LINK FIXED (FINALLY) : TL Davis On The ASK Show 2 MAR 2017

lies of omission

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Start at 32:11 if you want to skip Andrea’s opening segment on AG Jeff Sessions.

Download by clicking on the link above and look for the cloud icon to the immediate right of the play strip at top of page.

Sorry for the snafu. The automatic line wrap kept breaking the link.

11 responses to “LINK FIXED (FINALLY) : TL Davis On The ASK Show 2 MAR 2017

  1. The links provided are not working to connect to this interview, please check and fix.

  2. Uncle Larry

    Federal prison isn’t so bad. Especially in the old guys section. Being put to sleep by lethal injection might be better than cancer’s slow death. I can see it now, a wave of geriatric assassins hobbling around in the capital looking for targets.

  3. For me, both links come up 404-Page not found.

      • I’m interested in what was said about sessions. The guy just rubs me wrong. I run on a Canadian cell tower with limited bandwidth. I recall he was named “jumpin jeff” back in the early 2000s. Creepy dude.

        perhaps a brief summary?

        • Essentially, ASK was describing and condemning the Left’s ongoing effort to Flynn their 2nd Trump trophy. You didn’t miss anything you don’t know, which was the point of your question, I presume.

          I will tell you this: if the AG is stupid enough (in oh so many ways) to waste resources on pot prosecutions while HRC and her staff walk free after exposing classified State Department traffic to the world via their half-assed private server, I’m done.



  4. I listened, the link worked this morning, and I enjoyed the interview

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