Molyneux On The Wiretapping Of Donald Trump

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There is no putting FUSA back together.

Not if the Reds continue to have their way.


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  1. am i the only one to see the hypocrisy here?

    trump doesn’t like being spied upon, but, it’s fine to spy on the rest of us.


    trump is just another scumbag.

    • Amazing.Trump being wiretapped because he is a scumbag.Thank God we have Barack to protect us.Your progression of thought is a wonder to behold. Twist and shout.

      • you really are in a trance.


        trumps a scumbag because he wants to continue wiretaps for the population but believes he should be immune from the same. pure fucking arrogance..

        try to follow along.

      • Matthew Wilbanks

        Uhhhh, I’m not normally one to defend tfA-T, but that isn’t at all what he said. He said Trump is a scumbag (hypocrite) for bitching and moaning about being wiretapped while doing the same to the rest of us, and he is completely correct. He never claimed the wiretapping by Obama was ok. Next time try a little reading comprehension.

        • You really believe you can somehow justify this behavior because Trump is a hypocrite and a scumbag.Your convoluted,illogical.roundabout juggle of reason and logic is quite a sight to behold. Condemn the behavior.They all suck. You might want to wipe tfat’s jizz off your chin.

          • Matthew Wilbanks

            No one justified anything you mouth breathing Neanderthal. You’re probably just a troll, but if this is the level of intelligence to be expected from our side we are well and truly fucked. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, this is the exact reason I separated myself from the III% movement. 99.9% of humanity is incapable of basic comprehension, critical analysis or thinking outside the tiny little box their grey matter occupies. Now excuse me while I go suck tfA-t’s dick some more.

    • It was the jooooooish cops who did it.

  2. Lightninbolt

    “Nothing to see here folks!”….Yeah, right! Of course President Trump was and “IS” wire tapped….Mark Levin making the case now on Fox News! O Zero is not benieth this! Coup time…

    • lastmanstanding

      Mark Levin…Ed Meeses butt buddy! During the “Reagan”, I mean HW’s first 8 years… then 4 more, for a total of 12. Ole hw stepped on his dick or he would have tied Frankie!

  3. It’s time for a “Night of the Long Knives” redux… The gloves need to come off and the “games” need to begin, in earnest. I’ve had my fill of this subversive, leftist, fascist crap!
    Arrest the entire o’shitbag administration (and I mean EVERYONE) and fill Gitmo ’till their gallows are completed – then let the hangings ensue…

    • This pretty much sums my feelings entirely with the exception of the left wing media.

      They are all traitors, and are worthy only of a fair trial, a chance to confess and repent, and then death by firing squad.

      • As the MSM are acting propagandists for the former admin, I believe they’re included.

      • Randolph Scott

        And then hang everyone of them!

      • Jimmy the Saint

        ” then death by firing squad.”

        That gets expensive. Roman relays are better, and more cost effective.
        1. Line them up.
        2. First in line kneels.
        3. Second in line is given a sword to kill the first in line.
        4. As soon as he has done so, he kneels and passes the sword back to the next guy.
        5. Lather, rinse, repeat.
        6. Last guy in line wins the honor of being first in line tomorrow.

  4. So when’s Clapper and Lynch getting the G. Gordon Liddy treatment?

    It will be interesting to see the Trump admin rescind that offer of magnanimity in sparing Clinton.

    They won’t go peacefully.

    • lastmanstanding

      Liddy came out the other side like a freaking rock star! Hell, he even was cast on an episode of Miami Vice in the 80’s…as a merc for cripsakes!!!

      You just can’t make this shit up! Kinda like Ollie north and a bunch of others that my old mind can’t recall.

      CA. Please reapply/repaste the poop cartoon every so often…just so no one forgets. An all-time classic.

      I saw a bumper sticker yesterday that had me laughin…”Over a million supporters at Obama’s inauguration…and only 14 of them missed work.”

  5. What us dirt people got to be preparing for is how far the globalists, deep state and neo-bolsheviks are willing to go, and how that directly effects us in the larger scope of events.

    If they are successful in pulling off a coupe, they will next come for us dirt people.
    After all, Trump and their political losses where only possible because us dirt people gave them The Great Fuck You.

