The Lost Cause: Conservative Individualism In A Multi-Tribal Society



Find a local kommissar and confess to him.


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  1. Alfred E. Neuman

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  2. you have thinkers.

    and you have sheep.

    sheep are destined for slaughter… it’s what’s for dinner.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      Really great, everyone backslapping each other how smart they are, and yet all are still slaves to the IRS and their TV sets. Educated my ass, but hey, at least they’ve got a closet full of AR’s.
      Like I keep bringing up, they don’t even have a clue who their enemy is, they just keep running after every squirrel the media throws them.

  3. Derek Patrick

    WRSA is getting really good lately. Glad to see more prepper / freedom sites breaking out of the “muh constitushun” trap and venturing into NRx / alt-right territory.

    Commissar Greenwood will not be available for comment.

    • I agree. Look, we made a good go of it with “muh constitution” and maybe if prior generations had guarded it more jealously we wouldn’t have ended up in the mess we are now, but at this point reality is much closer to this:

      Once the 1965 Immigration Act was enacted, the era of Muh Constitution was over and done.

      • Grenadier1

        Your reality only looks like that in an inner city. Thats not even close to reality in the rest of the country. The problem of CULTURAL erosion is too real and too important to undermine it by meme cries of “WOLF!!”

        We dont want it to become like that meme but when you post something so demonstrably false, people will dismiss ALL of your message, and we will end up like the meme.

        Thats why I constantly check you guys.
        There is no difference between “muh Const’tution” and “muh jew conps’rcy”.

        • No, if things don’t change then the entire Western world is on track for exactly the sort of future shown in that photo meme. It is not just an inner city phenomenon. Did you not see the popular vote breakdown of the election?

          Regardless, the real point of the meme is that conservatives are so enamored of the theory of the Constitutional Republic that they ignore the reality of the changing world around them.

    • Isn’t WRSA better because the thinking has gotten better? Isn’t the thinking better because it has developed over these last few years through robust back and forth debate? Would you agree that the outrage shared by the patriotic masses when we watched socialists trample our Constitution stirred us first to debate the nature of the threat and second how to fight it? And where could we carry on such a debate, from the comfort of our own warm homes but on forums like this, founded and run by another Patriot, Concerned American, who provides this place to test our ideas, our arguments, hear other points of view and generally share what it means to be American?

      Concerned American is to be thanked – and I thank you, sir – for providing the forum for us to gather – zealot and philosopher alike – and have our ideas turned every which way and examined with the same clarity and certitude that allows us to call someone else’s baby ugly. It is not that WRSA changed and improved, not in the sense that Concerned American changed the formula. It is us and our thinking that have developed, adapted, modified and matured. WRSA is better, I agree, but it is the commentariat, and the quality of the commentary that makes it so. For that, the debt of thanks is owed to CA who has steadfastly provided this forum without which we would still be hollering at the TV.

      • CA: I also cannot thank you enough for providing a bunch of mutts some refuge. It is my ‘safe space’. gracias

  4. robroysimmons

    Contards never tried to discredit the Left it was there for the doing but they passed on an easy job. Now you gotta find tribe, and might as well burn the consteetushun

  5. You rejected the individual when you acceded to “Voting”.

    Right there, YOU … yes, YOU … agreed to sublimate your personal autonomy, in favour of the Collective. When you did this, you renounced your capacity for individual choice, in favour of choice that is mediated by the Collective’s interests. Individualism didn’t die from natural causes, or from enemy action. You murdered it.

    Kinda like submission to Allah, when you think about it.

    • This hyper-individualism wasn’t murdered — it never existed in the first place. Civilization by its nature is a collective. The real question is not individualism vs. collectivism, the real question is the degree to which barriers are erected around individuals to protect them from being completely steamrolled by the will of the collective. It’s a collective though, and it always has been. It always will be. The moment Mr. Rugged Individual hooks up with Miss Rugged Individual and they have rugged infants, well they’re a collective now.

