Breitbart: West Virginia Removes 36,635 Departed Voters from Voter Rolls

Remember your #FakeNews: there was no voter fraud in the 2016 Presidential.

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  1. It’s a start 25+ million to go. Then go after the non-existent imagenary Hispanic children used as dependents for IRS scam, then the Armenian & Russian dead SS#’s used to get money from Fed Grants programs for State run Ederly care facilities – meals – exercise – transportation to & from. Drug test all SNAP & Medicaid – Medicare recipients etc. it’s a start & we all have a dream. ;-P

  2. Please correct your number. Breitbart states 36,635 not 63, 635. This is a good thing but it would be better to have only citizens vote, no illegals.

  3. And how many of those voted, post mortem?

  4. Had a good buddy from WV. Every Turkey day he’d back into the holler to be with his kin. They would then engage in the time honored tradition of “the road hunt”. A “road hunt” is conducted with a cooler of beer, a driver and 3 guys in the back with rifles. I’ll let you do the math on the rest.

    Good luck with getting guns away from those folks commies. I could give you one way directions on how to get there ’cause you ain’t comming back.

  5. There is a lot of government corruption in WV like any other state. The democrats are particularly nasty sly crooks.
    Having said that, the dirt people are particularly provincial and self sufficient over most of the terrain of the state. Frugality and economy of living on the grass roots level prevails. There is a certain independence and self determining nature in these mountains and hollows, an indomitable but quiet independence and live and let live culture. Living with and off the land is something that is the rule, and many of the old ways are not forgotten.

    There is something happening in these mountains, a humble kind of withdrawal of consent and resistance to the status quo, to politics as usual, to the graft, corruption and greed of the political class and their connected associates. It is a quiet subtle disgust and rejection of the self anointed rulers and corrupt.
    When the WV legislature rescinded all the de-facto gun regulation and made our property, our arms, how we use and carry our arms as natural as breathing, it was a remarkable event. Except for a mere handful of hoplophobes and marxists, along with the WV State police potentates, with their hashing of teeth and proclamations only they are accorded such liberties, the rank and file representatives from the counties literally ignored not only these tyrants, they refused to be engage or entangled in the politics of cunning disguised treason of the statists and the special interests of the connected.

    I watched most of the sessions, it was a remarkable event. There was almost no argument, other than reasoned discourse on the part of the legislature, it was almost unanimous, that this was a matter of choice for the dirt people, therefore there was no argument, there was no issues, except this is what the dirt people wanted and we are respecting their will.
    It totally disarmed the opposition, it made every excuse, bullshit line and their circular statist logic look like exactly what is was, they never got their usual levers under the truth to flip it upside over into their narrative.

    And by where they some pissed of cranky fucks. The State police chief and his lickspittles even got up on prime time news and threatened us that we best watch out, that they owned this state, and when the time came they would remember who defied them.

    Almost to a man, everyone you know just yawned and said whatever motherfucker.

    It was beautiful.
    But here’s the real clincher, it didn’t matter what the state said was “legal” or not. Most already where defying the state, and that is the only legal thing, being free by being free regardless. It is that way with much in daily life in these mountains and hollows. independence, individualism, family, kin, tribe, neighborhood and community.

    We get all sorts of wild crazy weather extremes. The wind comes roaring out of the west and south, smacks into these mountains, compresses up into crazy extremes and old mother nature humbles us dirt people. Dericho’s, twisters, wind and electrical storms that make you pray to the lord every minute, monster snow storms, biblical rains with floods you have to see to comprehend.
    The dirt people go out and all around charity and regard as natural as the sun rising happens. Food. clothes, materials, a place to stay, oh here’s my generator you use it, we have an extra vehicle, take it, don’t worry we will figure things out later. A load of cord wood, or a few boxes of food.
    It’s the spirit of the land.
    There ain’t a fucker running this state has any power over us dirt people.
    But these ridges and hollows, this land, the good lord, the dirt people, they are the power.

    Many outside these mountains piss on us in WV. They know not how blessed and good we have it. That Christian provincialism they despise and paint as white trailer trash and racist, it’s what is our savings grace, our rock. It is the roots that hold us together.
    The world outside these mountains could learn a lot from our spirit and virtue.

    • When I used to camp out in WV, the people I met where good
      folks. Camping out away from tourist traps was good because
      I was in the thick of their lives and customs. Good memories…

      Seven rivers come out from WV I heard, Still remember the
      white water rapids on New River; wrote my young son’s age
      a little older so he could join in on the fun; though I grabbed
      him close to me during one of those whirlwind spins 🙂 Water
      was nice and warm in the summer, versus the rapids in
      Nantahalla(sp?) N.C.

      “Every man to his family and his belongings”

    • Hi mtnforge, I have a question. Do they accept outsiders who are from other states, retirement age and politically Libertarian? If so, what would be a good place in WV to look?

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