Insight Into The Enemy’s Mind

It’s Time For Anarchists To Pick Up A Gun

Any questions?

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  1. Well, awlrighty. Other than the cherry-picked manipulation of some studies (Beckett’s cited study from the Guardian was a presumptuous piece of krap, but hey, it’s the Guardian), I find the basic precept sound. I do draw the line at patronizing Starbuck’s. 🙂

  2. Alfred E. Neuman

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  3. Randolph Scott

    We live in very interesting times. Our Creator has placed us all here specifically in this time. We are here at this time for a purpose, feel honored that we are chosen to be here during this time.

    • lastmanstanding

      Well said sir Randolph.

      I tell that to my wife and others “in the know” all the time. The Lord only gives you what he thinks you can handle. I want to believe that we were also hand-picked for what is about to happen.

      Live or die, we are all in. I sure would like to see what it looks like on “the other side” of this satanic cluster.

  4. I quickly scanned the art. and web site. This stoner will make a good lil’ soldier, at least until the shooting starts. Can he be pushed forward in a penal battalion situation?
    I think he’d be more comfortable as one of the guys in the rear /a Maximum or a rifle/bayonet forcing others to their doom, he’s more the craven torturer type then the brutish ball buster. One thing I’m sure of is he’d be completely comfy raising his ass to alllahahaha! and near anyone else that happens by.
    But that’s just my opinion…….

  5. The author of that blog is way off the mark. It is definitely a call to arms for the anarchists, but their vitriol is aimed at the wrong people. His hypothetical stories of white guys shooting people of color is way off and is fiction. His supposed anger towards Trump as an excuse to riot and burn down the town is misplaced. His anger and his thought process regarding police actions are way off the mark. I am a retired LEO, and we don’t do what he’s alleging we do to quell a riot. The cops are not a bunch of KKKs or Nazis. But what he is subtly suggesting is for his kind to arm themselves and to shoot their way out of a situation. This would truly be a great miscalculation; the silent majority is going about its business and trying to be peaceful, but the minute the anarchists want to start a shooting war, then all bets would be off and we might just be seeing the start of another civil war…30 rounds of armor piercing ammo in a Starbucks, indeed.

  6. The Stoopid, it burns.

    He’s got half a truth, and half a wit. And probably wants to go off all half-assed, just for the symmetry.

    What he cannot do is simple mathematics, because he can’t count.
    He also hasn’t connected the dots that the second average folks with guns are legitimately threatened, rather than annoyed and inconvenienced, by the radicals, it will be the go-signal to make radicals extinct. Anytime, anywhere, open season, no bag limit.

    But he’s about five minutes from the final bit of education on the subject he’s going to get in this life. After that, he’ll just be holding an afterlife dorm b.s.session with Tom Hayden, a few guys from the SDS who blew themselves up, the SLA, and five kids from Kent State ca. 1970.

    To everyone still alive, he’ll just be a troublesome puddle that needs cleaning up, and proper disposal.
    Because his rhetoric still isn’t bulletproof.
    And he’s playing checkers in a tri-level chess world.

    • People like this guy have a long and successful track record of SUCCESS.

      In Russia.
      All of Eastern Europe.
      Cambodia, Vietnam, Korea, numerous African states.
      Arguably, every Western’ nation is a half-way Communist right NOW.

      The “liberty movement” has a long track record of incremental failure … which means that something is badly amiss. The fact that you don’t like hearing this, doesn’t alter the truth of it.

      If the answer were as simple as, “Point a gun at him, and the problem is solved.” ….. then, why haven’t you done it?

      ‘He who exercises no forethought, but makes light of his opponents, is sure to be captured by them.’

      • Evidently you glossed over this point:
        “He also hasn’t connected the dots that the second average folks with guns are legitimately threatened, rather than annoyed and inconvenienced, by the radicals, it will be the go-signal to make radicals extinct.”

        They keep edging closer to that line, like they can play chicken with an abyss.

        Gravity is ever a harsh schoolmistress.
        Ask Wile E. Coyote.