      At this stage in the game Muh Individualism will only exacerbate the situation. We’ve got tribal warfare on the horizon, probably closer than the horizon actually. Everybody’s got to choose their tribe. “I’m a Tribe of One!” isn’t an option, not for anybody who expects to live through it.

      • Nope. You have a flawed understanding of “Collectivism”. And of Individualism, too. At least, that’s my belief. If I misunderstand you, then I’ll gladly be instructed.

        In the process, you are putting words into my mouth.

        No-one is saying that a man can survive alone. Co-operation with others is absolutely crucial.

        BUT, there are two ways to achieve human co-operation.
        1 … There is the individualist’s way … by Consent (contract, mutual agreement, bond).

        2 … There is the Collectivist’s way … by compulsion (conscription, force, threats, Government, deception, slavery)

        The choice you make, defines your political ideology. AFAIAC, anyone choosing option 2, is the enemy.

    • Best wishes with your Army of One, regaled and renowned for its unbridled successes nowhere on the planet and at no time in recorded human history.

      But it’s fun to dream big dreams, right?
      And much easier than constructively working to accomplish them.
      At least the Amish bring something to the table for leeching off of the current iteration of civilization while refusing to participate in most of it.
      What about you?

      I mean, besides spitwads from the peanut gallery.

  6. Trying to get my head around new concepts which I hadn’t considered before; which is a good thing.
    I am getting the idea is to be either an individual conservative, or a pluro, multi, eglaterian conservative; but the individual conservative does not exist, so you must make another choice.
    Its the other choice I’m having a hard time with. Looking at history, it seems individualism was the goal and within this group of individuals, a tribe was formed that would be defined as Americanism. This tribe would support individualism and pluralism, because pluralism would be subservient to Americanism, as recognized by each sub culture.
    So, to complete this thought, I think individualism is still the goal, but progressivism has gradually eroded Americanism, so the conservative supporting individualism is depending on a sinking ship, the USS America.
    So my question is: Is there another ship to climb aboard? Or, do we just try to fix the one that is sinking?

    • I think that individualism works fine within the American tribe – which has historically been made up mostly of English and Dutch settlers practicing political values that you can trace back to the Saxons. Within that tribe, individualism and even muh constitution are probably fine. The problem is that we live in a society filled with competing tribes that are working to advance their own respective collective interests. To be the only tribe that doesn’t view itself as a tribe in that circumstance is suicidal. Let’s secure our existence first, and worry about individualism, freedom, limited government, etc., afterwards.

    • There is only Individual’ Sovereignty… everything else is Collectivism.

      See; “Ten Commandments” for further details. Don’t lie, cheat, steal and murder people. Pretty reasonable basis for a society, wouldn’t you think?

      Compare that with the reality of every modern Western Nation.

      Individualism; it just means “consensual cooperation”. If you like, “peace”. And, peace cannot exist in the absence of Consensual interactions between people; everybody resents being compelled by others.

      But, what is Government? Government isn’t Consent, it’s naked force. How can Peace and Government co-exist, when they are polar opposites? When everything the State does, is in breach of God’s Commandments.

    • POd American

      It’s actually not a new concept…I will attempt to use a simple 3rd grade math example to illustrate our current moral and societal mess.

      Example: You as an individual equal 1. Now combine that with America’s population of approx. 300,000,000. That ratio makes you worth approximately 1 / 300,000,000 (one three hundred millionths), or 3.333 x 10-9. That is indeed a very, very small fraction.
      Every time we allow (society), the denominator of this fraction to become larger, we lose our strength, our voice, our values, and our freedoms. Simply stated, we become that much more irrelevant.
      “Diversity” is the abominable denominator in this political scenario. What is needed is a much smaller denominator or significantly larger numerator. What we have lost over the last century is the large numerator, hence a balanced ratio. This imbalanced ratio now favors a backsliding decent into a societal collapse.

      If you truly want to maintain the power of your voice, your values, and your freedoms, we as a diluted society need to correct this unbalanced ratio. There are two ways to mathematically balance this ratio, but it needs to be balanced. It’s up to US.

