Brushbeater: Setting Up a Practical Combat Rifle


Brief, clear, to the point.

It’s a buyer’s market – even for quality ARs.

Get it right, then get you right.

Tempus fugit.

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  1. It’s a buyer’s market – even for quality ARs.

    almost too easy ain’t it?
    let everything go to hell.
    turn everyone against each other.
    all the while manipulating, importing radicals, and exploiting.
    poisoning the political process and confidence in the system.
    then let loose murkin mass production of firearms.
    at discount prices.

    What A Country!

  2. After having tried several slings I have decided that the standard GI web sling is best. I bought several surplus years ago for next to nothing. Wish I’d gotten many more.That said, never had one fail.
    I’ve always thought that single point deal that the OAF crowd like to parade around in, INCLUDING the LEO’s, is a good way to get clocked in the pills.

    • Centurion_Cornelius

      Ya–std. GI web sling is gtg. Buy ’em by the dozen–cheep–@$2.70

      • SemperFi, 0321

        That’s the worst US military sling ever issued, the M-16 silent sling, 1970’s vintage.
        The earlier green cotton web M-1, M-14, M-16 sling was by far a better sling, quickly adjusted and held up well. There was a longer version for the BAR/M-60, which is what I used when I came across one.
        The green nylon M-14 VN issue version wouldn’t stay on your shoulder, even though it lasted longer in the field.

    • That’s exactly what happens with them.
      They’re worthless.

  3. I second the recommendation for the Burris 3X. I have also run EOTechs, various red dots, and big 1-4Xs, but the Burris 3X does it all for me in a small, light and affordable package.

    • I did get one of the EOTechs with the 7 moa temperature drift. Loved the reticle, but couldn’t use it in the Midwest or Southwest with 60 degree changes between morning and afternoon. The company honored their refund policy. I’m sure most people who use their ARs at short range will never notice if they even have a lemon.

  4. A 20″ HBAR gets heavy.
    Those of you that lugged machine guns can laugh now.
    Looked at an 18″ DD and a 16″ BCM yesterday.
    If an M4 Colt with factory installed Troy rail and sights gets marked down one more time at Academy it is going home with me. $1550-$1150 was the first markdown.
    I could not build it with an Anderson lower and upper f
    or less than $900 or so.

    The DD and BCM were both $1550 or $1599
    DD had a Geisele 3 gun straight bow trigger.
    It was about a 2mm reset.
    The BCM had some nickel plated job in it.
    Colt was a factory trigger.
    Looked at an RMR.
    Much lighter and smaller than my VX-R Patrol 1-4
    Cheaper too.

    • Hypo,

      How is a RMR less expensive than a Patrol 1-4 ? Street price one can get Patrol 1-4 < $500. Also Patrol has ocular focus, the ability to power to 4x and an amazingly near Aimpoint bright Firedot. Oh, and don't dismiss the auto on/off feature. You can't get that feature in a scope 4-5x the price of the Leupold. Oh….and it is very short and very light weight. The Leupold Patrol is a not so secret "best buy" from Leupold.

      You want a red dot for a carbine ? Get a Trijicon MRO or Aimpoint T-2. You can go to Equipment Exchange and get MROs for < $400 with a quality mount.

      RMR….great red dot….for a pistol. Not so much a primary carbine sight.

      • Hypo,

        Two more things on the Patrol 1-4x:

        1. Eye Relief very good. 4.1″ @ 1x; 3.7″ @ 4x.
        2. Eye box is extremely forgiving.

        There are many good scopes/brands on the market. This particular Leupold is one of the very best, IMO, for the money. Excellent features, very reasonable price coupled with a forever warranty. Pass the scope to your grandson and they’ll warranty it for him.

        Right now I’m a bit of a fanboy for the Trijicon VCOG 1-6x. But, that is a whole different situation with the VCOG that weighs twice as much and costs 3-4x what the Leupold does.

