A Reader Sends

Materials from the vicinity of last weekend’s slap riots in the Berkeley oblast.

And while we’re at it, read this piece by Cernovich on Based Stick Man.

Legal defense fund here.

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  1. Green jacket MAGA hat was more effective. He was giving some of them the whupping they should have gotten when they were young.

  2. In such circumstances, the return of the phalanx and polearms is inevitable.

    You and your homies are LARPING, out for a stroll, that’s all, You are historical re-enactors. Those damn commies came and harassed YOU. Your video will prove it.

  3. Places to start looking for your LARPING recruits are:
    1)The Rugby team on campus
    2) any “constitutional society”
    3) any history based group
    4) RenFaire
    5) local olympic sport fencing dojo.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Society for Creative Anachronism. They know a lot of medieval fighting stuff and other useful – if kind of esoteric – skills.

  4. While the symmetry is incomplete, and the reference mistakes a platoon as a company, you can see that the enokmotia is a platoon in modern practice. This all relates to the span of human control, that of fireteams, squads, platoons, companies and battalions and so on.

    For re-enactment and providing a reasonable display of historical capabilities, even at teh sub-enokmotia level, modern LARPers at rallys would mesmerize all and sundry.

    I am pondering how to do this.

  5. Note, I have never LARPed before, but this effort, with BasedStickMan as the latter day “Iron Mike”… it has legs.

  6. Tactics,position,transport options,retreat route,identification,contingency plans,staging areas,medical,legal. These “demonstrations” are logistical fucking nightmares.Known opponents include paid agitators,demonstrators,police, press,local hoodlums,bangers,addicts,juicers and infiltrators.Best option for success..observe from a distance ,Identify,gather intel,process and disseminate. Direct confrontation and participation is a fools errand.The terrain,location,population and overall climate of these demonstrations does not offer advantages to the patriot..Force multipliers are minimized.
    “Hostile armies may face each other for years,striving for the victory which is decided in a single day.” Sun Tzu

  7. Notarealperson

    Stickman would have been better off with two rolls of quarters used as fist loads or a pair flesh colored palm saps. They don’t draw attention.

    But he shouldn’t have needed anything if those G-D pigs weren’t playing favorites with Anti-fa. I have no doubt that the mayor ordered the po po to let the anti-fa pummel the Trump people. And it doesn’t surprise me the DA is throwing the book at this guy either.

    BTW for those attending such social functions like the one Stickman attended there is also a baseball cap for sale that doubles as a sap because the rear of it is filled lead shot. All the cops see is some dude waving his cap about like a loser all the while he’s delivering hurt to evil people.


  8. Communist front group.

    “Grassroots Campaigns is currently running national campaigns for progressive political and charitable organizations like the American Civil Liberties Union, Oxfam America, The Nature Conservancy and The Southern Poverty Law Center.”

    Check out their list of clients-

    Gee, I wonder where they get their funding?

  9. Fred Seymour, Jr.

    Pipes don’t snap in half on impact.

  10. Sorry to thread jack here but OT ??: Wiki dumped 500mb file yest via twitter. File encrypted, key to be released this morning. Key named Vault 7. 4 Chan already did forensics on this file and came up with an interesting tidbit, if you adjust the Brightness and Contrast of the image on their tweet you come up with Cryptos sculpture. This is a sculpture that sits in the courtyard at Langley and is loaded with fun, it has cryptographic messages embedded in the actual sculpture of which 3 of 4 have been solved. In the image on Wiki tweet, Prefecture 353 or 333 can be seen.

    Could be a “squirrel” moment or a grenade pin, hard to say.

  11. That clout with the stick was right on the button, bet that stung like a sumbitch..

  12. Randolph Scott

    It was awesome seeing StickMan smack the shit out of that antifa punk. Boy was that son of a botch surprised.

    • Boy, they sure melted away when the sticks came out, didn’t they? I could watch that all day.

  13. Everyone here has coughed up $20 or so for him, right?

    And remember…jury nullification.

  14. let those who support crooked politicians kill each other off.
    no great loss. more like a great gain- less government lovers. 🙂

  15. The website is maintained by Hyam Kramer, CFO at Telefund, Inc. They apparently cold call people to raise funds for SJW bullshit. He has also worked with Charles Group Consulting. Both organizations are located in Boston, MA. So much for local grassroots activism.

  16. The Usual Suspect

    And remember tFATtee nullification !

  17. Grenadier1

    Multi-spectrum fight guys. They want to fight in the streets? Then man the shield walls and fight them in the streets. Cold Steel makes a lot of polymer weapons that do not violate weapon carry laws, but would serve you well in mass head-whacking exercises.

    Based Stick Man is the new meme hero BTW. There has been a lot of traction with images generated from this event.

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  19. Paid mercenaries. It’s pointless to engage them.

