TL Davis: Sometimes You Have To Fight


“Overcoming decency to defend decency.”

That and more in TL’s latest.

Tempus fugit.

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  1. Decency/ Constitutional law/ libertarian principles all only work if everyone agrees with them. Those who do not agree and instead try to subvert for their own purposes have to be recognized as pathogens infecting the body politic. Like any pathogen, they need to be destroyed by any means necessary.

  2. The internet is awash with people urging me to “resist”, “fight” and so forth.

    I’m still looking for someone who will tell me whom I should fight, how I should fight him, and WHY I should fight him.

    So, I’ll be bold enough to throw out an idea for consideration. Ask your buddy, “Do you mean to tax me, in order to pay for the things that you hold dear?”

    If he says, “Yes.”, or “Roads”, or “Healthcare”, or “Standing Army”, or “pensions”, or “childcare”, or “move to Somalia” … well, I think that, right there, you know which side he’s on.

    Just distill the man’s words. He means to shake you down. He means to use violence against you, until you comply with his wishes. Every criminal I ever met, shares much the same ideology as your “buddy”…. in essence, a rejection of the Eighth Commandment. (the one about stealing)

    What the Hell are you even doing, sharing his “friendship”? Unless, of course, you happen to agree with him … you happen to agree that you have some “right” to take what you want from others.

    • lon a follower

      ” The internet is awash… , Yes I agree.
      The ‘collectives’ are very busy. “Christians” in fear of each other and men.

    • hummus abedin

      You should be able to tell
      yourself (competently) the
      who, what, where, when,
      why and how, of what to fight.
      Really, you need someone to
      spoon feed you?

    • That sir is the ‘seed cleaner’ question for these times. Makes short work of acquiring targets…………

    • beagle,

      Aren’t you a British subject to Her Majesty the Queen ? You like to write shit here like you’re homesteading in Montana fUSA while you’re actually taking up good oxygen in Englandistan. Maybe you need to concentrate your misdirected concerns to your home in Jolly ol’ England and not concern yourself with this side of the pond.

      Fuck you AND your Queen !

    • I have been counseled many times to “hold on” “not, yet” “keep your powder dry” and while I rankled at those suggestions, so far they have been right. To blast off with no one understanding why, or to defame the cause serves no purpose. They have counseled me as well that when the time is right everyone will know why there is resistance and our efforts will accomplish something. To date I have accepted those pieces of advice and have felt it was good advice, but I am convinced there will come a time to act boldly and that others will join me. But, the fact is, when it is clear one needs to act, it doesn’t matter who agrees or disagrees, it simply is time to act. Knowing that every day there are more people who respond in the way you describe, only marks the distance as closer than ever before.

    • That wasn’t very nice to criminals. They don’t usually try to persuade you that they’re helping.

      OTOH I think it’s even worse to fall for it.

    • NorthGunner

      1+ BogBeagle!

      You’ve hit the nail on the head! Anyone who would attempt to steal from you
      (forget the euphemism ‘tax’; it’s theft and there’s no way to linguistically change that) for WHATEVER reason, is not your friend!

      If someone is willing to steal from you, whether or not they use the political process or not isn’t a decent person. And if they’re willing to do that you can imagine what else they’re willing to try to inflict on you and yours because they feel entitled to do so in their own mind.

      Here’s what drives most statists that I’ve encountered totally batshit:
      As an anarchist/voluntarist I WON’T steal from anybody and I WON’T initiate violence against any other individual who’s peacefully going about their own life and business…I am more than happy to extend a hand when another person asks for genuine help but I also know to respect other peoples property and privacy…live and let live. That’s what I promise to you and others here in this online community.

      I completely hate and loathe those who do steal and initiate violence against innocent people, no matter how they choose to couch or verbally justify their immoral actions..especially when they attempt to do so via ‘politics’ (like sessions threatening to go after individuals who choose to use Cannabis..if he does so while he enjoys a beer or a martini he’s nothing more than a hypocrite of the first order as well as being a statist thug!).

      Thankfully TL has come to understand the fraudulent nature of the constitution:

      “The Constitution worked for about six weeks, until everyone started trying to get what they thought they were going to get out of it. The Supreme Court took upon itself the right to “define” it. No one had claimed that territory and so they did, to give them purpose. Now, there is no need for a Constitutional Amendment when the courts can rule what is and is not permissible. It undermines the entire Constitution. It allows for the government to make rules for itself, thereby destroying the whole concept of the Constitution as written. The government, what people call “the deep state,” the bureaucracy, the government service level, who do not leave when a new president is elected, or a new congress seated, or a new Supreme Court seated, are actively working against any control the people might have to limit its power or protect their rights. They are on the side of the globalists, whether they consider themselves as such, or not.”

      Just as Kenneth Royce showed in “Hologram of Liberty” and Lysander Spooner in his “No Treason”, the constitution was a constructive fraud conceived by hamilton and the founding lawers/bankster class.

      “The Constitution, as currently interpreted, now resembles what
      the Founding Lawyers truly desired in their aristocratic heart
      of hearts. Two centuries of history have lifted the veil from
      that picture of Dorian Gray, leaving us with the Hag of
      – Kenneth W. Royce (Hologram of Liberty)

      Kleptocracy indeed!..and it’s all ‘legal’…
      (Well, as ‘legal’ as can be when the parasite class concoct
      something that’s geared to deceive and anesthetize the host population
      to be compliant while they feed on them..and to be happy and grateful
      for being fed upon).