  7. Interesting article, especially as it takes to task the, “rugged individualists” by separating what a conservative actually is, ‘maintain the existing order’ (to me, that means fixing the accountability of elected representatives running roughshod over black letter law limitations to their power/office) and the amalgam of ‘progressive’ (read communist) ideas into conservatism.

    This one statement says it all: “You cannot accept the multi-tribal paradigm of competing interest groups based on racial, ethnic, religious, or sexual criteria, while claiming to be in favor of the individual as sovereign. You must reject them; you must have the power to reject in order to be sovereign. But most conservatives will not give up the opportunity to signal how progressive [read communist] they are, which is why they have been steadily pulled left and are now losing some of their right-leaning supporters to nationalists and proto-fascists.”

    • “to me, that means fixing the accountability of elected representatives running roughshod over black letter law limitations to their power/office”

      Sounds great. So it’s been over 150 years since the War of Northern Aggression and the accountability of elected representatives has gone steadily in one direction. You can’t possibly deny this; I know you don’t.

      So on your theory, 150 years isn’t enough and it’ll happen sometime in the future. Really…you don’t see a problem with that? 700,000 corpses in a losing fight to try and stop “elected representatives running roughshod” isn’t enough for you? Seriously…you want to see hundreds of thousands more, probably millions, die in yet another futile fight to try and make humans something other than what they are?

      Meanwhile everyone’s fawning over a guy who EXPLICITLY denies the very first self-evident truth enumerated in the Declaration of Independence. Being “created equal” doesn’t mean “created identically.” Really, this has to be explained 240 years later? But here y’all are, jumping on a bandwagon that’s as anti-American as anything could be.

      Yeah right, “Great Americans.” Deny the truth about the Constitution, deny the truth about sovereignty, deny the truth about the nature of being human. Sounds like a genius strategy. So how’s it working out?

      • “….700,000 corpses in a losing fight to try and stop “elected representatives running roughshod”

        Umm….point of order. It was an invasion by one country of another, sovereign, independent country. I will grant you that the North’s elected representation did, in fact, run roughshod over their own people with Lincoln’s suspension of Habeus Corpus, the draft (NY draft riots come to mind) and a slew of other facts that occurred.

        The point is not to say that since previous generations didn’t accomplish anything justifies that this generation should not try to accomplish anything. Hate the Constitution? You want to quote Spooner or Bryce? Fine. Want to replace it? GREAT!

        What’s your alternative? What do you have lined out that will appeal to each person that’s achieved their legal majority to get behind and that will also allow the greatest degree of individual freedom with the least degree of governmental interference (whatever you define government to be)? I’d be happy to read it.

        Appealing to the ‘goodness’ of human nature ain’t going to cut it. Something will step in to fill the vacuum, and if it’s anything like the 20th century, 700K dead will be a drop in the bucket.

    • “But most conservatives will not give up the opportunity to signal how progressive [read communist] they are”

      Hey, we agree about something! My advice? Not for you but generally…so stop doing it already. “The battle has ALWAYS been Individualism versus Collectivism.” Stop trying to out-collectivize the collectivists. Sheesh.

  8. rightwingterrorist

    A matter of cognitive dissonance.

  9. The Kulaks didn’t vote republican, we didn’t vote. Our tribe is no longer interested in gaining more fiat debtbux, we’re interested in seeing this country righted and on a better path. We’re not interested in sending boys to a sandbox to die for a pipeline. We’re interested in growing our own food. We’re not interested in how many whores Goldman will buy for it’s partners this year. We’re interested in dry fire drills. We’re not interested in cloud people, red or blue. We’re interested in waking up the next generations. Fuck the republican party. Rinsed Penis won and sits at the right hand of der donald now. YAY.

    Are Hillary and her Pedo friends in jail?
    Trump: She did some bad things, I mean she did some bad things–
    Stahl: I know, but a special prosecutor? You think you might…
    Trump: I don’t want to hurt them. I don’t want to hurt them. They’re, they’re good people. I don’t want to hurt them. And I will give you a very, very good and definitive answer the next time we do 60 Minutes together.

