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  1. Virgil Kane

    Is France currently a free nation?

    • More free than it will be under Islam.

      Same question, same answer for FUSA.

      • Virgil Kane

        It’s all relative I guess.

        Some Muslum countries are more free than others. Maybe we will get Islam Lite.

    • No. LePen has been charged for tweeting pictures of actual ISIS atrocities….

    • “Is France currently a free nation?”

      You caught that, huh? Collectivist, socialist, created by one of the first “revolutions for the people” on Earth. Yet here we are, trying to catch up.

      Hey, just call it “being a patriotic American” and all will be well. Lineman figured it out—it’s the dissent that’s stopping everyone. We just need one coherent mob of sheep thinking alike, and then all will be well. Kill enough dissenters and we’ll have Heaven on Earth.

      Gee, that rings a bell. Who else says that?

  2. Amen. And we will need to get physical to get it done. They are entrenched, entrenching tools will be required to remove them.

    • lastmanstanding

      Unfortunately Tom, you are correct.

      This morning, I was listening to Greg Hunter’s wnw and he was talking about vj moving into obys place in dc, etc., etc., etc….and something struck me.

      Over the last few months, CA and others have been providing info and comments regarding that the left is relatively well organized and well funded, etc. It sure looks that way to me.

      I have mentioned here before that I am a conservative constitutional American (Montanan), biz owner, self-starter, food-growing/storing, 2nd A-lovin, community supportive to the like-minded, earth loving/understanding blah, blah, blah…blah, blah…sob.

      There is a fucking huge difference between them and me. Let me just say that I like to think of myself as “far correct” not far right. I will stand with anyone who gets out of bed in the morn and want to do an honest days work or just be simply helpful to another human either for $ or not. At least your trying help someone do something that they need help with and that is relatively earth/humanity friendly. Earned money is not evil imo and you should be able to do wtfu want with it. Not be forced to give it to some worthless pos that has no respect for themselves and definitely not for others and the planet.

      Bottom line, I feel like I am just as well capitalized in an earthly-sense. I realize what is going on. I have a close circle that on the same page. Do we look as good as they do in/on the media…hell no.

      What I will tell you brothers and sisters is that I believe those of us in the “know” will pull together and handle this bs. Our kids/grandkids survival will depend on it I’m thinking.

      In the meantime, we will continue to put a good foot forward, hold our local economies up and believe that when the time comes, the results will be in favor of the earth and those who share/contribute to her needs.

      Our funding and organization has been within us since the day we were born.

      Blessings to CA and the other 1,658+ that come here for a reality check.

      Thanks to you as well Matt, your work is outstanding. I have a great bud who was UDT before SEAL was fashionable lol! His instructions are:

      “Don’t go down without one helluva fight”…”over”

      • “relatively well organized and well funded,”



        it’s Institutional. UN, CFR, Bilderberg, Club of Rome, et al. ring any bells?

        no one wants to hear this but…

        trump is not the common mans savior, he’s a relief valve to keep the right/cuckseratives involved in the game. without his (s)election, hostilities would have probably already begun. they would rather slowly strangle you and drain your will to resist than just kill you. besides they love watching souls suffer and wiggle around like worms as they dry out.. they are satanists after all…

        the only way to win at this point is to remove your consent and withdraw from contributing to society. of course, that would mean you are debt free and self sufficient. like me for instance. 🙂

        the struggle may continue, but the war is essentially over barring some cosmic event. tuck yourselves away and prepare for long term stay behind operations.

        my .02 cents

        • Virgil Kane

          Damn, brother, your 2 cents makes sense. You make enemies when you’re splitting pennies.

        • lastmanstanding

          “relatively”…I was attempting to be sarcastic…I absolutely realize that the commies are funded out the wazoo to seemingly infinity.

          While I voted for Trump (I despised the billhillys worse) I am on board with your trumpissteinisberg synopsis. His selection of advisors is basically the sos that has run the US gub since 1913…and even before that.