  5. 1-3 point slings are good when the wearer has allot of admin tasks
    Please be aware that in the very near future PPL wearing Tea Towels and Red Shirts/ Berets will suffer severe circulatory problems. Prepare accordingly

  6. this is a real good sling.

    buy 4 of em.

    • Agree, great kit. Regarding magpul, the “dangle” is far better suited for CQB.

      Also have a look at what the Isreals are using. They tend to get shit righ.


  7. mordor212015

    Some practical carry ideas.

  8. Atlas Shrug

    As posted at BB’s site of the original post.

    Simple is good! 1/7 twist, 16″ midlength gas carbine, slim rail, sling, robust optic, quality tactical light. Full stop there.


    Slings: VTAC and WOTG both good. Newer Magpul not bad.

    Irons: Understood on potential lack of need, but I’ve gone to Magpul Pro 45 degree sights on my ARs. Out of the way, light, but can be quickly deployed if your optic has issues (even something benign but nonetheless problematic like splashed with mud, etc.).

    Lots of decent lights out there. I’m growing fond of the Inforce WML/WMLX. A lot in a small package. The Gen2s in particular.

    Magpul stocks are tough to beat. MOE/CTR/STR. UBR if you need Beast Mode.

    I do go to the expense of two “upgrades” though:
    1. Triggers. I’m kinda a trigger snob due to a background in Anschutz target rifles. So inside is usually a Geissele SSA/SSA-E or RRA NM. Or an ALG ACT in my bare bones loaner. They are robust though, so no reliability issues.
    2. Charging handles. I’ve installed BCM Gunfighter Mod. 4 (“medium”) charging handles in all ARs. Same function as GI, just a bit more robust and a bit easier to operate alongside a low mounted optic. Just right.

    That’s it. That and good ammo (I’ve grown fond of the 77rg IMI Razor Core lately).

    Keep your powder dry,
    Atlas Shrug

  9. Agree with the general idea behind this useful essay to keep it simple and light.
    I LOVE that he broke with the big taboo about dropping back up sights.
    And enjoyed his remarks on slings my thoughts exactly..

    However for the life of me I cannot fathom why the author (and some others) obsesses on 1 in 7 twists.
    1 in 9 twist is perfect for the 55gr and 62 gr bullets that everyone stashes. Even works very well up to 69r..Even 62gr works better with 1 in 9 than 1 in 7. Yes 1 in 7 is even a bit too fast for 62gr!!!

    I don’t know anyone who stashes 75gr and 77gr match ammo for SHTF. And I know A LOT of people who re serious students of the platform and train on it often and no one bothers with anything but 55gr or 62gr..
    (except my 1 in 9 melonited DMR does 0.5 MOA with 62 gr PPU match and 1.5 MOA with Wolf MC in 62 gr HP)

    I mean who really fires large amounts of 77gr except ammo snobs of Arfcom, that want to show off their ammo budget?

    If you wanna shoot far enough for 77gr to make a difference over 69gr match moving up to a entry level system in the next caliber say a DPMS AR10 , works MUCH better than any Gucci 77 gr ammo.
    The tactical rifle is intended for 0-300m and most engagements are under 200m usually well below.. and if you live in the plains and feel you need to shoot 500/600 meter move up in caliber. Simple as that.

    We gotta get away from trying to make a tactical rifle into something it is not. No matter how cool it sounds on Arfcom that you shoot 77 gr bullets to 600m.
    (Which BTW I shoot dirt cheap Russian steel 56gr FMJBT to 400 and 500m out of a 1 in 9 nitride barrel all day long the other weekend with 9 in 10 rds hits on less than man size target..)
    Once real world starts that 75 and 77 gr Gucci ammo will run out real quick and will likely be used up on 40m opponents anyway..

    I know the market has driven most vendors to 1 in 7 but that’s mostly due to customer ignorance of what MilSpec means or how it is snobbery about projecting the ability to shoot “Gucci” bullets. Sadly this market has made it harder to get CHF barrels in 1 in 9 ….

