Training Opportunity



Tempus fugit.

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  1. Directly due to politically correct,brain-dead fucktards,Colorado lost a fine company,Magpul, to Wyoming and Texas. It is a parasite that consumes it’s host. Is it time to start punching people in the face?

  2. SemperFi, 0321

    And noticing from the ads, they’re going for high dollar adventure clients too. Big business in tactical training now. And high end tactical clothing, OR’s tactical clothing prices are so out the roof it’s unbelievable.
    Bought myself a new OR Foray Goretex jacket and gloves last week at my local shop, went back to OR website to check something, and found this new video. Drove by the photo location the next day (Friday) on way to Dr. appt in Jackson Hole. I’ve been stopping there at Snake River overlook for decades to shoot pictures.

    • OR’s gloves are crap. Tried them out and they fell apart within a few training seasons. Don’t drop prone with them a lot. Material wore out fast.

      • SemperFi, 0321

        I’ve got some older ones, med weight cold weather, grey nylon and leather that have lasted a long time. Some of their tactical ones look like everyone else’s, good for 2 weeks of use.
        The new ones were recommended by a fellow Marine and hunting guide, the Arete in Gore-tex. I got them for light snow storms and rain at high altitude.

  3. I thought Magpul went to Tenn.I had a friend in Boulder,she failed to pick up a few commemorative final 30 round mags from them before they packed up shop.I will say the recall elections a breath of fresh air and one pol resigning before facing recall.In todays environment even though a lot of the enemy in Co. do say you have a fighting chance at turning things around.I love the state and some of it’s people,it’s politics,eh.

    • Hillary won the state.A strip from Boulder, south to Denver. Outside the Denver metro area, this state is redneck central. I surround myself with good ole boys.The clueless hive-dwellers in La-La land are about to get bitch slapped. The gubmint,the thin blue line, and a looming currency re-set,mathematics and Mother Nature Soon, locust swarms and black death. The libtards actually think they are in control of something. Clueless. They do not fuck around out here on cattle ranchs’ much.Most folks are packing.Zero tolerance has something to do with it..Cattlemen will still hang a rustler,beat your ass,wrap you up in barbwire,shoot your stray dog, swiss cheese your vehicle if tresspassing,arrest you and prosecute. What do you think will happen with the gloves off? I refer to the dipshits as,”Moles on the ass of progress.”

      • knuck: We are are way east of the hump near Agate. Yes you are right….dirt people own the land. All hives, small and large are contaminated. At least, in the small hives, who is who is known or easily ascertained….and buried. God bless backhoes and remote draws.

  4. ALCON,

    Good courses. All west of the Mississippi. Guess it isn’t politically correct to abide in one of the original 13 colonies.

    • Nor in the Deep South. The closest thing I can find that is worthy of being called advanced training (basically anything more advanced that your local NRA CCW class) is MVT doing a course in Georgia and one in Texas, and that’s still going to be two 10+ hour drives for me. I find it curious that there is virtually nothing down here.

  5. Colorado? seriously? the irony.

  6. The “adventure” courses in particular look like an excellent idea. Those skills are much harder to learn than shooting and will also provide an excellent workout.

  7. Nice pretty SNOW scenes in the video and that cammo stood out like a sore thumb. I would rather be the “GRAY MAN” and blend in and not be one bit obvious.

  8. All course outside of what I can reasonably drive. Maybe the Deep South just isn’t where you want to live if advanced training is your thing.