Buppert: Language Is Destiny – Free Your Mind & The Rest Will Follow


Bill B.’s latest.

Take the time to read and think about what he says.

None but ourselves can free our minds.


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  1. There are fact-based arguments against anarchism, yes; but the mere assertion ‘that will never work’ is not an argument. Flying cars are finally starting production, yet many believe it is impossible for disruptive technology to shift the military balance of power far enough towards defenders to end organized crime. Really?


    PhylesSociety in The Diamond Age is dominated by a number of phyles, also sometimes called tribes. Phyles are groups of people often distinguished by shared values, similar ethnic heritage, a common religion, or other cultural similarities. In the extremely globalized future depicted in the novel, these cultural divisions have largely supplanted the system of nation-states that divides the world today. Cities in The Diamond Age appear divided into sovereign enclaves affiliated or belonging to different phyles within a single metropolis. Most phyles depicted in the novel have a global scope of sovereignty, and maintain segregated enclaves in or near many cities throughout the world.

  2. Mark Matis

    As long as Trump is President, there is a chance that some of the corrupt treasonous swill will be brought to justice under the Law. Once civil war starts, however, almost all of them will escape to their “Northern Redoubts”, regardless of whether that is in Montana or the Caribbean or Australia or elsewhere. And no, if they are prosecuted under the law, they will NOT be able to escape because no nation is going to want to provoke the US by giving them sanctuary.

    The fact-based argument against Anarchy is that, just like Socialism, it has NEVER worked for more than a few years, It takes that much time for warlords to set up their dictatorship and develop a military capable of overrunning their neighbors. And that assumes a simultaneous total collapse of world governments. If there are any governments left standing after the anarchy begins, they will be glad to step in with their military and clean up the problem, because their people don’t want that in their nation. And they are likely to be less respectful of innocent civilian losses than even the current United States Law Enforcement are.

  3. When I started waking up to the realities of political structures … about ten years ago … I thought that what I was learning would be immediately embraced by others. I’d only have to point out that “taxation is theft” and that “all law is an opinion enforced at gun-point” and all my friends would instantly experience a similar “conversion” to mine own. I mean, how could they possibly reject reasoned arguments of such integrity?

    Guess what?

    Paine had it right, “Time makes more converts than Reason.”

    I’m not sure how much meaningful thought can exist in the absence of language.

    A thought experiment. Try to imagine planning a meeting, next Thursday. I’ll be driving to the meeting and dining with some people. Your task now is to imagine that you will be there … BUT, you have to imagine it all happening without using words. So, you have no word for “car” or for “Thursday” or for “presentation” or for “next week”. Arguably, it is impossible to imagine.

    So, if I can control the meanings of the words that you use, I can literally shape your ability to think.


  4. Alfred E. Neuman

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  5. Outstanding cover of a wonderful song. Listen to that crowd…

  6. NorthGunner

    Just finished reading Bill’s latest, another excellent hit out of the ballpark!

    And yes, “The Diamond Age” is a fascinating read; definitely have to re-read it very soon!

    Language does shape thought, and thought initiates and drives action.
    The parasite class have known this from easily Plato’s time onwards..
    it isn’t at all rocket science why Socrates was murdered by the sophists (yes I know that ‘officially’ he committed suicide; this doesn’t hide the fact that the parasite class of the time didn’t goad him to it just as the Japanese employ the tradition of sepuku against those in their society that inconvenience their parasitic class/culture…collectivism absolutely run amock to be sure!
    If one doubts this, just look at what John Taylor Gatto expounds upon in both ‘Dumbing Us Down’ and ‘Underground History of American Education’.

    If one can control the method of one’s ability to effectively and concisely employ language, then one can effectively achieve thought control..the ‘success’ of “gov education” since Horace Mann, John Dewey, Thorndyke and others of the effort to instill ‘prussian/hindu’ style “education” in America has been an absolute success for the parasite class especially since the war of northern aggression was inflicted upon the states that rightfully wished to leave what was obviously a union that was harmful to their existence.

    All that ‘gov schools/public education’ is, is nothing more than a vast slave factory combined with a make-work program for the remoras that comprise both the aft and nea, as well as the millions of ‘teachers’ that are their members…closed shop unionism indeed!

    This is exactly why the collectivists that are also the parasite class fear and loathe peoples ability to be able to read and critically think. They know that when people are able to utilize critical thought and butress such with being able to effectively read and express and share knowledge and information with others through effective and precise use of language that which the parasite class don’t want them to read/know of; that there is no way the parasitic class can control the individual without the individual’s willful consent, let alone agreeing to be a compliant member of ‘the collective’ (if you’re having visions of the ‘Borg’ and their “resistance is futile..we are the Borg and you will be assimilated” you get it completely!).

    This definitely carries over to why the collectivists/statists/parasite class have such a self-enacted apoplexy fits when one of the sheep decides to leave the sheep pen and become an anarchist/voluntarist…we who’ve left the sheep pen have become aware of what the sheep pen is and what the true ends and desires of the sheep herder is. Is there any wonder why statists/collectivists/parasitic class have always attempted to demonize and ostracize anyone who doesn’t support the collective..especially those of us who have decided to take the ‘Red Pill’ and see reality for what it is.

    Here’s some videos to help with what anarchy really is:

    Eeeek, an Anarchist!

    What Anarchy Isn’t

    If YOU Were King

    The parasitic class KNOW that their continued existence hinges on their being able to get people to ‘self-enslave’ to the collective; the moment that
    people stop doing that their control ceases and they fear that..the myth of
    their legitimacy melts away just as quickly as that of the monarch imagining
    that he’s wearing a fantastic robe that doesn’t exist.

    Trump is just another would be monarch who’s attempting to dazzle folks with his non-existent robe…that’s true of anyone of the parasite class whether
    it’s local, state or at a national level.

    Each individual has the choice to be free or slave…what will you decide
    for yourself?

    Yours In Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
    NorthGunner III

  7. speaking of language…

    the rotten and corrupt potus trump is such a hypocrite. and still, brain dead murkins support him.

    Trump, who started the Twitter rant at 5:30am US eastern time, branded the claims a “new low” before appearing to call Obama a “bad (or sick) guy”.

    but it’s just fine for him to spy on the very people who elected him. SHEESH

    The White House wants Congress to reauthorize two of the NSA’s largest surveillance programs before they expire at the end of the year.

    will the murkins ever learn?

  8. if only the rest of us could claim the abstract moral perfection of Bill Buppert, Anarchist Extraordinaire. Since, in the non-abstract real world, humans are highly imperfect…in fact, mostly stupid and dangerous…government is and will remain a vital necessity. Just how much gubmint remains a legitimate bone of contention. Right now, in my view, we’ve got about 70% too much. By and by, Emperor Haxo IV will exercise the other 30%. Then, all will be well.

  9. Grey Ghost

    Bill, your screed is exactly WHY the Frankfurt School and the cultural Marxists came into existence and are alive and well today. Trump likely will NOT “fix” anything or even drain the swamp, but you have to admit he did throw a hand grenade into the “politically correct” crap that was going on in this country. Your right though… words matter. They always have. The thing about words is that they lead to ideas and ideas are bullet proof. It is ideas that ARE the motivator for change whether that change is for ill or good can usually be seen through the blurry lens of history unless you lived through it.

    Grey Ghost