    • You’re exactly right when you said, “He’s got half a truth, and half a wit.”
      This is how the “champions of lies” operate. We all know this, for we
      see this over and over again. They take their lessons from the media.
      Sadly, people like him get away with it…even sadder, many fools
      believe the tales that’s “weaved” and get caught up into the action.
      I like what ‘ol Ruppert from the Woodpile Report says,
      “Stay Away From Crowds”

  7. Fascinating. Always good to know ‘what the other side’ is thinking.

  8. Ignoring the Malheur section, because that ended bloodless right? (Eye roll) I love this following gem

    ” They can not only defend themselves and thus be free from the “protection” of the police but move to enforce their own values on the world around them. “.

    Good luck enforcing YOUR values on the world, there is always a bigger badder kid on the block. And these clowns will find out. Second and third order effects are fun like that

  9. Just ‘useful idiots’ as foot soldiers. The heavy lifting is being done behind the scenes – land theft and murder to enrich the ‘progressive elites’ and chardonnay socialist union pension funds. None of the pool of activist teachers or socialists or ‘organisers’ gives a genuine shit about subsistence farmers and ordinary workers.

    “An investigation has revealed that the Teachers Insurance and Annuity Association—College Retirement Equities Fund (TIAA)’s ties to a land grabbing scheme in Brazil had previously unnoticed connections to the Clinton Foundation, Senator Elizabeth Warren, the Open Society Foundation and Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway Group. The land grab occurred at the same time as a leadership reshuffle at the TIAA and contributed to a worsening situation where poor Brazilians were forced off of their land and activists seeking to stand in the way are increasingly being threatened and in some cases, murdered.”

  10. T.L. Davis

    Man, has he gotten the “I’m a victim” rhetoric down.

  11. Stephan Jerde

    “Any questions?”

    Yeah. How can someone get maybe 2/3 of it right, but at the same time be completely wrong?

  12. Dan Morgan

    Somehow, delusional just doesn’t seem to cover it. These people are batshit crazy.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Doesn’t mean that they’re not incredibly dangerous.
      – Zombie Sharon Tate

  13. terrific essay (my friend StukaPilot gave the author a like), showing that Reds and anarchists are ultimately cut from the same cloth. And why, at some point during the coming Violent Discussion (when the anarchists have exhausted their usefulness), the Reds will backshoot them. See also: Russia, 1917-22, Spain 1936-39.

  14. and there’s even a funny comment from a Libtard, who thinks to find “common philosophical ground” with the gun-loving anarcho-communist. Here’s the problem, RantPaul: the Red fully intends to use his gun to kill you and yours, not defend himself.

  15. lon a follower

    Dr.Bones, a con man. Conjurer, indeed.

  16. “Owning a handgun doesn’t make you armed any more than owning a guitar makes you a musician.” Jeff Cooper

    “There are no dangerous weapons; there are only dangerous men.” Robert Heinlein

    Let us hope, for the sake of those on the side of rights, decency, and Western values, that the Left continues to fail to realize that it is not the tool that makes men dangerous, but that men make themselves dangerous.


    • Col. Cooper never met this guy…

      or this guy…

      • The Colonel never met them because he lived in the real world and knew people like that live only in imagination so are of no consequence.

        I know a few who watch those movies and believe they know something about gun fighting. Too many watch movies and think what they’re seeing actually happened.

        Never could figure that kid of mentality.

  17. Hmmm well so there is that to look forward to!! Amazing how they have several of the same ideologies as us .. but make no mistake in the fact that they would have your head on a pike !

  18. Outstanding. Great article.Thanx.

  19. These guys have Saint complexes. They see themselves as the answer to all of the worlds problems. Pretty narcissistic, if you ask me. While they point at some legitimate issues, they have lousy answers. We don’t have capitalism in his country, it’s chrony capitalism, they’re just to self righteous to see it. And honestly, I don’t doubt if pieces like this are written by provocateurs and not grass root members. I say someone is stoking them, pumping them up. AntiFA is certainly infiltrated, as the KKK is, and the Black Panthers etc. were back in the 60’s/70’s. It’s a matter of how they are manipulated.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      Narcissism plays heavy with these types, see it a lot in some that I know. They really believe their intellectualism makes them special, above all others.
      And in most cases, how do you deal with a narcissist? You ignore them.
      Drives them crazy, not being the brightest bulb in the room.

      • It does drive them crazy until they validate themselves by a lie, or they take heir crazy out on you. We can’t turn 80% of the left militants around, we have to undermine their base of support. And… How as to do that?

