AfD Calls For Ban On Koranic Exposure To Minors

Some in Germany are standing.

Thanks to the team at VladTepesBlog for the vid at the link, which is worth your time.

2017 will be a memorable year.

3 responses to “AfD Calls For Ban On Koranic Exposure To Minors

  1. Don’t ban it, teach it. THE WHOLE THING. Let those who have escaped speak and tell the kids what it’s all about.

    Suppressing it won’t make it go away.

  2. Sounds like a pretty good plan for obtaining new converts, there, Anon 9:34. Did you think it up yourself, or did your imam hand it off to you? It’s widely available for any one interested in it, giving govt. sanction, and money to help it along only makes it harder to fight against. islam is death to us, and it is our unrelenting and deadly enemy. Any encouragement will just put another nail in our coffin. islam and it’s adherents and enablers, must be destroyed. Not funded. Death to islam.

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