    Luckily while 1 in 7 is the wrong twist for an all around tactical rifle the fact that so many guys pursue it for all the wrong reasons has little bad effect except quicker wearing barrels as the accuracy degradation it cases in the most common rounds is minor and in general twists don’t matter all that much for 55 and 62 gr .. so even if 1 in 9 IS better for both no reason to discard a 1 in 7.
    So even though many ammo snobs wrongly recommend the 1 in 7 luckily that obsession about twist.. doesn’t cause all that much damage to the weapons capability when this is followed.

  10. NorthGunner

    The AR platform is great for CQB and light patrolling, unfortunately the .223 round is NOT a respectable manstopper (check out the festivities in Blackhawk Down/Mogandisdu, Somalia). I definitely agree with Ken Royce/Boston T. Party that if one is going to properly defend one’s life and liberty one should carry a MBR (either a M1A, Fn-Fal, or HK91) as the terminal ballistics of the .308 totally put the .223 to rest. The .308 WILL penetrate most non-concrete/brick cover and perform out to 500+ yards, well beyond the AR15’s 250 yard limit (yes, I know that kills have been made with the AR system out to 400 yards but this is due more to the individual behind the rifle and not to the rifle iself; if the individual knew he was going to be engaging a hostile target beyond 250 yards he’d have wisely chosen a .308 MBR). Also if at all possible, one should never be within an enemy’s effective range, whether that be handgun or carbine…fight on your terms, not his!

    Wars are won with Battle Rifles, not Battle Carbines..and the will and training to win.

    That being said, AR’s and AK’s do have their place:

    Urban or rural light patrolling.
    Having a companion/friend armed as a rifle buddy; he/she may not come to the party equipped with ANY longarm…while another M1A or Fal would be great, a AR/AK is better than having your backup armed only with a pistol.

    What I feel is necessary at a minimum for the backup AR:
    20″ full length barrel with 1/9 twist (can get the most out of both the 55 grain training ammo yet effectively shoot up to about 72 grain ammo).
    Full iron sights (train with them first as optics can and will crap out if ‘Murphy’ decides to have fun with you when things go spicy).
    Sling (Viking Tactics is very good!! Thumbs up!!)
    Tritium front sight
    Full A2 style buttstock; NO collapsible types – can’t possibly clear case extractions with them by properly ‘mortaring’ the stock, the buffer tube in the collapsible WILL bend thereby putting the rifle out of action. Also shooting with the proper stock does give better accuracy in POA = POI. Also, the stock can hold spare parts and cleaning kit/rods..which can be used to help clear stuck cases.
    Side saddle style mag pouch to carry a spare loaded mag
    A container of high temp wheel bearing grease for lube (don’t need a lot).

    Just my .02 worth…

    Yours In Daily Armed Liberty!
    NorthGunner III

  11. While budget carbines like Ruger AR556 have dropped below $500 and other cheapies have gone to $399, I don’t see price of Colt 6920 dropping.

    Online sellers are still being stubborn?

    6920 could be had for $780 in September 2015.

    Why shouldn’t Colt milspec drop same percentage as others. Ruger AR556 and SWMPSportII went from $615 to $525 or $485.

    6920 should drop to $800

  12. The more tricked out, tacticool, weight over 6.5 pounds, and different from a classic looking M4 or M16 a person’s AR is, is inversely proportional to his common sense IQ and the degree to which he keeps in mind a pragmatic reason and focus on likely real world needs for and efficacy of his tools.

    Also lolzozozoz at “free floated” barrel on a .223 while noticing (correctly) that battle won’t be shooting stationary paper targets from a bench rest and arguing against BUIS.

    Also the advice giver had a rifle stolen from a “break in”. Can we trust a man with a free floated barrel but no BUIS, who can’t even keep his guns safe in a pre-SHTF world?