        • As a traditionalist, the tried and true method of dissuading wannabe badasses is probably the benchmark to aim for:

  20. Are you kidding me you little piece of shit i’ll have you know i graduated top of my Soros protesting class and I’ve been involved in numerous secret raids with Anonymous. I have over 300 confirmed DDoSes. you are nothing to me but another cultural appropriator. I am trained in Cultural Marxism and I’m the top hacker in the entire world. I will wipe you the fuck out with Satanic readings of the Communist Manifesto the likes of which has never been seen before mark my words you think you can get away with saying that shit to me over the internet think again fucker, as we speak i’m checking with my anarcho-communist analyst brigade for your location so you better be prepared to deal with some molotov cocktails and angry feminists flying through your window yOU’RE FUCKING DEAD CHERRY I can be anywhere, anytime, and I can hack into your files in over seven hundred ways, and that’s just with my bare hands. Not only am I extensively trained in hacking, but I have access to the entire arsenal of every piece of malware and gay porn ever created and I will use it to its full extent to wipe your miserable ass off the face of the world wide web, you little shit. if only you had known what oppressed retribution your cultural appropriation would unleash then maybe you would have held your fucking tongue but you couldn’t you’re fucking dead kiddo

    • I do hope that that is satire/snark.

      If so, not too bad.

      If that really is you Dr. Bones, you’re a bigger piece of shit than your article let’s on… don’t see how it’s possible to admit to being a bigger charlatan, fraud and fool than proclaiming satanism, marxism, anarchism and violence against one and all in the one article but right here you manage it.

      In the Name of Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, I rebuke the demons which posses you and take dominion over the powers of darkness and evil in which you dwell. You and yours are playing with forces you cannot comprehend, and against which you are either tools, or powerless.

      You’re plying with fire… Hell Fire.

    • Dr. Bones
      You aren’t an anarchist. All you are us just another deluded punk assed collectivist who’s been spoon fed bullshit from marx thru alinsky! As a real anarchist I call BS on you and all the rest of your pathetic punk assed manginas! I already have my Fal and Glock and they aren’t in my hands to threaten innocent people; they’re to defend against ALL collectivists and their violent useful idiots.
      Run your ass back to achingastan before you piss of the wrong person as the least that will happen is you having your dentistry being re-arranged via a rifle buttstock the moment that you try to enact a collectivist utopia in real time.

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy (with a swift kick in the nuts to ALL collectivists — especially antifa manginas!!)
      NorthGunner III

  21. I thought demokrats wanted to DISARM everybody???

    • They do, Willy. This guy is not a democrat.

      He does at least say exactly what he means. No demonrat ever does.

    • lon a follower

      When you see all sides using the same tactics as Alinsky, who is the enemy?
      Alinsky, tactics are listed on the left side of the wood pile report.

  22. lon a follower

    When you see all sides using the same tactics as Alinsky, who is the enemy?
    Alinsky, tactics are listed on the left side of the wood pile report.

  23. The actual fighting and killing is done, with none of the drama, talking and posing. If you immerse yourself in your actual situation, and concentrate on using the principles of cover, concealment, movement under fire, and use your weapons in a way that maximizes their utility, (mostly, shooting when there is something to shoot at, and not wasting ammunition just shooting) you got a pretty fair chance of coming out alive. If your only frame of reference is movies and shit like that, you’re going to die, in the first round. Movies are make believe, pretend. Combat is real. A whole lot of people are just going to run away, when the shooting starts in CW2. You can bet on it. Be prepared to deal with that, too. I have earplugs that filter the harsh noises and still let me hear people talk. I’d look into it if you haven’t already.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      Amazed at the number of people who reference fantasy movies as their source of reality.
      Since when has Hollywood ever known reality? Even off screen those people live on another planet. But boy howdy, can they jump and shoot!
      I saw a few minutes of the Matrix once and wanted to puke, but how many people think it’s a gunslinger training movie?

  24. The Usual Suspect

    Well *** They have the talking part done !

  25. Jesse James

    So I’m a Luddite, but here’s a thought. Yeah he’s nuts, and probably most of the people that read him. Soooooo…who is he, where does he live, where does he work and what circles does he run in? Past the point of “Imma kill you” I could care less what other idiocy he’s spewing, particularly considering it’s the usual Marx, Chomsky, Hegel verbal diahrrea. He couldn’t think his way out of a paper bag, but I’d like to know if he lives down the street. We could do something useful like that. Heck, why not befriend him and work the pump & discredit angle?