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  1. Alfred E. Neuman

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  2. …drain the swamp? Can’t come soon enough. Assuming that the ‘new side’ is really on ‘our side’. I’d like to think so but have some really, very, troubling doubts. Color me pessimistic but given the past 70 years (how old I am now) the ‘players’ change but the game seems to remain the same ……

  3. Folks hate to break the bad news to you but we are way past any semblance or analogy to Nixon or Watergate. We are in a Deep State that is unprecedented in planetary history. People should really let that sink in real good & assess. We are witnessing in real time the birthing or death pangs of some sort of Industrial – Technocracy Revolution. The scale & scope of what we are witnessing makes every other period in modern history pale & PG13. Seriously long past time to get a grip on the reality & enormity of what is transpiring. Prepare & brace for impact at some point.

    • Fred Seymour, Jr.

      Pent up vengence about to be released Sir!…. At your command.

    • Randolph Scott

      ‘We are witnessing in real time the birthing or death pangs of some sort of Industrial – Technocracy Revolution.” …

      The big change is a Spiritual awakening and evil is going to exposed totally for what it is. There will be a worldwide revival and this will play out with evil totally and permanently destroyed. Evil people and forces will indeed fight and will destroy many of us, but when this war is over evil will be destroyed.

      • Well, evil will not be permanently vanquished until the 2nd Coming. For now I’m willing to settle for evil being nicely chastened and sent off to lick its wounds for a good long while.

      • That’s where my head is at as well & I hold that belief.

      • Yes exactly & have had this capability for years. If I were Trump I would be using Old Scool Scribe it out w/ pencil / pen in every single conversation at this point. I would make it a ‘fun spirited’ kind of exercise thing though. Not be spooled up or all spun about it just tongue in cheek & have fun a/ the ‘Tree House’ exercises. I’d keep track of all notes & at the end of Cabinet meeting trash can all notes after they are passed. Gas & burn it all as if it were a ritual type of exercise. I also would be doing Fireside Chats from the WH Sunday nights. I’d take no questions format at my Sunday night chats & advise America what his direction is w/o compromising National Security OPSEC – PERSEC & tell Americans to be vigilant on our Homeland watch regarding Muslim Training Camps etc. I think Blade Runner – Minority Report – Seven Days in May – Manchurian Candidate – Enemy of the State et al etc. have become a reality – non-fiction & mutated into something far bigger than any of those & other fictional movies ever dreamed of.
        I think Oscar Wilde had it right, ‘Life immitates Art far more than Art immitates life’.

  4. The party’s over, it’s time to call it done. Mr Trump buys us time, the storm is still coming. Sure hope I can participate in the festivities.

  5. Dear Donald; Please pull the Patriot Act out, and use it to arrest the sedition spewing monkeys down the street in your neighborhood. Before they assemble half a million of their fellow monkeys, and storm your office in a “people’s popular revolution” and initiate their reign of terror and blood. You’re welcome. PS: Even if you rouse the 3rd Infantry in time, and turn out all and sundry available govt. guards, even if you have air support, there are too many people for them to handle, being there are about 1 million of our darker brethren within a mile of the WH, who absolutely hate you. Leaving quickly by helicopter is always a good choice, how ever, right after they over run the place, Obongo will show up on TV there, stating that he is now, “in charge here”. The background shot of the WH, will cement the idea in a lot of American empty/leftist heads, and so will begin CW2.

    • You are right . He has to go full retard or he is doomed. This shit is Fubar.

    • you really think after that he or some other king won’t use it on you?

      the old folks need to take a nap. they get confused if they don’t get enough rest.

      full retard.
      you just went full retard except because you’re a retard you don’t know it.

      if trump were real he would dispose of the non-patriot act.
      you’ll all regret you’re short sightedness soon enough.

  6. Fred Seymour, Jr.

    PSSsssssstt!……….sheets about to get real…..

  7. Fred Seymour, Jr.

  8. Fred Seymour, Jr.

    If they were surprised by a Trump victory, I honestly believe they don’t know whats coming, AND they don’t understand the scope of whats coming. And boy is it coming!!!

  9. anyone in government is a scumbag.
    anyone who supports government is a scumbag.

    any questions?

  10. There is no going back from this now it’s gone too far.
    Anyone with common sense understands these mental midgets of the so called deep state, are in reality a very shallow tiny group of shit stirrers who represent no one but themselves, who didn’t run a legitimate system of government of this country when they had the levers of illusion of credibility and legitimacy in their greasy meat hooks.
    What are they going to do if they depose the legitimate administration of Donald Trump with another of their regimes?

