to a cleansed world, but instead you’ll be returning to a far worse distopia than we now imagine.

  3. Sad thing is most folks have a reading/comprehension/contemplation problem. Avoidance is the fallback for most unpleasant issues.
    2×4 therapy is the solution……… however, for most, application will be at a most inconvenient time.
    Motivating the dullards is a labor of love.

  4. Flatlander

    Been pondering this for the past few months, both the topic of the article and the question posed by CA. Am I truly doing all that I can in my AO? Admittedly, no. To do so would further take time away from family, time that is short enough as is. Instrospection poses a two sided question. Am I/we just bloviating, complaining, about the way things are and being a poser; or am I/we quietly preparing, training, and mentoring without attracting attention? Without an overt action, or being connected in meatspace; none of us can really know. Are we waiting for some outside influence before taking action, is there some magical clarion call that we all will regonize and respond to together? In short, and I’m not asking for an answer in this forum, what is the catylist that begets action?

  5. we all know who are serious about learning skills.

    they’re the ones who volunteered for training when they were 18…

  6. I miss Virginia, the areas outside the beltway. Thank’s for the post. Can’t say it better than that.

    Do the next “right” thing. If you’re not sure what that is ask God for help.

  7. Well me, I’m as serious as a fucking heart attack, but that’s just me. I’ve laid it on the line for far more idiotic things, but apparently I’m just a keyboard commando now. Except for the Not. I suppose if I spill my actual blood and guts all over some public place in a futile demonstration of my seriousness, even then, some one from the peanut gallery will expose me as a poseur. Whatever. I have sacrificed my own freedom before, to a cause which I was led to believe was right. It was wrong. Learning from that, I also learned that another, truly good cause was right in front of me. Even though I was betrayed before, I’m willing to stand up and make sacrifices again, and this time, for the right cause. All I can do is hope I made the right choice, based on logic, intelligence, and reasoning. Oh, and the choice I’ve made is imperfect, and could easily fail. I was a pretty fair Indian in my time, and I got used to submitting my will to that of my leaders/Chiefs. Had good ones and bad ones. According to thy taste. I ain’t got the stuff no more for combat, but I can still pull a trigger, and I believe I could do a mountain of support stuff that would be valuable, thrifty, and good. I’m around, available, and looking for some one with good leadership skills to put me to work. You see, I’m actually committed to this shit. That means I ain’t looking for glory, reputation, fame, or fortune. Just the freedom thing. My personal requirements are few, I am given to outbursts of harsh language at times,(which I have the self discipline to curb, if instructed) and I want to WIN. If all I am is a private on permanent johnny detail, I can do that.

    • Outstanding! Cannot argue with anything you have stated. EVERYONE has skills/resources/knowledge/time/effort to share in some fashion. Organizing, leading, and following are the tough part!

    • Don’t pay any attention to those guys/trolls Sean…They don’t have to heart to do anything and they don’t want anyone else doing anything either…Your an inspiration to those of us here that want to build Brother…Keep on keeping on…God Bless Ya…

    • +1, brother Sean. could be ‘like-mindedness’ that keeps me in agreement with you. And DTG, respect what you have said, and think. You as well, ApoloDoc…
      Nice to know that this ol’ bastard ain’t entirely alone. (And brother Lineman – buzzards don’t count lol…)

      • We are going to need those buzzards Grandpa especially when you get on a roll…Poor Klein I think he’s losing it he’s starting to answer himself since no one else will…Notice though when people start talking about unity he has to come and shit on the conversation comparing us to Commies…Sad That…

  8. Alfred E. Neuman

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  9. >>> I have sacrificed my own freedom before, to a cause which I was led to believe was right. It was wrong. Learning from that, I also learned that another, truly good cause was right in front of me. Even though I was betrayed before, I’m willing to stand up and make sacrifices again, and this time, for the right cause. <<<

    Do that and you'll get the same result. I know you don't want to hear it, and sometimes I think T would kill in order not to accept it, but the first one was wrong BECAUSE it was a sacrifice.

    This time it needn't be. Putting one's life on the line for something one values more than life itself, is NOT a sacrifice. It's honoring your values as they are, with integrity. That's what it takes and that's what you've got.

