DW: Pyongyang claims its missiles were part of a drill to hit US bases

Related: US, South Korean forces begin 300,000+ man annual drill on March 1

Japan Moves to Highest Alert Level After North Korea Fires Missiles

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  1. Distraction.

    Should the peebles repub of NK not exist, the globalists would be forced to create same.

    As with Iran. Oh wait – that was a globalist creation.

    As with Iraq – oh…

    • no, Persia has been around for thousands of years. And will not submit to Zion. That’s why it’s next up on the Judeo-globalist hit list.

  2. A nice and well placed group of nukes would make South Korea an Island and the Norks would be toast. That would give China some nice beachfront property on their southern border.

  3. Not a prayer. It ain’t gonna happen & NEVER was. Always a phoney Boogey Man. Wake up ! The PTB are laughing they’re assess off & have for years at the programmed stupidity of americans.

  4. The funny/not so funny about that cartoon is that there are more than a few retired senior officer contractors who sound JUST. LIKE. THAT.

  5. Detroit III

    Not the least bit of a concern to the US. Not. Our. Problem.

    • Got some treaties that say otherwise, bro.

      If you say ditch the treaties, then I am with you.

      • If you think that the norks burning down South Korea and/or Japan would not “be our problem,” you are letting your anarcho leanings interfere with critical thinking.

        If we get rid of ALL the treaties, world wide, the whole world will burn. Those currently enjoying ‘our’ protection might just decide to “go first” against their mortal enemies or, worse, just cave. The other side(s) will see their chance to achieve what they could never do currently.

        Many of the other .govs in the world are even less rational and more unstable than ‘ours,’ and with far less resources… competition is tough and decision making is besieged and muddled by all sorts of political, economic, cultural and religious factors

        Answers??? Sometimes there are none and certainly very few which would meet the approval of the various perpetual critics who comment here. The best plan possible can never be 90% let alone %100. Besides, any and all suggestions are pipe dream wishes and subject to the ridicule of all the other ideologues. Ten thousand monkeys on leases….

        What good is nuclear deterrence if the other guy doesn’t believe you or is plainly crazy?

        How about this: we send a mirv icbm to a rice paddy out in the middle of nork with no war heads. Instead, the mirvs spread out at altitude delivering pamphlets which read, “This has been a test of the North Korean Extermination System. If this had been a real Extermination Event, you would not have had time to bend over and kiss your asses good bye.”

        • Yes! Gotta love how you push the fear aspect of the neocons.

          To see YOU swallowed the koolaid.

          • Exactly what they want. The guilt of abandonment for the world’s responsibility of the Earth Planet Police Force. What a freaking joke & give me a break. People just trying to survive here w/o worrying about a exploited contrived Boogey Man who can’t manage his own people. Hmmmm manage it’s own people ….. sounds vaguely familiar.

          • I’m not “pushing” anything and am certainly no stooge for your bogeymen.

            Glad I don’t know what you swallowed.

          • he’s really old. 70 or something.

            he has no ability to comprehend new tricks….

            watch as he goes off on a vile and evil rant.

        • The web of treaties committing Americans to defense of the entire world is beyond madness simply on a troops-to-task level, let alone the alleged tenets of the American founding.

          It is well past time to announce withdrawal from most (if not all) broad-spectrum treaties over a rational (three year) period. Those countries that impact actual national interests could be the subject of negotiated replacement agreements – examples would be Japan, Canada, Vietnam, and possibly a few others. “Former” allies would of course be free to maintain traditional ties (and arms purchases) on a voluntary basis.

          Pax Americana is done.

          The FUSA is bankrupt (liabilities > assets).

          It is better to negotiate a withdrawal to defensible lines than to be crushed in full view of the entire world.

          Or do you believe we can cash all of the treaty obligation “checks” we have written?

          • Concerned American, You have outlined the treaty trap that we find ourselves in. You are absolutely correct in your assertions. We will get crushed if we have to defend multiple treaty obligations, simultaneously.

            Would America defend NATO under Art. V from the Russians, but protect it to be invaded by hordes of Muslims?

            Would America defend S. Korea essentially in a proxy war with China?

            Would America defend the breakaway republic of Taiwan from China, while excoriating “the South” and all things “Southron” at home?

            The people of America need to consider these issues, and more (Ukraine, the looming collapse of Saudi Arabia…), as it will be an immersive experience that we all will share for good or ill.

          • We will never have to “cash” in ALL treaty obligations at once, or ever for many of them. Unless we get out of them all. What do you think China, N Korea, Iran, muslims in general will do in the vacuum you imagine?

            Niemoller had a few words that might parallel….

            I agree that there are too many treaties too cash. W should get out of NATO which has long outlived it’s uses, except as an organ of WORLDism

            • Jon, I am of the opinion that we are in the early stages of a new Thirty Years War, which, as did the first (resulting in the modern nation-sate and other aspects of the Treaty of Westphalia) and second (i.e., WW 1 and 2) versions, will reset the entire global system after first scourging it.

              My wag re total global deaths by the time the moaning stops will be in the 1B+ range, with another several hundred million crippled and/or genetically deformed as a result.

              Add in AI, robotics, and garage-scale biologicals, and we might even kill ourselves as a species better than if things had gone thermonuclearly sideways back in 1983.

              In short, I do see a three-theatre war in the near future which will stretch The One Indispensable Nation to its breaking point and beyond.

              Reasonable minds can differ.

  6. 6/25/1950- 7/27/53 Korea. 33,686 US battle casualties. 109,898 dead and wounded US servicemen and women.Sixty four years later we are still technically at war with North Korea. The USA seems to suck,big-time, at finishing wars.

  7. The Globalist’s are pounding they’re War drums louder than ever. Trump announced more $ for military. Military is behind Trump so it will plunge itself in Spirit to whatever the ‘CIC’ says is justified. All part of the Pavlovian programming & human nature of Warcraft. North Korea was NEVER viable it has always been a distraction & fear based Boogey Man for the Consrant State of Tension & War doctrine aka Report From Iron Mountain. North Korea was always a Bad guy to get South Korea as a Lap Dog for the Vassal State – Proxy Whore Satellite Nation for strategic staging to keep Japan pacified & China in check. North Korea is not a viable enemy & any upper level DOD personal who parrots the RAND Corp’s – Brookings – Travistock – Aspen – Atlantic Council’s et al ‘Stink Tank’ bought imagenary War games Bravo Sierra should be Sectioned 8 – 5150’d immediately. It takes money, resources & real military capability to launch a War offensive against the world’s superpower. None of which North Korea has. With all the plates spinning it’s hard to believe the US won’t be steered& plunged into a World War at this point. Way too many plates spinning, too much exposure of who runs the planetary structure, they are desperate & need an alibi to crash the economy & implement the World’a first Global Revolution or at least attempt it. Ignorance is a multitiered weapon & no different than consciousness. Whether your consciously ignorant or unconsciously ignorant how could anyone wrap their head around it ?
    If you didn’t know the strategy – doctrine how could – would you understand it’s meaning or existence ?

    • “Of course the people do not want war, but after all it’s the leaders of the country who determine the policy and it’s always a simple matter to drag the people along… that is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to greater danger.”
      Herman Goring at the Nuremberg Trials

  8. The enemy diversion you’re ignoring is their main attack.