    Plain and simple the maniacs who comprise it’s dis-functionaries are fighting for their survival, are the progeny of the US Constitution.
    The USC is what made them possible, it was infested with every kind of loophole imaginable that permitted these scoundrels, and every kind of lickspittle, grifter, criminal and potentate imaginable, that infests this government. It is not the USC that is “a living breathing” thing, the government is a living breathing monstrosity so corrupted and mutated it can only be redeemed by it’s total destruction.

    They have to be either living in a dreamworld, or their objective is to destroy the our government rather than the dirt people have a say in who runs it and determine the limits of it’s power.
    Or could be they are simply out to destroy it completely because even for these criminals and traitors it is a hindrance to absolute power.
    And that’s another thing, the USC in all it’s administrative tyranny, doesn’t proscribe the limits of power so much as it proscribes too much power to too many actors over the dirt people, inhibiting the acquisition of absolute power upon a handful or one totalitarian ruler with complete power not only over the dirt people, but the entire Nomenklaturer class running it. It wasn’t the so called famous checks and balances of the three branches of government that was supposed to protect the dirt people from tyrants, it is a built in check against one tyrant getting a leg up over all the tyrants below him or her.
    The USC is an instrument of power sharing.

    There is the possibility they will be thwarted and defeated in detail. But that doesn’t change the nature of the government, it only changes the actors running it.

    They are all balancing on a razors edge. Destroying the federal government is not the same thing as destroying the dirt people of America.
    It’s not rocket science this country is chockablock full of self sufficient and self determining dirt people, a virtue and character that has always been a mainstay of patriotic and individualistic America.
    After all, the federal government is widely reviled and looked upon as a tyrant whose time has come to an end regardless of who is running it. It has just become a monstrosity of regulatory and administrative tyranny, a shakedown system with a thirst for our wealth and happiness that will never be satiated.
    In that light, does it matter in the long run and the larger scope? After all it has failed in it’s three prime directives.
    Protecting our sovereign territory from enemies foreign and domestic.
    Operating an honest mint and protecting us from specie.
    Protecting and defending the primal laws of the land and it’s dirt people from usurpations.

    As dirt people, where is the value and what are the prerogatives of such a government such as it is for us?
    As dirt people we not only must ask ourselves what we can do for ourselves in regards to our happiness and liberties, but we must examine our interests with the full attention to what is best for us first and in the whole.
    Do we really honestly need this monstrosity breathing down our throats?
    What is it really good for?
    Who is it good for?
    Whom is it, the government or ourselves, that is left to to look out for and determine what is best for us?
    Has it ever had the dirt peoples best interests in mind?
    And what good is a Constitutional Republic that has in a single instance ever created an iota of liberty or freedom?

    In regards defending our borders and sovereign lands and properties, this government has not only literally failed, not only has it assisted in an invasion of foreign interests and peoples anathema to us dirt peoples interests, our way of life, and our will, it itself has become an invader foreign to every concept and idea of a republic based on nationalism and conservation of the fabric of our natural born culture and principles of individualism before and above and upstream of everything.
    With a government like this, who needs enemies?

    It has made extortion of the fruits of our labors it’s right which supersedes and eclipses all other rights, down to creating agents who intrude, meddle and extract tribute in every facet in the spheres of our lives, our primal right of property, even the most primal of primal first things, the right to defend ourselves from such intrusions and crimes against us. It has done so to the tune of it now existing to survive the very consequences of it illegitimacy to do so.
    And it has made it a “law” of the land we the dirt people, we the productive and industrious, upon pain of death ultimately, if we refuse to consent, we must pay for this bondage out our own pockets.
    There is something intrinsically wrong with this situation.
    And now, the whole edifice is imploding upon itself, and almost the entire government, it’s actors, and it’s sycophants, is using us dirt people as scapegoats to disguise what it has become.

    The kicker is in all this, what is going down would not be possible, if the foundational principles of our government was not intrinsically defective to begin with. This government is a total act of commission by generational tyranny.
    What I’m saying is this constitutional republic is functioning exactly as it should based on it’s instruments of administrative power proscribed in the USC.
    This government has not failed in it’s mandate given to it by those who crafted it’s main body. The establishing amendments added to are as a carrot on a stick to garner ratification from those of the Confederation who smelled a rat.