          While I like the solitude that we have, I am not quite yet ready to pull the plug and withdraw from society. We have young grandkids to show the ropes. They are taken into meatspace and shown what is right, wrong and what to look out for. They are learning who they can/can’t trust. They are learning how to grow food, start a fire the hard way, handle arms safely, use a compass, be patient/calm and think in a bad situation…and above all be courteous, helpful and loyal to those who show them the same.

          While we still have a small mortgage, we are very well positioned for a shit storm. We’ll make it if we’re supposed to…I’m thinking 70/30!

          …and dude, what a considerate post! Better watch that, don’t want to ruin your rep around here…;)

        • As usual, no solutions but “bend over and kiss yer ass goodbye,” cuz, y’know, hopeless gameoverness, fer sure!

          Anyone ever notice the congruence of tfAt’s prophesied outcome with the intentions/goals of the globalists?

          Hey, asshole… do you really think (((they))) will let you live among them?

          Once you’re done here convincing one and all gullible schmucks that
          “Resistance Is Futile!!1!!1!!,” off to the camps/ovens with you too.

      • CA, good advance party meatspace 🙂

        Good quote. Whatever the circumstances where back then:
        “If you shut up truth and bury it under the ground, it will but grow, and gather to itself such explosive power that the day it bursts through it will blow up everything in its way.”
        – j’accuse

  3. Lightninbolt

    It cannot be more crystal clear than that. It’s a war against powers and principalities now.

  4. This shit didn’t happen over night. I cannot fathom how people can be manipulated like this . It’s intergenerational from way back.
    What would motivate someone to plant a seed that he would never see bear fruit?
    My family’s future well being or my religious beliefs are the only things that would cause me to work towards something beyond my lifetime. I don’t see either as being at the top of the list concerning the globalists.
    George Soros is near his end. Why does he give a shit how the world operates after he’s gone?
    An altruistic person may care about the condition of future generations, but the cannibals who are driving this stuff forward???
    Does not compute.

  5. POd American

    Frexit and Godspeed….Allah who?

  6. Lays it out & right on Target. No, France is not a ‘Free Nation’. Whenever STATE sponsored ‘Operation Gladio B’ – False Flags are occurring that usurp peaceful continuity & objective truth it’s by that definition not a Free Nation.
    Hegel’s dialectic proves it so. To deliberately create the Hegelian dialectic pretext or conditions for social change it is not a ‘Free Nation’.
    The fix is in.

    Since Trump was elected what happened to all FEMA Capstone Active Shooting drills that were occupying the social milieu of America’s MSM PsyOp. All of the sudden the Active Shooters just somehow coincidentally have miraculously stopped ?

    Here’s how it works:
    Every synthesis (manufactured False Flag event) is the thesis of a new dialectic, social change is guaranteed.
    Hegel’s maintained that this process if continued would cause history to unfold and to progress.

    Hegel’s 3-valued logic model (Abstract-Negative-Concrete) aka trial, error, and experience but this is closer to Fichte’s model of thesis–antithesis–synthesis model.
    Why ? Because it’s manufactured & not natural or organic. They are synthesizing it. KissmyASSinger & Ziggy Brzezinski (AQ’s creator) are the prime usual suspects.

    In this manner they are using the False Flags of Manufactured Terrorism events to continually stoke the fire as a catalyst creating the conditions for societal change to get the results they want to achieve. Pure Machiavellian – Marxism EVIL.

    • you get it.

      keep pounding the drum “so others may live”.

      • “so others may live”.



        If I had to live in a world full of you, I’d rather have died fighting for Rational Western Values, than the barbarity you represent.

  7. Alfred E. Neuman

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  8. Stealth Spaniel

    And M. LePen is oh so correct. It’s either freedom-to whatever degree said country can achieve it: or there is Islam. I hope the French can discern.

  9. Fred Seymour, Jr.

    Face of a dying Nation

  10. Fred Seymour, Jr.

    What Will it Take for Europeans to Push Back?