    Have we drained the swamp by filling it with Goldman Guys?
    See: Mnuchin (IndyMac) and Cohn (Goldman Underboss to LB)

    Have we deported 8 million? 5 million? 1/2 million?
    Show me a number anywhere. Lots of articles about how he is Hitler shoving helpless beaners and “bad hombres” onto Mexico bound jets but not a lot of meat here. In reality, Sherriff Joe was ousted in AZ and the new jackoff is welcoming the cartels with open arms.

    It’s a bit more complicated than we thought, please keep the bill away from Rand Paul ’cause he actually knows a thing or two about the issue.

    Please don’t tell me this is all “Jedi Mind shit” from Capt. Mensa. Sorry that ship sailed. I see a compromised populist pumping a slightly different brand of horse shit than the last guy while his guys play Blackbeard vs. the commies. All of which would be fun if this weren’t so serious for our children’s future.

    Trump if you’re reading this, you have/had a mandate, you had people willing to stand up and fight. You are blowing it. If you fail to fight for them then you failed and you’re fired.

    • POd American

      Well stated. I don’t know why Jeffy Sessions is prosecuting the Hillabeast, Oh, yea I do!

  10. “A conservative does not want to unmake the existing order.

    But at the same time, the existing order wants to unmake the American conservative.”

    The left and the cuckservatives are now fully exposed for who and what they are. (Is there nothing President Trump can’t do?) You are taking names, locations, addresses, pictures in your AO, right?

  11. I find it ironic as well as humorous that some of the ‘thinkers’ (so-called) here use the same tactics as the left:

    Demonize opposing positions using derision of the opposition’s intellect, experience, and world view. Example: Anyone who believes enforcing the Constitution is the only thing necessary for enforcement to solve many problems is an illiterate bumpkin incapable of complex thought: “muh constitushun.”
    Offer nothing but vague solutions based upon ‘sound bites’ or catch phrases. Example: Constitution bashers: what do you offer to take it’s place other than the ‘nothingness’ of anarchy or the reliance on ‘the goodness of human nature’?
    – Never use clear definitions or terms; rather, make new definitions based upon ‘relevancy’ and ‘expediency’ of one’s own agenda. Example: Constant statements describing (on many, many comments) how the ‘Rule of Law’ is dead without describing what compliance with the Rule of Law may look like, but at the same time deriding the notion to enforce the Supreme Law of the Land, which is where American Rule of Law is nested.
    If losing a debate, immediately switch to Ad Hominem attacks on the opponent, obfuscate and conflate the opponent’s position.

    There are many more, but for concision, this is what the Left does to those who oppose them. Seeing the same tactics here is very telling.

    • “…the ‘Rule of Law’ is dead without describing what compliance with the Rule of Law may look like,”

      So spill the beans. What’s it look like? You got any pictures or even descriptions of when it was extant? Any at all, in all of human history?

      The claim isn’t that “Rule of Law is dead” anyway. The claim is that there’s no such thing, nor ever could be. But I’m always open to the evidence—gimme an example of a law ruling and not people, and I’ll be happy to take a look.

      I’m an admitted simpleton and I see nothing but peeps out there…some are ruling and some are ruled. But okay…you got an example of a law ruling, then just share it.

    • As far as COMPLIANCE with the ill-nomered “Rule of Law,” we’ve got boatloads of pictures what that looks like. I mean, there were over 200 million innocent people slaughtered by COMPLIANCE with Rule of Law in the 20th Century alone…every drop of it fully legal. The camera was already invented, so we know only too well what that looks like.

      I didn’t know…is that really what you want to see happen yet again? ApoloDoc says that’s alright because we should care more about what happens after we’re dead. Interesting…that’s another position shared by the ISIS fucks. Probably just coincidence, right?

      • Context, please. My statement on the rule of law regards the existence of our people under the Constitution (which is the Supreme Law of the Land) and has no bearing whatsoever on other countries.

        I already provided my idea: Individual voluntary compliance with the principles in the Constitution; official submission to the limitations forced upon governmental representatives by the Constitution, and backed up, by force if necessary, by the population.

