Get Your AntiFa Gear Here!


AntiFa Swag Store

Sure glad no one on the AntiRed side can figure out how to use this swag to corrupt the AntiFa brand.

Suggestions welcome in comments.

48 responses to “Get Your AntiFa Gear Here!

  1. All proceeds from Antifa store go to the soros open society NWO, er, NGO.

    • That was the first thing that stuck out with me as well

    • Check out their fb page. Interesting.

      • I picked up this essay from their FB page. Very clear exhortation to escalate to the use of lethal force.


      • did so. Pretty neat. I opposed Trump because I knew he’d throw a wet blanket over the right. But he’s certainly gotten the Reds up on their hind legs. All polarization…is good polarization.

      • That essay is loaded with emotional partial truths. The author’s fascination with tired politics, obsolete equipment and a blatant series of mis-statements… do not help “his people.”
        Does the author suppose that FFLs and range people do not pay attention to sketchy folks like his familiars? or, are they planning on using illegally obtained firearms? Again, not a good thing to do, ideologically as well as from a public policy standpoint.
        I expect this summer is going to be a painful one for America, no matter where on the spectrum one sits, even if you just want to sit on your own front porch.
        As the song goes, “peace sells, but who’s buying?”

  2. All made in the USSA.

  3. I find it interesting how these commie faggots NEVER show their faces….

    • It is the target dehumanizing itself.
      Thanks for saving us the psychological effort.
      Being able to see the hatred or fear in their faces would add some entertainment value to shooting them.
      It just makes ID easier.
      So what color do we wear?

      Gray is my choice.
      Maybe some khaki and faded OG.
      Fake LEO would really add fuel to the fire.

    • Easy way to keep from getting doxed.

    • If you watch the videos of them operating at their ‘demonstrations,’ you’ll see that they dress nearly identically in addition to hiding their faces. There are a few actively violent provocateurs that sneak-attack designated victims of the day, and then try to scurry back into the crowd of other masked people in similar clothing and blend in before they are stomped by the victim or arrested by the police.

      As far as the Antifa gear goes, they are notorious pedophiles, so photoshopping their logo to better represent their real interests might be effective.

  4. POd American

    Love it…automatic target recognition…..keep letting us know what you’re going to be wearing. bawhahahaah!

  5. Brian in Ohio

    Just begging to be left at a crime scene near you….

    • Mark Matis

      As long as you are smart enough to not leave your fingerprints on them…

      • …and don’t forget fiber, DNA and other trace evidence. Ideally, you would acquire the Antifa item and then unbox it somewhere other than your home, vehicle, etc. Something like the enclosed bus stops I see around town would be great. While wearing gloves, unbox the item and immediately place it into a new ziplock baggie. Leave it in the baggie until you drop it off in an appropriate location.

        • Mark Matis

          That can be worthwhile if the Only Ones already have a sample of your DNA, but for any who previously swore an oath to the Constitution, the Boys in Blue already have your fingerprints. If they suspect you are behind the event, they can of course get a DNA sample. But the fingerprints are the easiest solution for them.

  6. Any sport that requires you to dress up for it has become a pretentious hobby.

    I would suggest putting their bumper stickers on Berkeley PD vehicles.
    It’s too bad the flags are sold out, I’m sure hanging them a few places would do wonders to endear Antifa to folks.
    Little League fields, VFW posts, etc., to say nothing of government buildings.
    And those clever FCK NZS stickers are just the thing to put on vehicles outside religious services and schools, right?
    They’ll be awful popular after that.

  7. Trump flags at their houses, cars etc

  8. There is a crowd funding for “Based Stickman” legal defense.
    He’s the guy that cracked an antifas skull open
    at Berkley rally on Saturday.

    • Thanks for that. When I saw it last night, they hadn’t locked it into a solid fundraising platform.

      • go fund me shut it down with paypal not far behind.. (getting flagged)
        This link came via gab.
        The loop videos of him smacking the bastard are highly entertaining.

    • despite my detestation of the lawyer class…contributed a few debtbux. I remember the Berkeley (((rednest))) from direct experience during the late 1960’s. In those days, the local polizei (sometimes) enforced against the communists. Not any more.

      • I concur and you can bet this is a new subset of “ambulances” to chase.
        The inevitable variable being the next level of violence/carnage and when.
        Watching various footage of this weekend’s festivities (skull smashing, pepper spray, TASERS (Mn.) etc.,
        It’s about to get “spicy”.
        “Stickman” is a metaphor.

    • Looks like he was using soft pine wood 1 1/2″ dowel.
      I made a walking stick years ago using the cherry hedge
      wood, and let me tell you – It is one strong solid walking
      stick!! No one has been able to break yet.

      “Every man to his family and his belongings”

      • I just whittled, sanded, drilled, stained and poly’d a nice a nice piece of Ash for progeny last weekend.
        Reaffirm: “Don’t bring a stick to a gun fight.”

        • An appropriate length of 1″ schedule 80 PVC pipe can be very useful, and is cheap and disposable. If you want some grip, then put some grip tape on it.

          If it somehow breaks, then be careful because the broken ends will be sharp.

  9. Put some cross hairs on it and pull the trigger!

  10. Alfred E. Neuman

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  11. AH the smell of escalation in the air. I wish we could dissuade them from going down this road. But sometimes you can’t. Some fuckers won’t let it go. By the time they figure out they picked the wrong fight it’s to late. Here we are, imagine where we will be….

  12. Although it is low hanging fruit intellectually, the cognitive dissonance of ANTIFA using commerce to make a buck strikes me as somewhat… un communistic of them, they are even treading on nascent capitalism there.
    Looking at the swag range offered, these things either pre-existed, or the author has enough financial backing to get at least minimum commercial runs done on flags & pins. The stickers would be cheap enough, though. Were I to buy something like that, it certainly would not be with a credit card… just what anyone needs, it would be asking for identity theft to give that data to someone who appears to have a propensity for not wanting the existing cultural norms.

    • The left’s drugs were always sold between them at what the market would bear — right?

  13. Looks like infiltration gear to me.

  14. Fucking commies embracing capitalism. Hahahahahah


    Sportmans Guide is offering a Ruger 10-22 package which includes a 3×9 scope for under $300.00. Remington Viper truncated cone H/V solids feed very well out out mine.

    • H/V is loud, though. Why not subsonic?


        Yes. It’s always good to have some on hand. But for flat shooting, screamers, I have had real good luck with the T/C solids. They feed just fine, too.

  16. Ahh yes we need some of this swag wondering how much they would like to see it covered in pig feces while I’m burning it ,I’m feeling a YouTube moment coming on !!

  17. Roy Elliott Hurley

    Infiltrate their ranks with black mask and clothes and when the shtf give them a taste of freedom.

  18. Roy Elliott Hurley

    When you infiltrate their ranks you can steal their flags and swag.

  19. John D Burns

    antifa – fighting fascism by acting like fascist thugs.

  20. Xavier Xelente

    Seems to me that a couple of guys, with the correct clothing/flags/masks could do a hell of a lot of damage attacking them from the rear. Hell, if it’s to get really nasty those guys could get close to the front, shove ice picks in kidneys, and disappear into the crowd before anyone realized what was happening.

  21. Oregon Hobo

    Best have these sent either to a fake name & disposable address or at the very least to somewhere very far from where they will be utilized. Unless you’re willing to make it a full-time (as in 24x7x365) job you’ll not want these lovely people linking your activities to your personal info.

    Happy Trails,