No More Rogue Ones


A (somewhat satirical) analysis of the bloody raid on Scarif.

More correctly, an AAR of a fictitious raid as an instructional exercise.

Food for thought and further study.

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10 responses to “No More Rogue Ones

  1. Grenadier1

    Thats brilliant.

  2. very interesting analysis; somehow I missed this flick, along with everything else (((Hollywood))) has cranked out since L.A. Confidential. The basic criteria for a raid – with the addit “keep it small, no more Dieppe’s” – would be the same as any other military op: “keep it simple, minimize moving parts, have one central objective, concentrate force on same”…i.e., from the Japanese viewpoint, “no more Midways”.

  3. …or, as Mike said, “everybody has a plan until they get punched in the face…”. Always a good thing to remember …..

  4. hummus abedin

    It is more educationally worthwhile
    (strategically and tactically) to AAR
    attacks, ambushes, and events
    based in reality.

    Middlebury College professor injured by protesters as she escorted controversial speaker

    • You know what that protest was all about? A guest lecture by Dr. C. Murray, the co-author of “The Bell Curve”, a book that didn’t go over all that well with the niggers.

      I read it the year it came out and it’s a statistical analysis of race and I.Q. (much more than that, actually, but that’s all the blacks cared about, of course).

      Tucker Carlson covered it last nite on his program. I’m sure it’s posted on uTube by now.

      • hummus abedin

        I know full well
        who the speaker and author is.
        I was dumb enough to be
        attending college when
        the book was released.
        I had no interest in elaborating
        on that fact.
        Of greater interest was passing
        on the information that treasonous
        shitbags, via their SJW “students,”
        have stepped up their game to
        physically attacking (beating)
        the “others” during campus riots.

      • You can be one Sigma/SD to the left of Mean and get into a University now.
        They proved his data.

        If you read this blog and the linked articles, you are probably two to the right of Mean at a minimum.

        I think that explains some of the long running debates.

        That also means we are vastly outnumbered by our own peers that have different opinions and the majority to our left on the Bell Curve that really don’t have any clue what they believe.

  5. Alfred E. Neuman

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  6. Obviously the Task Force Smith lesson has been forgotten, as we’ve stuck microscopic size units in the Baltics with the idea of needling Russia.