        You just proved my point about conflation vis a vis US Constitution and authority over US government activities and global genocide under other forms of government being blended into the same subject.

    • The conclusion ‘I don’t know how’ is different than ‘it is definitely impossible’. I would like to read an objection to the ‘nothingness of anarchy’ based on stronger evidence than ‘humans haven’t done that yet’. In the year 1900 nobody had an engineering roadmap for how to walk on the moon. Yet, those pieces did get filled in and become concrete and ultimately work.

    • Above is excellent.

      “what do you offer to take it’s place other than the ‘nothingness’ of anarchy or the reliance on ‘the goodness of human nature’?”

      If humans were inherently good, would we find ourselves in the position we are in?

      The question begs the typical response… “well, some humans are better than others (meaning the speaker and his own perspective, whomever that may be, of course).”

      Gods perspective (not my own) is quite different.

      Rom 3:23… “For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God;”

      You (I, we) ain’t no good at all. A catholic is no better or worse than a muslim is no better or worse than a witch is no better or worse than an atheist is no better or worse than a murderer is no better or worse than a rapist is no better or worse than me or you. Any foul thing I can throw at anyone can be applied equally to my flesh.

      Anyone ever really read the sermon on the mount, believing that God is actually saying what He means? Christ multiplies the law by 1,000 in it. Talk about raising an impossible bar even higher! I challenge any professing Christian here to read Matthew 5 and to honestly observe himself/herself while doing so. What do you see? I see none of you nor do I see myself. I’ll say further, that anyone who sees himself in those words is seriously and pathologically (religiously) deluded.

      Such realization is the first step on the path to the ultimate solution to all our problems. Key being, there IS a solution. It can be found in the books of Romans through Philemon. Start with Rom 1-8… read it again and again and again, believing what the words say, till it sinks in.

      Mat 5:39… “But I say unto you, That ye resist not evil: but whosoever shall smite thee on thy right cheek, turn to him the other also.”

      Lots of that “christianity” on display here, no? Paul never says such a thing because Christ gave him further insight into; the human condition, Gods ultimate plan for heaven and earth, and different instruction set for believers than He did the 12.

    • DTG said:

      “..– Offer nothing but vague solutions based upon ‘sound bites’ or catch phrases. Example: Constitution bashers: what do you offer to take it’s place other than the ‘nothingness’ of anarchy or the reliance on ‘the goodness of human nature’?”

      DTG, you’re welcome to YOUR constitution, as a anarchist I have absolutely no use for the contrived hamiltonian fraud that it clearly is (read both Kenneth Royce’s “Hologram of Liberty” and Spooner’s “No Treason” to understand this).

      All that the constitution has ever have anyone is more of the myth of ‘gov/authority’…that means that people here in the fusa have been brainwashed from day 1 to believe that they NEED a ‘ruling class/caste’ to lead their lives and that they accept being regularly mugged (taxed) and if they start to wake up and resist their mugging from a bunch of narcissistic sociopaths in fancy buildings paid for with their stolen property, that thugs in overpriced Halloween costumes get to assault, kidnap and even murder them under the guise of ‘law enforcement’.

      I don’t ‘vote’ because I understand that voting is nothing more than saying, “yes Master, you are in charge”. As a sovereign individual I don’t need any ‘Master’ to decide how to run my life or anything else having to do with it…to put any faith or trust in a group of known narcissitic sociopaths to ‘protect me’ from potential violent criminals makes as much sense as hiring a mugger who happens to be a serial killer to protect me from the same.

      If one chooses to is a statist.
      If one supports or works for the narcissistic sociopaths that comprise what is ‘gov/authority’ is a statist.
      If one favors using ‘laws’ against other people who are involved in activities that they find “offensive” (e.g. drug use or prostitution) but it’s not directly affecting them personally yet they call on badged thugs to do something about it..then they’re statists.
      And like being an alcoholic, one isn’t going to change that until they see the reality of it staring back at them.