    The fuckers were already gunning for us, if they manage to get back into power they are going to have revenge in mind. They can not risk being thrown out by the withdrawal of consent of the dirt people.

    Trying to make the “government ungovernable”, will result in the unintended consequence of making the dirt people ungovernable. Are any of going to meekly go along with a coupe pulled on a duly and legitimately elected President Trump?

    I for one have sub zero desire nor inclination. And resisting the lawless administrative tyranny of the existing pseudo “constitutional republic” in any way I can has always been a component of my preps. No doubt I am not an isolated dirt person in that respect.
    At that stage, there is no doubt a totally lawless regime of fucking maniacs will be running a totally off it’s axis violent repressive leviathan.
    And there are a million ways to fight and fuck with an illegitimate regime.
    The more the merrier too.
    What these fucking retards don’t get is us dirt people are the glue that holds it all together. It’s a two way street, the fuckers can’t live with us and they can’t live without us. Without us dirt people there is no infrastructure, there is no food, no running safe water, no electrical grid, no bridges over key rivers, no pipeline gas and oil, no rail bridges, no trucks to haul the uninterrupted just in time stream of goods a functioning viable nation requires.
    After these jamokes pull off their coupe, who is left to go along with them and run a functioning civilization? Think about the useful dupes, and the far more numerous useless idiots?
    A plurality of special snowflakes, brain washed mellinial’s, sexual perverts, free shit army, and illegal aliens?
    Oh ya, they are suddenly going to get off their lazy arse’s and get a job?

    For all intents and purposes, this bullshit they are pulling with Trump has the potential makings of The Shit Hit The Fan event.

    The other thing everyone politely ignores, and the truth of that thing is the truth of results of the votes Trump was given, also known as the will of the governed, lives and lives well in the hearts and minds of the dirt people.
    Deposing President Trump does not depose that will.
    The entire political class has ignored that at their peril, a peril they are now living, a peril of their own making. The peril of a pseudo “revolution” of astro turf and deep state neo- bolsheviks, but the peril of the dirt people, the ruling elite and revolution.

    The fuckers started it.
    I’ll stake anything it will not be them who finish it.

    I can hear the lamenting of the resistance is futile trolls, chicken littles, and regime agent provocateurs.
    What you all got to cry and whine and make excuses about don’t matter. Because what you say don’t matter, you all will never resist until you see the the truth of your slavery.
    (PS, you been wrong about everything if you hadn’t noticed)

    • Keep stockpiling, my friend. Hone your skills and be quiet about what you do.
      There is a war coming; the likes of which have never been seen on this planet. Prepare!

    • “For all intents and purposes, this bullshit they are pulling with Trump has the potential makings of The Shit Hit The Fan event.”

      Yup, escalation. Either the wolves are fighting over carrion in the road (FUSA spoils) or it’s a further shit show for the sheeple to continue the farce. Hard to say from here but either way it ain’t good.

      • It sure looks like SHTF now. At least in regards a functioning facsimile of a government.
        Looked like it went off the rails during the Clinton regime, Bush II with 911, all the fucking monkey tricks to get around Habeas Corpus and Posse Comitatus, and invasion of Afghanistan/Iraq, then the cultural marxists got their turn, with each rendition of unconstitutional rendition, we end up with a slow motion coupe under way, brought to us by all of the actors of the three previous regimes, yah, I’d say if you ask me what TSHTF looks like, your looking at it.

        Me, I’m betting on Pizzagate, it’s what the coupe is mainly about. Sure the fuckers are dying to depose President Trump for all the classical “normal” absolute power corrupts absolutely reasons, but if you take a gander, almost to a politician not a one of them are standing up for the Right, the will of the governed, us dirt people, in all it’s forms. It’s the dead of night and not a cricket is even heard.
        There’s so much dirt below the surface connected to Pizzagate, money, blackmail, hedonism, murder, slacery, kidnapping, you can name just about any crime and sordid behavior, they have become an axis through association and complicity, the whole edifice of “government” will not survive the truth outing.
        Once it begins it will be a cascade failure for the ages.
        I seriously doubt the US Government as we know it survives this clusterfuck.