    But who is printing the flyers? Who is making the calls to get the permits to protest? Who is making the calls to rent the buses? Who are the people handling the organizational details? How well would this system function if they decided not to show up for work?

    How are they going to bus in protesters if the bus companies suddenly realize that their buses could be damaged during these riots, er, protests? Think insurance is going to cover against that kind of loss?

    There is a soft underbelly here that can be exploited, that most likely they don’t even realize is vulnerable. It’s simply a question of increasing the level of friction they have to deal with anytime they try to protest until they’re no longer capable of functioning.

  20. Programming a basic line-powered modem (or ten) to autodial and hangup that number, and attaching it to an unaffiliated telephone line(s)*, would be baaaaaaaaad.

    Don’t do it!

    *(especially not the telco junction boxes behind the local ACLU).

  21. A guy goes away to look at remote property for a couple of days, and comes back in the dark… “based stick man”?.. one guy clobbers some poor slob over the head in a 3 sec clip, and he is now a rockstar?. I need to find the story on this… if there is one.

  22. Alfred E. Neuman

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  23. Infiltrate.

    Two guys on the inside wait until they’re at the rally point, and spike bus tires or pull valve stems. The busses never leave the staging area.
    And they now have dozens to hundreds of potential moles to vet!

    Or the busses leave. But the vehicles the protesters arrived at the staging point in all develop sudden critical non-operability issues.
    Also, it would be a shame if somehow, their car windows were broken, or doors were jimmied, and the vehicle owners/rent-a-mobsters’ vehicle reg. and home address info showed up on the web. After you catalogued it.

    And imagine someone putting out dupe fliers with a different phone number, contracted busses, and sent Group B to raise merry hell at a hard target.
    Or an opposition target: political offices, media HQ, and what have you.
    And no money gets paid, except the bus co.
    And you instruct the bus company it’s a drop off only, not a round trip.
    So much winning!

    Or what if you simply used the number(s) as a front to mine personal data on the rent-a-mobsters.

    And let’s face it, sooner or later, at one of these incidents, a lot of busses are going to collect a rash of pipe bombings & gasoline cocktails while they’re parked, stranding the rioters, and making these sorts of activities poison for the original organizers, and under one helluva lot of scrutiny from all points of the compass.

    FWIW, printing takes $20 at Kinko’s/FedEx. Not a lot of organizational genius going on there.
    But so does duplicating.

    It would also be a terrible shame if identical fliers as the originals showed up, except with the phone numbers for the local ACLU, NAACP, SPLC, the DNC, radical politician’s offices, and 500 other libtard organizations, in as many cities. Esp. if they offered slightly higher weekly rates.
    I suspect getting their regular work done would become a colossal PITA.
    Bummer, huh?
    This, BTW, is how counterfeit currency destroys an economy.

    And if they move to the web, go there too.

    Those websites from a week or two ago posted here:
    Do some play-acting.
    Create a cover ID.
    Organize your own anti-Trump action group, on their site.
    Mine the local sympathizer’s data.
    Maybe even go as far as a couple of planning meetings.
    Be a real pisser if people’s pictures got taken there unbeknownst, and that and their addresses, and other info were mailed anonymously to the local PD (attn: Intelligence Unit), the D.A., the state AG and police, FBI, DHS, and posted on the web. Simultaneously. (“Dear Powers That Be, I’m a concerned citizen, and I’ve collected a list of people planning on rioting, sedition, and molestation of fuzzy animals…“)
    Bonus points if you can get anyone on tape or video advocating violence or illegal activities. Ask J20 from Pres. trump’s inauguration how that works out.
    If some suspicious local folks (media shills, PACs, “organizers”/agitators, and the other Usual Suspects) not actually on the list somehow ended up on the list you send out, oh well.
    Try not to be too ham-handed.

    Bet it’d kinda take the fun, and trust, out of astroturfing protest movements.
    Oh, and keep a copy of the info for yourself.
    Maybe wait to spring the sting until you’ve hooked up with the mothership, its liasons/leaders, and perhaps even gotten some funding.
    Hinting that you could do more with some backing might get you a check. And thus an account number. And thence the account holder.
    This shit isn’t just for the Treasury Department.

    They decided to play stupid games.
    It’s up to anyone else who wants to play to see that they collect stupid prizes.

    • Nice job.Work smart.Non-combative at this point in the festivities.Disrupt,gather intel. Plenty of time for 308 group therapy in the future. With the exception of a few radical professors of doom,most of the WRSA perusers and contributors are realistic about capability/ramifications. The real fighting began when we were children. Being raised with true morals and values. Continue to fight for what you believe is righteous and true.Withdraw all consent and spending for the spawn of Satan. Stir that pot and fan those flames.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      All excellent ideas.
      And I’m not leaving the most remote spot in the lower 48 to drive to Berkley and engage in this shit, it has to all be done on a LOCAL level. But some Hayduking definitely needs doing.