      I work for a living..I don’t steal for a living via ‘voting’
      I choose to interact voluntarily with other people in my life.
      I respect other people’s choices and desires and let them be.
      I take responsibility for my own defense and safety, I don’t pawn it off to a third party of which I have no knowledge of their ethical or mental/psychological soundness.
      This is what anarchy is…and if you lead your life in a similar fashion then you’re practicing anarchy as well.

      I choose anarchy and Liberty for myself..I have no more right to make you choose it than you would have to force ‘gov/authority’ upon me without my consent.

      Try reading Larken Roses’s “most Dangerous Superstition” or “The Iron Web” (or watch his videos) along with Bill Buppert’s essays/works.

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
      NorthGunner III

      • In case my meaning wasn’t clear, I’ve never said that individual Americans should be ‘forced’ to accept the Constitution. It wasn’t written for individuals. It was written to control the activities of the central government, chartered by the several Stages.

        If you don’t want the government limited by the Constitution (which is a legal leash), that’s fine. Your call when it comes to having the government dealing with your affairs.

        Personally, I prefer the government leashed properly, like it was designed to be, and disciplined by the citizenry when needs be, like the latest incident that was, in fact, Constitutional, that happened in 1946 in Athens, Georgia. An aside, I don’t use the War of Northern Aggression as an example, because the South was not trying to set the North ‘right’; the South was engaged in self-defense after lawful secession and recognition by foreign governments as a sovereign State.

        Thanks, though. Appreciate the commentary.

      • Grenadier1

        I will pose a question to you.
        Let us carve out a very wide section of Texas, build a fence around it with a gate. On this gate we put a big sign.
        “through this gate there is no government, this fence represents the limit of the US federal authority, have at it”.
        All Anarchists and rugged individuals move to this new territory.
        Now here is the question.
        How long before its taken over by Mexican drug warlords who rape, kill and pillage everyone into submission?(the kind of submission Klein was talking about)

        You have made the mistake of believing that Chaos and disorder in the universe is somehow the natural state of things. It is not. Chaos and disorder are the face of God. They are the state of the eternal the state of creation. It only exists outside of the material world. Order and conformity are the state of the physical world. A disordered civilization has a half life of ,till the first person enforces his will with violence.
        We can only hope to use the idea of individualism as a guide to shape our civilization but we cannot obtain that world at least here on Earth.
        its just not in our DNA.

    • Window.
      Some assembly required.

      That’s the template you’re noticing/describing, DTG.

    • Amen Brother….
      I have sworn the oath to defend the constitution against all enemies many times….From all of the speakers here, I have seen NOTHING better promoted as an idea to replace it. I agree that it is too weak as it is currently written to stand, but we can give it some teeth and claws.
      Despite all that, our Constitution still is a 5000 Year Leap improvement over anything that came before it.
      It needs some work in 2017/2018 but it is a great starting place.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Like it or not, the tactics of the Left work. That which works will be copied. Politics isn’t won in the same manner as a high school debate contest.

      Demonization: McCain tried the “my opponent is an honest and honorable man, and would make a fine president” approach. It failed spectacularly. If the other guy is good, there’s little reason not to go for him.

      Vague solutions: They’re harder to attack than specifics. If you can’t pin your opponent to a fixed position, he can shift his arguments without appearing to flip flop, etc.. If you have to defend a fixed point, you can be attacked from all angles.

      Ad Hominem: given that it’s a Latin term, that tactic has been around for a long, long time. Why? Because it works. Calling one’s opponent a lying cocksucker usually throws them off their game.

  12. The problem, as I see it, is 70 year old senior citizens like trump, sessions, clinton, et al. who refuse to retire and persist on maintaining the status quo of corruption, greed, and evil.

    The 65 and over demographic make up only a minuscule 14% of the U.S. population.

    They represent the worn out ideas of a failed system. This age group has no reasonable connection to present day realities and issues. As they continue to alienate themselves from the other 86% of the population, they are only making it harder for them to be taken seriously. In the end, it will be the old farts who start WWIII out of desperation to maintain their power and control of a society that has rejected their archaic views and provable senility.

    Really, who here would let their grandparents lead them thru life?

    • lastmanstanding

      I tell people that all the time…we need new ideas not more new laws.