        If your one of the dirt people who have been preparing and squaring away your shit, it certainly is a festive show to watch with all these fuckers down in that cesspool by the Potomac tearing each others throats out and stabbing each other in the back. Funny, they have tried for decades to get us dirt people to go at each other, the irony is they are doing it to themselves. That right there says a shitload about the character and steadfastness of us dirt people. Lord knows we have put up with the assholes elitist bullshit long enough.
        They are going to tear this government asunder, or what passes for a government, is finally going to shit the bed, as in the center ain’t gonna hold. No matter what happens from right now, there literally is no going back without an ethnic cleansing of every deep state motherfucker that breaths. It all couldn’t happen to a nicer group of peckerheads. The political class have always been their own worst enemy.
        And, there’s the sword of economic Armageddon hanging over the .gov and their crony capitalists. This crap keeps up, somebody in that den of money grubbers running the federal reserve is going to pull the plug on the money printing presses and head for the hills.

        In it’s own way, this is a pretty awesome time to be alive watching it go down. It’s some crazy fucked up shit. What we are able to see on the surface is the tip of the iceberg. I’m waiting for them to start offing each other. Then it’s on like Donkey Kong.

        • You nailed it! I couldn’t have ranted better, my friend.

          Pizzagate, IMO, is the key to this Pandora’s Box and those involved are scared shitless of being exposed. I know this wiretapping began earlier but it wasn’t until Pizzagate that things started to unravel in earnest.

          Satan’s biggest lie is that evil doesn’t exist – yet here it is – in your face. And they’re running to and fro trying to cover it up by deflection.

          I’m lovin’ every drop of their sweat as it hits the floor…

    • Sadly, I think you’re right in your assessment. Seems like ‘its’ been coming (in real terms) since 2008 although ‘it’ began long before that time period. I have said it before and now again: the bus went over the cliff a long time ago and is quickly picking up speed. IMO, I hope the crash comes quicker than later – getting old and all that ………………would like to partake in the coming festivities to some degree …..

      • I want to get my licks in too if possible. I want to make every one count. As Freemen we won’t get an opportunity like this again.

        If you think about it, how else could it all happen? As you say: ” ‘it’ began long before”, and for a thousand other reasons that just kept multiplying. When the federalist ignored the Confederation’s mandate and produced that instrument of administrative tyranny called The USC, it was down hill from there, that tyranny’s been snowballing ever since.
        This Leviathan they created consumes everything in it’s path, it is a self destructive entity, it is destroying itself, it never had any other course. These sure look like the end times of the Leviathan as we know it. It won’t survive this power struggle within itself.

        I’m dead nuts serious, the power of The Great Fuck You goes beyond politics, it is upstream of everything, because it’s people who are manifest, there is no other legitimate power but what the dirt people have. Everything else was always an illusion.

    • After these jamokes pull off their coupe, who is left to go along with them and run a functioning civilization? Think about the useful dupes, and the far more numerous useless idiots?

      won’t be long before your words are meaningless.

      • “…If that scenario isn’t bleak enough, consider the possibility that mass automation could lead not only to the impoverishment of working people, but to their annihilation. In his book Four Futures, Peter Frase speculates that the economically redundant hordes outside the gates would only be tolerated for so long. After all, they might get restless – and that’s a lot of possible pitchforks.
        “What happens if the masses are dangerous but are no longer a working class, and hence of no value to the rulers?” Frase writes. “Someone will eventually get the idea that it would be better to get rid of them.” He gives this future an appropriately frightening name: “exterminism”, a world defined by the “genocidal war of the rich against the poor”…

  6. Molyneux is in fine form there. Too much to single out for special goodness, he is hitting on all cylinders.
    Here is a thought exercise for FREEFOR … what if (and I said IF) the various SIGINT partners (5 eyes) around the globe provided it much earlier than we are being led to believe NSA has been at it?
    Is it inconceivable that GCHQ did this as a professional favor?
    Sneakernet, anyone?

  7. The Usual Suspect

    FAT tee, your such a bore.
    I tire of your ceaseless invective.
    Do you have any solutions for anything ?
    Besides killing all the cops that is ?

