Stilton: Forecast? Brown Precipitation


His latest.

But note that the Deep State/media is winning so far.

And never discount this factor:


8 responses to “Stilton: Forecast? Brown Precipitation

  1. Fire them all fire them now then again firing squad isn’t a bad idea either

  2. The war has just begun. Trump has his insiders… spy versus spy. It ain’t over yet by a long-shot.

  3. Alfred E. Neuman

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  4. I’d say more like cloudy with a chance of pink mist.

  5. the (((Deep State))) is running rings around Trump. And – despite all his appeasement attempts – the rings are getting tighter.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      He either starts clearing the playing field now, or they’ll eat him up, a piece at a time. One more lost member of his team and he’s toast.
      I believe he has all the evidence he needs for the wiretapping claim, or he wouldn’t have started it in the first place, and perhaps this is how he goes on the offensive against Obama and team. He’s sly, and as we’ve seen, very clever at playing chess, but the cost to his cabinet hasn’t been good. No more letting people walk, they band together and charge in the direction of the fight now.

    • Yep. This is called running rings around Trump…

      As far as AG Sessions is concerned, he ANSWERED the question within… AND in as far as… THE QUESTION WAS FRAMED. People are so fucking damn stoo-pid.

      There is NOTHING to see here other than the GASLIGHTING of the Trump presidency. That doesn’t mean the Deep State is running rings around them. Trump has been the president for 6-7 weeks, and people expect magic already. These people better find absolute full proof beyond a shadow of a doubt of colluding with the Russians to interfere with the elections, or they are going to look pretty damn stupid… and they have had MONTHS to do this.

  6. One decent enough Republican that people may have forgotton is Rand Paul. You can follow his adventutres at…
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