Protest Aggregators


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Then savor Earl’s genius.

8 responses to “Protest Aggregators

  1. That is some funny shit. True…but funny.

  2. Savoring!!! You have no idea how much better I feel after seeing this! What a nightcap for the late night after a long day wrestling with the pigs in the swamp! Felt like I was coming down with something rapido not good, slid into bed and thought, I havent been up to the WRSA for a bit. I miss them! Thankful now that I did visit! And no germs were transmitted while I pondered how I could build a shrine in Earls genius’s honor feeling as poorly as I do? Seeing this made me feel better almost faster than the plop plop fizz fizz! Thanks Earl!

  3. Except we know that Podesta is a walnut covered, doughnut flavored Chicken Loving Spirit Cooker

    The Trump administration made a major mistake in sacrificing National Security advisor Michael Flynn over the issue of Russian contacts. They should have defended his five telephones calls with the Russian ambassador as a necessary post-election courtesy to the Russians who were concerned about overturning the Obama edict ousting Russian diplomat-spies. The US has them too in Moscow. By not defending the contacts, and firing Flynn, they have unknowingly set the stage for the media to take down anyone else in the Trump administration who had post election contacts with the Russians. This week, they picked on Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Trump ought to realize by now that the NSA is spying on him and everyone else in his administration, leaking rumors of Russian contacts and setting the same traps—unsubstantiated rumors first, in order to elicit a denial, and then producing transcripts to embarrass the target and demand a resignation.”

    Yep, Obamy has his Comoonity Organizing down to a T for Trouble……
    another Kiev Dead Ahead in DC.
    Trump needs to release the Sealed Obamy Records…..Quickly.

  5. Since Mbombo has taken the Evil Witch of the Levant on board and said he will work to destroy the Trump presidency it’s only fair for President Trump to pursue Pizzagate with all available resources and malice aforethought.

  6. People coming out on our side (some of whom like myself were prepared to meet and engage the enemy if necessary) makes a big difference. My experience today (slightly edited from my Facebook posting):
    Was at the Spirit of America rally in support of President Donald Trump in Lansing Michigan today (Saturday 4 March 2017). I came dressed to be warm (temps in the low 30’s with a slight wind blowing) and to fight the protestors if necessary. As it was the Michigan State Police were there in addition to the Capitol police to provide security and were prepared to handle the BAMN (By Any Means Necessary) people in case of any problems. Somehow the protestors were convinced that it was in their best interests to stay well away from us. The Spirit of America rally, although very pro-President Donald J. Trump, was also very inclusive. People were accepting and friendly to me, and no racist or anti-gay speech or comments were heard by me. Everyone there was in high spirits and I had some great, although short, conversations with several people there.