Fred: Get Used To Them


They do not yell “Pancho-hu akbar” and stab people.

True dat.

81 responses to “Fred: Get Used To Them

  1. Fred is a cuckservative who enjoys banging cheap brown snatch down Meheeco way courtesy of his American-earned pension. Fuck him.

  2. Steve Irwin

    Most here know what’s coming….

    We are headed straight for ethnic cleansing, the likes of will which will make WWII look like an antifa protest at berkley!
    The cleansing will come from both sides. There will be no neutrality or sitting it out (see spanish civil war template)
    These leftist, marxists idiots are lighting the fuse by playing the Hitler card and doubling down every chance they have. They will push the right harder and harder until the hardcore right elements seem like saviors and profits and the blood flows from both sides at unprecedented scales. They apparently want to see how brutal the right can be when pushed to the point of releasing all restraint.

    These immature neomarxists have become so dependent on their cognitive dissonance and emotional world view that they are creating a self-fulfilling prophecy of a “great hitler”. Worse yet the globalist power brokers only feed these delusions exacerbating these mindless fools as a means to an end

    Once the break point is hit and all restraint is lost, 1 million, 20 million, or 40 million, it won’t make a difference. They will be “resolved” one way or another. And the left will make every effort to do the same to whites and anyone who supports them.
    The fires will burn just as hot in europe with over 20 million Muslims now in place. The blood that is going to flow as a result of the globalist agenda is beyond any of our comprehension.

  3. “””””Putting up a picture of his pretty Hispanic stepdaughter is disingenuous at best, and deliberately misleading at worst. She’s college educated, speaks English, and isn’t trying to sneak into the country illegally.””””:

    Tru dat. Sorry Fred; I love ya hoss but you got it dead wrong here. Apples and oranges son.

  4. Fred is right on target. This constant collectivist masturbation about race is tiresome and boring. People need to get themselves a new hobby.

    Defending Our Culture from the Invaders

  5. Excellent assessment of the REAL situation with these invaders. Well done! Fred and his ilk must be exposed and defeated asap. Trump and his team carefully and cleverly working to repair this disaster. MAGA

  6. Something is in the water down there Fred, you’ve got parasites eating holes in your brain.

  7. Fred, I don’t like you today. Far be it from me to say you shouldn’t have your own opinion on this, but I think your opinion on this sucks.

    I’m left wondering when I became a “White Nationalist.” Actually, I pretty much just call myself a “Nationalist” and never really thought anything about the “White” part of it…

    Glaringly noticeable was the complete and utter absence of the political views of “Black Nationalists” and “Brown Nationalists.” They have a voice, too, right?

    Yet another bitch slap from a pundit blaming those White Nationalists again. It’s not getting old, it IS old now. Fred, fuck off! Are there 11 to 50 million Americans living in Mexico committing crimes and stealing Mexican jobs from Mexicans? NO! They would never allow it.

    I agree the number of 11 million illegals in America is a completely stagnant number. That one goes back to the 90’s. Lets all get real…. none of us have ANY idea how many of them are here today. It’s all speculation. I think that whatever number anyone comes up with, it’s probably more.

    As a former member of the church of Frosty Woolridge and Numbers USA, I can tell you that those “White Nationalists” are pretty fucked after 30 years of this treasonous bullshit. And no disrespect meant at all to Numbers USA and Mr. Woolridge. Ol’e Frosty and friends did a bike tour around the country years back to bring attention to the devastating effects of illegal immigration… almost no one showed up to greet them and show support.

    They kept going anyway.

    All illegals out.