    • unfortunately for the cops…

      when you finally wake-up, you will see there is no way forward until the state sanctioned hit men in blue are negated in some way or another as a serious opposing threat. then you will be free to shoot, move, and communicate
      happily through the day, and sleep well at night without fear of 3am .gov swat raids, knowing you did Gods good work. 🙂

  8. Mark Matis

    I am only standing down as long as President Trump is not assassinated nor impeached and removed nor “coup’d” from office. I hope Brevard County Law Enforcement are using the time well.

  9. Time to use the Flammenwerfer to drain, er uh burn the swamp up.

    Obama has plausible deniabilty. We all know it was the real POTUS at the time.

    Valerie (living in Imam Obamas House) Jarret.

  10. “Trying to make the “government ungovernable”, will result in the unintended consequence of making the dirt people ungovernable.”

    Wow. Not there’s the best line of the day! mntforge, we are in complete and total agreement.

  11. Think it may be time to throw these out there,  the best lines from the best miniseries evah:

    “Pain or damage don’t end the world, or despair or fuckin’ beatins’..
    The world ends when you’re dead.
    Until then, you got more punishment in store.
    Stand it like a man.
    And give some back.”

    ~Al Swearengen Deadwood S.2, E.6

  12. Another great column fro, Diana West on Russian “influence” in our election:

  13. NorthGunner

    So trummpy doesn’t like being spied on…but he thinks it’s just peachy keen for him and the rest of the narcississtic sociopathic parasite class that he’s now a member of to spy on us dirt people? about a total hypocrite!!

    Fuck him and the rest of the parasites in the eye with a good length of rusty rebar asap!!

    emberor trummpy is definitely strutting around nekkid as a jaybird imagining he’s in his new finery..see him and all the rest of them as they are!

    We DON’T NEED any of them — Fuck ’em all!!!

    Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
    NorthGunner III

  14. Obama and his intel community never thought Trump would win, otherwise these idiots would have never have pulled this stunt. There are dozens of intel people ( and possibly the judge that approved the wire tap) who are on their way to France to avoid subpoena’s and prosecution. There are safe houses all over the globe that are being activated. There are a dozen or more intel agencies who had access to all these wire taps which has led to dozens of leaks and possibly to the resignation of Flynn.
    Trump’s promises to not prosecute Hillary has to be rethought. She took money from the Ruskies to give them uranium. Now that’s probable cause for a wire tap. At this point, all political weapons must be used. Nothing should be off the table now.

  15. hummus abedin

    Link to flyer for organizing attacks
    on Berkeley rally, March 4, 2017.

    Link to organizing flyer for
    attacks in Berkeley on March 4, 2017.*/0B92NZGy-DKrxOVd5bDl0S3dVSTg?e=download

    The communist shitbags and their
    foot-soldiers knew they would be in
    attendance and on the attack.
    Why didn’t the majority of those
    who were targetd in the rioters

    • hummus abedin

      The working link:

  16. thesouthwasrght

    Trump should fire Sessions IMO for cowardice in the face of the enemy. Stepping aside at this crucial moment only to hand the reins over to career bureaucrats is unforgivable in my eyes. So far as Schumer and crew kicking up a fuss, fuck em. He was a senator of course he talked to foreign dignitaries. Now sit down and shut up. But no, we get more of the same capitulation crap from our side. Ever see Holder step aside? Shit, that meerkat looking pick defied a contempt of Congress order for Petes sake!! Hence, Mr Trump need fire his ass as he’s a pussy and an embarrassment to southerners everywhere.

  17. I’ve got so many people on my “to-do” list, that I have had to start Volume Two. Trump should have never fired Flynn, but I still think that Flynn is valuable to our side. I facebooked Bracken that this whole thing is playing out like “What I saw at the coup”. And Jarrett is up to her gray hairs in this-the Obamas Chief, Book, and Bottle Washer.

  18. Virgil Kane

    Trump may not be the savior and he may be an Authoritarian (benevolent dictator?, hopefully), but anybody with one good eye and 2 brain cells should be able to see he’s one step ahead of his enemies. He has been vindicated on all of these originally crazy notions. If only he staff and cabinet were as wily as he. It turns out he hired some pusils or maybe he picked the best available.