Z Blog: It’s All Fake


Z Man sends a calibration tone on the MSM.

Guess what?

There’s not enough adjustment in the system to correct the problem.

4 responses to “Z Blog: It’s All Fake

  1. SemperFi, 0321

    Boy, wasn’t that something. 2 months ago the world was saved, and every week since it’s crumbling a little bit at a time. In another month or two Trump will be the last man standing.
    Then what, time to get all those racy AR’s/ACOG’s dirty?

    • a premature Uprising will be crushed by the (((System))): don’t be a Decembrist. Wait until the debtBomb detonates. Each day it doesn’t is another day to perfect preparations.

  2. not only is it all fake, it’s all corrupt.

    fuck all organized :

    but most of all fuck the poLICE.

    Here are the ten reports of police misconduct tracked for Wednesday, March 1, 2017:

    Update: Seattle, Washington (First reported 02-24-17): An officer pled guilty to drug, solicitation, and computer trespass charges. He was sentenced to 30 days of work detail. With good behavior, the conviction may be expunged after two years. His future employment status is not known. ow.ly/Opga309tq5Q
    Savannah-Chatham, Georgia: A now-former detective was convicted of DUI for his role in a two-car crash but acquitted of tampering and false statements in his case. ow.ly/A1Jq309tryS
    Detroit, Michigan: An officer who serves as head of the police union was charged with malicious destruction of property and reckless driving for crashing into a school. ow.ly/MLBY309ts28
    Dickson, Tennessee: Two officers were charged with tampering and destruction of evidence after they investigated a bar fight. The officers deny wrongdoing and stand by their initial assessment of a lack of evidence to move forward with a case. ow.ly/S6jD309tso5
    Baltimore, Maryland: Seven officers were federally indicted for robbery, extortion, and racketeering. They allegedly claimed bogus overtime and filed false reports. Six of the officers were arraigned and all were held over without bail for public safety reasons. The seventh will have his hearing later this week. ow.ly/C9Y0309u3IF More information can be found here http://bsun.md/2lE08VL and here http://bsun.md/2mKPT2G.
    Perry County, Tennessee: A deputy was charged for using county funds to fuel his personal vehicle and misappropriating evidence. ow.ly/xYZF309ttzk
    Update: Cleveland, Ohio (First reported 02-03-17): A now-former officer pled guilty to felony drug count and was diverted to treatment. Successful completion of agreement may expunge his conviction and he may regain law enforcement eligibility. ow.ly/ZKAN309tu27
    Chardon, Ohio: An officer pled guilty to theft for switching a price tag on an item before paying. He entered a diversion program. ow.ly/vYhu309tuSw
    San Antonio, Texas: An officer was suspended for 10 days for making a racially derogatory comment and writing a bogus citation to a man just to “[F***] him over.” ow.ly/hxek309tvxh
    Texas Southern University: The chief resigned amid allegations of sexual harassment. ow.ly/gGg9309txwD

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