    Regardless of all that crap, the first thing of freedom and liberty is it’s time to let it all go, free your mind, from the generational shackles of serfdom and servitude.
    The moment you jump off the hamster wheel of constitutional tyranny, you have done the one thing that frees you from slavery of the state, choice.
    It is as simple and easy as that. Choice. Nobody is making you choose tyranny or liberty, you made that choice. What you have to do is understand the choices you make. You can’t understand where your self determination goes without understanding the choice to be free. You can’t be free if you don’t choose to be free.The government can’t make you choose to be it’s slave, it can only kill you or not kill you. It can’t make you, it can’t coerce you, it can’t force you to consent to anything. That is the power of the dirt people. That is why those who run our government despise and fear us dirt people. Because we can choose whatever we want, we can consent to or refuse to consent to anything we choose.

    We dirt people ELECTED Donald Trump as OUR President. We CHOSE Donald Trump. We withdrew OUR consent for the status quo.
    Our AUDACITY of consent for Donald Trump is much to the alarm and discomfort of the status quo the most powerful weapon imaginable.
    It must be mentioned, because lucky for us, our rifles, and our will to use our rifles in defense of our consent, represent an undeniable violent extension of the power of our consent. A power that exists as much by not using them as using them is, maybe more power by not using them.

    As a body of people us dirt people can not be denied. They literally will have to kill us by the millions to stop us, stop the power of our consent and withdrawal of it. Short of genocide, and even if it is genocide they try, they still have to somehow physically manage to kill us by the millions, they can’t make us consent to anything, all they can do is play their stupid power games and try to remove the symbol that represents our choice and our consent and withdrawal of consent.

    We are on entirely new ground here. This isn’t the revolutionary war, it’s not the civil war, it’s not a constitutional crisis, not for us dirt people, that ragged piece of parchment doesn’t belong to us, it is the purview of the political class, they have nurtured and coddled, twisted and transformed it from a great deceit upon the dirt people into a document of the truth of them.

    The one thing, the only thing, the everything, that stands in the way of dirt people liberty and freedom, is this government.
    The maniacs running it are going to destroy this government for us dirt people. They are going to do us a big one, a Yuuuge one, they are going to destroy it in such a way that us dirt people have a chance to start fresh without waging a total civil war to make it happen.
    The delegitimization underway is going to undermine things that are very difficult to be done with. It is very difficult to delegitimize what is already not legitimate in a system of tyranny which is always in an act of surviving it’s illegitimacy.

  11. Fred Seymour, Jr.

    • Yes I think Mid March is clearly a disrespect objective of theirs. Ides of March Harvest if they can get it. Shit is going to get real Wonky as we all can clearly see & sentiently feel. Feels like the Harmonic Balancer is about to have a catarostrophic fail or the Crankshaft is about to spin a main bearing & blow a main cap.

  12. Not a a fan of RT, don’t know much about this site “state of the nation”, but more grist for the mill perhaps.

  13. Fred Seymour, Jr.

    Clif high at the 27:35 mark. Watch all of video if you can

  14. the deep state is controlled by the same folks who control everything else – the Fed.

    left, right, no matter. they all work for the Fed. trump is either a fall guy or he will play the part of the fall guy. this is all a ruse, whether contrived or not it makes great theater for the masses. it all ends with martial law. exactly what the End Game calls for. after that, depopulation by every means necessary.

    they’re all in on the scam. one by one the players in DC will be thrown under the bus, they all knew the consequences when they entered the game. every one of them are guilty and rotten to the core. pizza gate will corner the rats and force a overwhelming response up to and including killing trump, collapsing the dollar, and starting WWIII.

    should be interesting.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      You’re right.
      Bottom line for the globalists is population reduction. They don’t care how we die; however, whatever, they’re all for it. Germ/chemical warfare could happen at any minute, it’s the easiest to blame on an “accident” and no one figures out where it started.
      They will do anything to speed up the process and still not get caught euthanizing the planet.

  15. Dear tf-At, thank you for your thoughtful and carefully laid out opinion and evaluation of myself. I had not previously considered that I was “full retard” before, but now that you mention it, I shall have to be more circumspect in my analysis. What I was attempting to point out is that Trump, in order to engage in positive self defense, should strike first, rather that wait for things to proceed to the point of no return. In no way do I condone these things, or hope for them, as I already realize we have already passed the point of no return regarding a functioning Republic. Since we find ourselves here on the cusp of chaos, and probable CW2, we must then logically think, and operate in the environment that we find ourselves, rather than the one we wish for. I hope you find my apology acceptable.