      That’s all they got.

  13. The occupation of computer programming is prominent in the economy, yet there is no government licensing of programmers and no Federal Software Administration. This freedom was achieved from mom’s basement, without large groups playing army man. Does your theory of government permit these facts?

    I predict new attempts at Silk Road will be tried until it’s strong enough to support an assassination market, then liberty will become a massively multiplayer online game.

  14. bo_mcjangles

    This is an excellent article. This what the Alt-Right understands and “mainstream” conservatives do not, even the more edgy libertarian Alex Jones type conservatives do not understand this. Respect for the individual in society will maintain the highest form of a free society. However, when a (((group))) or groups within such a society collectivizes against the individual, the individual is doomed. This is one of the main reasons “mainstream” conservatives have failed and again and again against the progressives/cultural marxists machine.

    The (((tribe))) has known this weakness within the US for over a century and has been using it to their advantage to weaken the US as a cohesive nation. Hence, separation of church and state, mass immigration of third worlders into the US after the 1965 Immigration Act (Hart-Cellar Act) was passed, the civil rights movement, LGBT movement. All of these policies have weakened our cohesion as a nation and it wasn’t by accident. It was done purposefully.

    If you do your research, you will find that these policies were spearheaded and funded by jews.

    I recognize that what I’ve have stated might be a hard pill to swallow, yet as much as didn’t want to believe it, I have found that it is true.

    Read this book and you will very likely agree with what I have stated :

    Lastly, you might not believe in tribalism, but realize that tribalism is very, very interested in you.

    • Grenadier1

      So the (((tribe))) is so smart and has known about this weakness for over a century and yet here we still are having this discussion.
      They are so smart and powerful and control everything but yet here we still are having this discussion about liberty and freedom.

      We will never get anywhere unless you dumbasses stop blaming jews for everything and realize that the fact that some of the people who control the world and wish to keep us enslaved are jewish is completely meaningless. You keep wanting to focus on one faction and ignore the larger overall threat.
      Its like when faced with a soldier who wants to kill you you focus immediately on his pocket knife and his wallet and shit yourself trying to get everyone else to lose their shit as well. You completely ignore the rifle, his pistol, his grenades and his bayonet. You just keep insisting that we talk about his pocket knife and his pay book.

      Until you recognize that whole of the entity that we are faced with and admit that the vast majority of the people who wish to rule you and hold you into slavery are whites of European ancestry then you will continue to chase the bait on the hook.

  15. Here’s the person that made bomb threats to the so-called Jewish Community Centers.

    I think it’s safe to say he’s not in any southern nationalist, or other white group, threatening Jews.

  16. Every body who comes to this site, and foretells that We Are Doomed, Don’t even try to do anything, because you’re all a bunch of worthless assholes who don’t understand, or know, anything, or regularly and soundly beats the drum for failure, defeat, and helplessness in the face of the enemy, is either a Useful Idiot for the Left, Or an outright Leftist. DTG is right, and his assessment of the situation is clear. CA always asks, “Show your work?”. The Neo-Nazis will reference every Nazi site, using the same shit when Hitler was in power. The Communists/Half Hard Dick Socialists will work overtime to keep everyone off balance, and focused on outrage, and away from facts, and erect straw men to make sure reason and logic are kept away. Keep in mind, that most people seem to forget, commies always pepper their lies with smatterings of truth in them. Keeps people off balance, and gets them to agree with something they don’t really agree with, in order to not lose the point. Until and unless the FreeFor recognizes that the Left is their enemy, that they are being played like a harp, and that all the bullshit that’s going on is just a prelude to the violence the Left is gearing up for, the Right is going to be defeated, time, and time again. You just can’t make nice with people who are dedicated to your ultimate defeat and enslavement. Especially when you play by any Goody Two Shoes rules. It’s an alley fight, right now, but it’ll be in the street in no time, and then in your living room. Tempus fugit, and it’s our time that is flying, not theirs.

  17. The Usual Suspect

    Ahhhhh DTG that is precisely the game plan the trolls play.