Sabotage Is All They Have Left On The Left

>Fjordman: Can We Coexist with the Left?

The Diplomad speaks reason.

Not that such things matter any more.

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  1. Yes, well the 100th Day of the Trump Presidency coincides with MayDay.
    I expect things will be frisky. However, the felony charges against the J20 saboteurs may have slowed the rollout. We’ll find out soon enough.

  2. hummus abedin

    10 Arrested in Berkeley, Elderly Man Assaulted Following Violent Anti-Trump Protest

    An elderly man wearing a MAGA hat was also pepper-sprayed, causing him to collapse on the ground.

  3. hummus abedin

    Leftist Thugs BEAT Peaceful Trump Supporters At Berkeley #March4Trump Rally

    Fucking worthless.

  4. Speaking of saboteurs:

    CA, I have no ability to post uTube videos, but for your consideration I suggest you watch Stefan Molyneux’ latest titled “Did presidsided Obama Spy on Donald Trump?” and perhaps post it. He put it up last night about 2000 PST.  It’s about 21 min long and gets to the real meat of the matter in the last 5 minutes or so with plenty of gems thrown in along the way.

    It’s about far, far more than the name declares and fits in well, I think, with the mindset of most here.

    • what is so hard about posting youtube videos?

      is there something in the intertard that.s stopping you?


      see that address bar at top left in the white space that says http://—–

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      • see that address bar at top left in the white space that says http://—–

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      • hummus abedin

        Don’t worry about what the
        fuck I do.
        I am not infringing on you, or any
        other douche.
        Moreover, it’s equally as easy
        to right click, copy and paste
        the link in the search bar.

  5. Sabotage, yes, and we see that in the leftists and their fake news outlets in full naked display now. They also have violence and we’re just beginning to see that part of the equation.

    If you’re not fully prepared to meet violence with violence, your strategy sucks.

    It’s all local now.

  6. lon a follower

    Only the left? Sabotage also on the right. Community organisers throughout.
    ” spirit of america” rallies, organisers, worshipers.
    Spirit of etc. Start looking into these groups their connections the people.
    Non profits? There is no such animal.

  7. It seems that the intelligence abilities of the Russian Federation is as good as the former USSR’s KGB. How else would the Russians know that a Hillary Clinton Administration would nuke one of their cities?

    The Russians held a 40 million person evacuation drill, I’m sure they even knew of the targeted city.

    It is only prudent that a foreign diplomat would meet with a member of /team Trump to ensure a negation of hostilities.

    It appears that the Left really is trying to sabotage and disrupt the Trump Administration.

    • POd American

      I agree with you…the Ruskies are tremendously talented at extracting sensitive and classified information from Hillary “unsecured bathroom server with less than stellar password protection, cross pollenated with other unauthorized users.”

      I’m totally in awe at the talented 6th graders they found to accompliish this nearly impossible security hack. Where’ were are super spy geniuses James Clapper and Feral Boob Incharge Comey when we needed them…oh yea, they were busy spying on US and political opposition. I don’t believe anything that comes out of that shithole aka the district of criminals or ANY media.

  8. We are in the warm up stages of CW2. Like the boiled frog, the people of the US are getting warmer and warmer in the pot that is being heated by the Left. It may be low-grade Civil War, but it is still Civil War. As the public gets inured to the daily outrages and scandals, the Left is going to continually turn the burner handle up, the goal being to get them tired of all the drama, then unwilling to even pay attention to what’s going on, and then turn the gas all the way up, and watch the pot boil. I believe it will actually be a SURPRISE to most people, when the shooting starts, and the madness begins in earnest. A surprise, to MOST people. Caution: Fools rush in, where angels fear to tread. The only advice I can impart is to be flexible enough to look at everyone you know, and decide if they are really an ally, or an enemy. And then evaluate them again. I have seen with my own eyes, more that 200 people who were shot dead during the night. I didn’t do much of it personally, but I did my part. The point I’m making here is that you’d best be able to walk the fucking walk, when you put those boots on, and set your face for killin’. The only beef me and my compadres had with those guys we killed were, POLITICAL DIFFERENCES. Let that sink in. You’ll never forget that smell, either.

    • “As the public gets inured to the daily outrages and scandals…”

      It’s amazing alright, long beyond belief. ‘Course we did a fair amount of that ourselves, in so many ways. Many still do, in big ways too.

      “the Left is going to continually turn the burner handle up”

      Sure ’nuff, better not let a moment’s watch off those assholes. That takes care of that; maybe keep a peek on the flanks too.

      Not many hear you anyway. The reality is part of your soul; most everyone else is looking for the story. The narrative, donchyaknow.

    • Your opposition that blows your cover may be within your own home.
      Your own relatives are the most likely to give you up.
      Can’t trust my own good Christian relatives.
      Have been considering divorce for a while.
      Have to keep my adult children in the dark.
      My career has kept me from forming alliances with people I could grow to trust.
      It will be a one person show for me.
      Just develop a list for the local AO.
      A public repository of opposition leadership would allow for crowd sourced individual initiative.
      It also would slow attempts to do network analysis.

      Sounds like someone is from the Balkans.
      Any more wisdom to share?

    • You speak the truth.The memory trigger for all the bad,nasty shit is that smell of death and destruction.Rotting corpses,fecal matter,garbage,burning rubber and plastic,fuel ,fire and brimstone. One whiff and you are immediately transported back to that moment in time.People who haven’t felt and lived it are immobilized and useless from the stench. I carried a tube of Vicks Vapo Rub to stuff in my nose.’You’ll never forget the smell…”

  9. Admit Nothing, Deny Everything, Make Counter Accusations, Khowst OGA.” (OGA stands for “other government agency.”

    On Sun, Mar 5, 2017 at 1:13 PM, Western Rifle Shooters Association wrote:

    > Concerned American posted: ” The Diplomad speaks reason. Not that such > things matter any more.” >