Equal Time: A Message From The Reds

I can see their point.


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  1. I guess she told them

  2. What’s that quote? “Me thinks thou dost protest too much?”

  3. Henry Bowman

    Completely unhinged…..
    Mom & Dad are gonna be proud, unless they are as unstable as she is….They’ll still be proud i suspect…
    This is the mindest of the left on full display….
    Why no one stuck a bullhorn in her face and hit the button is beyond me, but we need to shut the fucks down..I did enjoy the shout down however…
    Recently here in Charlotte, at a guvco mtg, these special snowflakes shouted down the mayor, a progressive/lib if i ever saw one, and even she was fed up and over this crowds antics…
    At what point does this go kinetic? At what point does freefor respond in kind?
    I am thinking that Tippman paintball guns loaded with nylon glass breakers and pepper ball rounds might be a good thing to have in ones auto for crowd control or dispersal….

    • That is why this will eventually come down to whoever can accurately sling the most Pb in the shortest amount of time.

      Can’t negotiate, compromise, or with engage that.

  4. the murkins are whack jobs.

    200 million should be enough…

  5. She has a degree in music appreciation

    • POd American

      Doubt that…it would be a double step higher than her AA degree in Wimminz studies.

  6. The Usual Suspect

    SMACK *** BOFF***** THUMP***** SLAP**** PUNCH****

  7. POd American

    I think she should be “debarked.”

    What is debarking you ask?
    This is a surgical procedure to reduce tissue in the vocal chords. Some vets use a punch to remove tissue. Other surgeons make cuts of varying sizes and I have heard of some using a laser. The goal of the surgery is to lower the volume of the bitch’s bark and the ability of the bark to carry over a wide area.

    Then there’s the alternate method which involves a deep lateral cut (approximately 100cm in length) just below the vocal cords. The reddish hair probably contributes to this obvious psycho behavior.


      It is a very inhumane procedure for dogs. If you cannot deal with your dog’s yapping, do not own one. SJW special snowflake wimmen, on the other hand, are a different story. My ex-wife could have benefited from such a surgical procedure.

      • I did notice her initial volume disappeared into oblivion once the chants of USA took over…

        From that point forward, she dwindled down to a spastic, middle finger waving, fly trap…

        In other words, she became insignificant…

  8. Where is that can of Sabre Red when you need it…

  9. Uncle Larry

    Censorship of the blogo-sphere is happening right now. A Chicago based blog, True News USA, was removed for being too politically incorrect. They resurfaced as altnewsusa.blog. Toned down a bit , but apparently not enough. They were removed even faster than the last time. The reason given for the removal? Writing bad things about “protected classes” of people. It’s ok to attack unprotected classes of people like White males.

  10. Mark Matis

    That is why you don’t want me at any of your gatherings. This would not have ended as well as it did had I been there.

  11. Grenadier1

    She needed to be physically removed although she would no doubt have filed assault charges.

  12. She actually looks kind of cute and I really am afraid for any man who takes up a relationship with her. As they say with violent abusers, with people who do violent things (and I would say that she intended to be violent the way she used her voice) and react in extreme ways, it isn’t just a one time thing (unless drugs are involved) and I think she is like that naturally and can tap into that at any time.
    If all she did was scream it would not be so bad. I would assume she was just a very troubled soul. But the two middle fingers up revealed her hatred for everyone around her.
    And this is my opinion only, and I am not a religious expert, but she looks to me like she is inhabited by a demon. She probably doesn’t think so and I am sure she thinks she is so in control of herself, but when she does stuff like that she is allowing whatever demon is inside her to express itself and is in turn giving the demon more power over her in the future.
    I would really have wanted to talk to the guy in the Trust Jesus jacket and get his take on her behavior.
    Chanting “USA, USA” was a good move by the people around her to counter her screaming. I myself would have been saying the Lords Prayer and saying the name Jesus over and over again aloud. My understanding is that it torments the demon(s) and protects the other people who are around the demon posessed person somewhat.

    • >She actually looks kind of cute

      [citation needed.]

      • Jimmy the Saint

        It’s all relative. Compared to what groups like Code Pink often trot out, she’s downright breathtaking. That is a very, very, very low bar, however.

