AntiFa In The USA: Thuggery, Iconography, Merchandise

Decoding the imagery, via GoV.

Know your opponents.

8 responses to “AntiFa In The USA: Thuggery, Iconography, Merchandise

  1. “Comrades! The insurrection of five kulak districts should be pitilessly suppressed. The interests of the whole revolution require this because ‘the last decisive battle’ with the kulaks is now under way everywhere. An example must be demonstrated.

    1. Hang (and make sure that the hanging takes place in full view of the people) no fewer than one hundred known landlords, rich men, bloodsuckers.

    2. Publish their names.

    3. Seize all their grain from them.

    4. Designate hostages in accordance with yesterday’s telegram.

    Do it in such a fashion that for hundreds of kilometres around the people might see, tremble, know, shout: “they are strangling, and will strangle to death, the bloodsucking kulaks”.

    Telegraph receipt and implementation.

    Yours, Lenin.

    Find some truly hard people.”

    Thus did V.I. Lenin command leftist mobs in 1918 to be whipped up by his Bolshevik organizers.

    -from Lynch Mobs of the Left

  2. Alfred E. Neuman

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  3. Some of the action in Berkeley, CA.

  4. The comments to the article were annoying. Does no one know the actual history of brownshirts/ nazis? Antifa tactics and goals predate fascism, it is just a new name for violent commie agitators. The brownshirts were formed specifically to fight against it, so comparing brownshirts to antifa is nonsensical. The analogy to brownshirts would be the alt-right and whoever else is forming up to defend against Leftist violence.

  5. NorthGunner

    Patriot Nurse is definitely sounding the call!

    Stop LYING to yourself: The Left wants you DEAD!

    Here’s the video that she references:

    Thug Armed With Assault Rifle Threatens To Murder Man For Having Trump Bumper Sticker!

    Other relevant recent videos by Patriot Nurse:

    The Violent Unraveling of the LEFT: Get Ready!

    9th Circuit: Islam, the Left, and Approaching Civil War

    And while we’re on the subject of ‘diversity’ and ‘cultural enrichment’
    here’s this gem….

    Man Threatens to Kill Donald Trump – Afraid Food Stamps Will Be Taken Away

    Definitely keep networking with good people, keep training/sharing knowledge and skills and keep prepping and be ready to protect hearth and home!

    Yours in Daily Armed Liberty!
    NorthGunner III

  6. I still can’t get people to commit to periodic training and with the threat so close now, people are ignoring it more or more in denial.

    Anyone in East Texas ready to begin some basics training? (All training is basics, advanced training is more basics.)

  7. “All training is basics, advanced training is more basics.”

    Exactly right.