Porretto: A Great Light Dawns


Fran looks ahead to the 2020 national election, and the maneuvering today to influence it.

Here’s the essential reality:




repubs thirst for death full

this is fine

Don’t bet a dime on the Dead Elephants.

And note that they differ in opposition to Trump from the Dems only in volume.

Freedom-loving Americans are on their own, and have been for some time.

3 responses to “Porretto: A Great Light Dawns

  1. Alfred E. Neuman

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  2. The Leftists are going to make an attempt to over throw the FedGov. violently, and install Obongo as the Leader, soon.

  3. that’s right, CA. The Demoncrats just got one or two election cycles ahead of themselves in their 2016 political-demographic expectations. By 2020 there’ll be another 12-15 million non-whites in ‘Murka, and a million or two fewer Whites. And so on. Soon, even the EC won’t hold for the Republiscams. In fact, if the Demoncrats had run anyone, anyone but one of the worst scumbags in the country, even Bernie, they would have won 2016 easily.