On Freedom Of Speech And Political Correctness

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  1. lon a follower

    Freedom of speech comes with responsibilities and consequences. Does not every freedom? Every action?
    We are to strive and pray for understanding, wisdom, remembrance, temperance, patience, be doers of the Word, not merely hearers. The BIble speaks of a perfect law of liberty. This seems desirable and worth seeking.
    We are also called to bridle our own tongues. Easy to state but hard to do in these days.
    Set yourselves apart from the world. It can be.done with His help.


      The concept of bridling one’s tongue is as old as time. And, in this current political climate, is quite useful. I see where the Antifa useful idiots pepper-sprayed some elderly man at a pro-Trump rally. My friends, whether we want to face it or not, things are ratcheting up. This is 1850-1860 all over again. I would wager another Harper’s Ferry is just around the corner.
      If you must attend such functions, do it as a gray person. Stand at the back of the mob and observe. Stay silent and use whatever means you have at your disposal to record and document information necessary for your ultimate mission. As we used to say when I was a Peace Officer: “Never let your mouth write a check your ass can’t cash.”

      • [As we used to say when I was a Peace Officer: “Never let your mouth write a check your ass can’t cash.”]

        And that is the difference…….as a RO in the early 90’s we were still called PO’s but that soon changed to LEO’s, to the detriment in my book. As a PO, we were taught to “keep the peace” which meant de-escalating a situation. As a LEO, we were taught to “enforce the law” which meant escalating to an arrest…….glad I got out when I did (1995)

        • NorthGunner

          Glad that you made the sane choice to get out while you still had your sanity and conscience in you!

          leo’s are now nothing more than the dirty arm of the parasite class!
          Anytime that any of them make the comment, “I don’t like the laws, I just enforce them” they’re puting themselves totally on the footing of the nazi camp guards and others that were tried at Nuremburg.
          Just like there were no ‘good nazis’ or ‘good communists’, there are no ‘good leo’s’…with the exception of those like you that decided to quit.

          Yours in Daily Armed Liberty!
          NorthGunner III

      • any silly White person who attends a “Trump rally” deserves to get pepper-sprayed by “anti-fa”. I remember the first picture I saw of an early TeaParty rally: a grossly fat white guy standing there holding a sign saying, “Obama don’t touch my medicare!”. Still makes me laugh.