    It's what it takes to pull those rabbits out of the hat. Most everyone else, the best they've got is, "I'm with ya, brah." Most of 'em mean it too, until it comes time to actually do it. But you know all about that too.

    Look…if the only way a guy can motivate himself to action is through the belief that he's sacrificing, then so be it. But that's not what this is about. This is about NOT sacrificing and declaring the ownership of yourself to be exactly that…yours and yours alone. THAT'S what the founding principles were; THAT'S why there was a Revolutionary War, and THAT'S why the same elite looting crew as today couldn't stomach those principles being instantiated in the founding of the United States of America. So they came up with the Constitution. Admit it or not, that's what happened.

    Yes, those principles really were something different, but that's been lost now, at least in our government and our culture. Ha, and over half the people here are strong defenders of that which threw the principles out. How ironic is that?

    The Founders weren't idiots and Patton wasn't an idiot. Your purpose on Earth is NOT to sacrifice. Let the other "poor sunuvabitch" do it. Sacrifice is the scourge of the Earth…that's why the damn commies talk about nothing but. THINK, for crissakes.

    • I don’t wanna tax lineman and Jon, so I’ll do their work for them. “The commies are sacrificing for the wrong thing. I’m sacrificing for the right thing.”

      Check. What a coincidence…that’s exactly what those commies say, and even those ISIS fucks. I guess they both got the right principles, but just the wrong details. Is that it, guys?

      Go find me something about sacrifice in the Declaration of Independence and I’ll look at the evidence. Otherwise shut the fuck up or at least go do what you say and sacrifice yourself. Hell…even those Buddhist monks, no Warriors they, could do that.

      • So, Klein; your personal example is… ? And don’t forget to show your work.
        If one makes the decision to accept the responsibility, upon the acceptance and understanding of the threat; and do what needs to be done – because of the challenge to – or usurpation of – one’s dearly held beliefs or values; that decision is not sacrifice; it is honor. Look up honor, become familiar with it. And understand it as the motivator it is. And that you really know nothing of it, personally.Telling men who you don’t agree with to “shut the fuck up” is insulting, and shames you more than your hollow words and threats do them. My formative years were in Michigan and Wisconsin. If you “Michigander Jim”, tfat, and Detroit lll are examples of what populates the Great Lakes region now, I can better understand what the fuck happened to a once great area; and the city of Detroit. Sweep your own porch, buster.
        Your buddy tfA-t seems to have understood, and has been somewhat informative of late. You should have dropped it after your first post, which added to the discourse, but disagreement with your vaunted knowledge cannot be brooked, right?
        Same ol’ self righteous turd you’ve been for years.
        Bring something new, or quit wasting bandwidth. You aren’t part of the solution so you’re part of the problem.

    • Klein, this is the problem that you have as an atheist. Ultimately NOTHING matters. You die and you think you are done. Finis.

      For those of us who are followers of Christ, we are called to share in His suffering, we as men are called to love our wives SACRIFICIALLY. Because WE know that this life is very short. It is just a warm up… or…

      … I have told patients for years that this is merely BOOT CAMP FOR ETERNITY! For those who understand this, it changes everything.

      If I were to “cash out,” sell all of my real estate and liquidate assets, I could live a comfortable life traveling about, playing, and in general doing as I pleased (within reason). That is the approach for those who believe “He who dies with the most toys wins” which actually used to be my motto a few decades ago. But that is not why I am here. God has gifted me with knowledge, skills, intellect, diligence, endurance, resources… and time. This is NOT for my enjoyment, it is to be of service to my Lord.

      Honestly, for those of you who do not know the Lord, I cannot begin to fathom how you keep going on! What can possibly motivate you to give a crap about ANY of this? Dead is dead. Lights out. Game over. WHY… ??? If you simply see it as your “biological imperative” [survival of the fittest], then go spew your seed far and wide to keep your genetic material moving down the generations. But what a POINTLESS way to live!!! If you seek all meaning and purpose from a few decades wandering around this planet, I TRULY feel sorry for you.

      Have you TRULY considered the claims of Christ? Have you truly examined all of the evidence that He is whom He claimed to be? Have you considered WHAT IF YOU ARE WRONG?