      More can be read here for those who wish:

      The Constitution That Never Was

      Yes, we are in a very dire war, but I feel that TL didn’t define it clearly enough; it’s not nationalists vs. globalists. It’s individualists vs. collectivists (also known as the parasitic ruling class). In this struggle it doesn’t matter if we’re facing a weaponized demographic in the form of ‘team mo’ who wants to enslave us via their sharia or the collectivists who march under the banner of marx/lennin/bernie/obama/clinton etc…any entity that despises the individual and seeks to use force coercively against them and deprive them of life, liberty and property IS the enemy no matter if they fly a foreign flag or not (just look at the irs, dea or any other poisonous alaphabet soup agency or ask the Branch Davidians, the Weavers, Jack Yantis, Gordon Kahl, Lavoy FInicum, Jose Guerna, Karen Silkwood or anyone else who the parasite class considered a threat to their legitimacy/hegemony).

      Yes, the time is definitely drawing near to what Leslie Fish spoke of in
      “No High Ground”…

      Yours In Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
      NorthGunner III

  3. Good read & true. It’s roots are deeper than he gets into but that doesn’t matter or what’s ultimately at issue. Same dynamics used in Revolutions centuries past. Know you adversary his- her ‘MO’ – understand the mindset – know tha tactics – tradecraft – skill sets involved etc. adapt – innovate & overcome – survive. The COG is already in place & we are seeing glimpses of that at times underneath the Deep State narrative. The adversary is obscured & opaque on purpose. The ‘CFR’ is and has been the Brain Center for many years & was developed for this epoch / chronicle in history. As JFK told us businessmen in day & guerrillas at night. When the ballon goes up there will be no turning back. The beta tests were mostly done when Obozo the dictator was POTUS. He is planning & sharping his Marxist knives of Democide plotting to undermine Trump as the Revolutinary Radical Muslim persona in this orchestrated non-organic World Kabuki Theatre w/ the Shadow Government for the UN takeover agenda phase. When the non-organic Black Swan events go hot that is the defining ‘Rubicon’ moment for Neo-Rome – Neo-Whore of Babylon etc. I suspect the CONUS Muslim camps will go hot then. The Perfect Day Part Deux. Stoked Class Warfare – Food – Water in some areas – FEMA Gov services will be stretched – distorted & fail. Defection – attrition – sedition – famine – Bio Weapons – EMP ? – CHAMP Missile system ? – GeoEngineering BW Aerosols I suspect all viable / capable to be tested in real time – Red Queen Evolutionary Dynamics x a gigaparsec – ‘JIT’ (Just In Time) services most likely sketchy in areas & urban Mega Cities will be a Kill Zone nightmares. The scale of carnage in orders of magnitude will be unprecedented. COG will be in DUMBs (Raven Mountain – Mt. Weatherman – NORAD – DIA etc.) they have been preparing for decades here & longer innEU for this ‘MLEE’. The Curse of the Canaanites x a gigaparsec again. If we get a pass so be it but I don’t see that in the cards. If people show you who they are beLIEve them as behavior never lies.
    Prepare – know your Tribe – heads on a swivel
    Tempus Fugit indeed

  4. lon a follower

    This is so much more than just a cultural war. And the enemy has been among us for much longer than 100 years.

  5. Alfred E. Neuman

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  6. The Usual Suspect

    I have known the ill winds will blow my way eventually.
    Been preparing for them some time now.
    I will know them by their actions.
    They mistake our reticence for lack of will.
    They are mistaken.

  7. After all these years we are just as much a disorganized small minority of people who will not work together because of small differences of opinion. This is where the “left” beats us so badly. They ALL will work together whether they believe the same exact things or not while we vow to frag each other once the shooting begins. 55six

    small differences he says. I can think of several “differences” that are not small but are YUUUGE.

    Many don’t see that we live in a poLICE State.
    Many more still believe the official story of 911.
    Many have confidence in trumps leadership.
    Many have no problem following “the law” whatever it is.
    Many pay “income tax” on earnings not defined as income.
    Many think the military fights for their freedom.

    There are more YUUUGE differences still.

    I’m not willing to invest or sacrifice for these people.
    They do not hold my same beliefs.
    The “Left” is just a mob of morons – useful idiots.
    The “Left” can follow their leaders to Hell for all I care.

    Until people open their minds, research for the truth and unfuck themselves from their brainwashing, they are no better than the “Left”.

  8. NorthGunner

    Definitely an uphill battle against the collectivists..especially when they teach the victims to love being victims!

    The Experience of a Lifetime

    “There’s a new feminist initiative to redesign the language to serve the goals of Cultural Marxism. Nash Montana, who translated the article, includes this explanatory note:

    This idea has been floating on the internet for a couple of weeks or so: to change the term “victim” into “experiencer”, especially in connection with sexual violence. It’s probably not going to go anywhere, but still, it’s pretty sick….A culture scientist suggests that the victims of violent crimes should be called “experiencers”. Many women are fighting back, because that is how criminal deeds are being made invisible through language.”

    As I said before, when one controls the language, one controls others minds.. and eventually their bodies too!

    Unmitigated evil!!

    Yours In Daily Armed Liberty!
    NorthGunner III