  13. Pepper spray down her throat…

    • SemperFi, 0321

      We carry the large cans of bear spray here in Wyoming, and they have been used to settle arguments on occasion. A mouthful of that would have brought instant results, followed by screaming of another kind……real pain!
      I keep forgetting what a multi use product it really is. I carry one clipped to my belt loop all summer with a small carabiner, alongside my handgun.

      For those of you city dwellers, a can of bear spray is a handy thing to have in the vehicle, when the need arises. (Warning, do not leave in car in summer with rolled up windows, they do explode from heat!)


  14. Kinda reminds me of a walker on the walking dead ….. Perhaps tere is some hope in how to deal with this type of thing… You know on a side note it ain’t immoral to shoot them if they are already dead !!!

  15. How about a foul smelling liquid such as Diesel Fuel to be splashed on her followed by one of the propane lighters. Not to set her on fire but for her to think she is about to become a fireball. Gasoline is too flammable and alcohol does not have enough smell to it but the Diesel fuel fumes are pretty nasty. I still recall (50 years ago) a high school class where there was some really nasty smelling stuff that made us all want to puke. If they want to act nasty, how about some payback?? Just an idea to kick around.

    • Butyric acid has a long history of use by activists, both anti-abortion and anti-whaling.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Liquid Ass – that should pretty much make her extremely unwelcome in any crowd, and most zoos.

      • This was my thought exactly watching that video. That could be handled very discretely.

  16. Give her a Mike Tyson to the nose

  17. It’s hard to scream like that after ingesting a squirt of OC.

    I’ve heard.

    • And if done right, with baggy jacket sleeves, a stun gun to the abdomen can look a lot like a seizure, which lets other bystanders render medical attention.
      Including carrying people away.

  18. Randall Flagg

    Rhetorical question: Is screaming considered speech?

    While I do not believe in hitting women (unless in self-defense), in a common-sense world this ‘womyn’ would have been dragged out of there by her heels, and not permitted back. Instead, the crowd plays her stupid game and goes Lee Greenwood on her. Not gonna work as by that time this nutcase womyn had already won.

  19. “I mean, who hasn’t wanted to shoot at a woman once or twice?”

    ~ Al Swearengen Deadwood 


  20. In the immortal words of John Wayne, in “The Searchers”, “Don’t forget you’re a lady!”

  21. *autistic screeching intensifies*

  22. Aerosol boat horn – blasts as needed from six inches away.

    • Very nice touch with the boat horn. I store piss in a couple of gatorade bottles.Let it ripen up. Cheap disposable squirt guns. Use your imagination. Latex gloves.

  23. Key-ryst!….that Screech owl!.. Drop her in the desert and let the sun cook That pasty white skin… Give her something to go with that noise.

  24. A good time for a Negan to the noggin.

  25. Alfred E. Neuman

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  26. Someone suggested that she had “Parents”. I would imagine that in Berkeley that this would be considered a terrible sin against society , but if she does, someone should write them a calm and professional letter outlining their snowflakes behavior and how it reflects upon ‘them’ as human beings. Not that this would change anything but their reaction to the leftist media mayhem that followed would certainly generate enough memes to keep me entertained for days; and that’s what is really important here……

  27. If one of ours did that, at one of THEIR rallies, they would swiftly be beaten to a pulp, minimum. If we don’t start dealing with theirs, like they deal with ours, we are going to lose this fight. And why? They are effectively silencing us, and perception being a lot of the battle, after a while, we’re going to lose our voice to them, and their shit. Don’t underestimate the ability of the MSM commies to influence the struggle. I know it’s crap on a crapper, but we can’t refuse to accept the situation.

  28. Fred Seymour, Jr.

    Let it bleed

  29. The way to do it is shout and then get, all cameras and recorders off. Then get busy taking care of business.

  30. This is all they got??? That is WEAK.

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  32. She makes a cogent argument. I may have to reconsider my position.

  33. Psychiatric Emergency evac would have been allowable I think.

  34. John Denney

    Citizens arrest for disturbing the peace?

  35. Good God… Just club the bitch

  36. Where’s Lucille when you need her?