Expunging The Past

New Orleans Cleared To Demolish Confederate Memorials


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  1. During the long rule of Premier Josef Stalin, Soviet historians who wrote histories which displeased him risked being sent to the gulags or summary execution at the hands of the NKVD/KGB. If a given work was deemed unsuitable to the party, it was expunged entirely or altered to adhere to communist party ideology – regardless of the merits of the original work.

    A case in point involved the role of the American Lend-Lease program in saving the U.S.S.R. from conquest by Nazi Germany. Historical records declassified since the fall of the Soviet Union show conclusively that -without lend-lease aid – Russia probably would not have survived the harsh early years of its war with Germany. The many thousands of Studebaker and other heavy trucks sent played a pivotal role in the eventual success of the Red Army – but until the Iron Curtain fell, one could not read of that fact in any Soviet history of the time.

    Today’s Islamo-Marxists are following the same template – any facet of reality which does not comport with their agenda is to be destroyed, altered or marginalized.

  2. Thank you again, SPLC. And thank you, 5th Circuit Court of Appeals, for reminding all of us dirt people once more that not only does the government own everything, we don’t even have standing to complain about it.

  3. If we are going to remove anything that’s left over from the Civil War that offends people, can ask for blacks be removed?

  4. It’s what Marxists do. Separate a people from it’s past making them ignorant of who they are to usher in the glorious revolution based on lies about their past.

  5. The Taliban blew up historical Buddhist statues…..What’s the difference?
    Tyrants tyrannizing. History abolished. Will they push to abolish the Abolition Movement too? Who were the slaves being freed from? Martians?
    As a proud Confederate in 2017, I recognize slavery as wrong, as did George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Robert E Lee. Judging the past by the present is a favorite trick of the ProgreSSives.
    The legacy of the Confederate separation from a Centralized Authoritarian Feral Gov. in DC cannot be left as a seed for future activity. Hence the Destruction and Eradication.

  6. These groups are tied to the Democrats but it was the Democrats who were/are the Party of Slavery (check the Constitution of the CSA) so what can their motivation be besides racism

  7. There may be preventative gun fire over this.

    • You mean “peace volleys”, right?

    • Detroit III

      Nope, not a chance in hell.
      Southern men are not inclined to defend their heritage.

    • Like in South Carolina and in Virginia and Tennessee?

    • I’ll believe it when I see it. The South is pretty cucked, just like the rest of FISA.

      • SemperFi, 0321

        Yup. I’ve listened to Southerners my entire life, bragging how the South will rise again, and yet…………the sound of silence. Haven’t seen even one platoon or company of CSA troops protecting a statue yet.

  8. moral: if you want to fly your flag, and expect your memorials to last….next time Win. Don’t lose. And, BTW, who inflicted the niggers on us in the first place? The Confederacy is as dead as ‘Murka.

    • I know (((who))), the same that are afflicting the negroes and Muslims on us today. Negroes and muslims, and all other non-whites, are cat’s paws for the Jew.

      This decisions is part of the Jew war on Christian, in this case Southern, culture.

      It is cultural genocide. The Jew has been waging genocide, cultural and physical, upon white, Christians for 2.000 years.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “moral: if you want to fly your flag, and expect your memorials to last….next time Win. Don’t lose.”

      Sorry, what?
      – Japan

    • Agreed. The South was foolish, and paid the price. Foolish by bringing in negros to do the hard work, and foolish by fighting a war for glory instead of fighting to win.

  9. Although I’m exhausted from negro fatigue, it looks like they are just warming up. Is a South African kind of tyranny in our future if they manage to dump Trump? For only 13% of the population their will seems everywhere.

    Hat tip Wikileaks today and for my NSA and CIA minders: Jam it.

    • Grenadier1

      No, if they “dump” Trump, we go to war.
      If we lose then we get what we get (see the previous attempt to go our own way). We win, Trump is back in office and we see mass self-deportation.

    • Blacks are just a tool of our real (((enemies))), who need to destroy white dominance so they can play multiple groups off against each other. SA isn’t our future, Weimar Germany is. We are already in its opening stages.

      If Trump gets dumped, open borders and amnesty will be passed within months to make sure a similar glitch in the system never happens again.

  10. alaskapaul

    I was in New Orleans February a year ago. I went by the memorials. This is part of our heritage as a nation. A lot of good men died defending the Confederacy. It is vitally important for all of us to study our nation’s history to understand how we got to a place where 600,000 plus died in that terrible war. The memorials are part of that history.

    Those advocating knocking down the memorials are no better than the Taliban or ISIS in Syria, another very old and historic civilization. And those that knock it down don’t mind the sh*thole that they are creating with their revisionist actions.

  11. Centurion_Cornelius

  12. Lightninbolt

    Marxist style “Commie” tactics….is it so surprising with 8 gloomy years of Zero “growth, wealth and moral values”? It will take time to dig our way out of the dirty “slime coat” called “free Democracy”………………

  13. It proves that they are all communists because only the Marxists need to write HISTORY!! As if history expunged means that it never happened. What dolts. I am tired of all of the craziness. We are in Civil War Two. The shooting is just sporadic, not yet full auto.


    NOLA. A septic tank of vice and depravity, Marxist Democrats, corrupt cops,legions of FSA and other groups of human dreck. Why should anyone be surprised, upset or outraged about this latest desecration of states rights? This is another example of death by one thousand cuts. Sad.

  15. and the one thing stopping the Southern Boys from doing anything about it?


    you guys will catch on.

    they are your enemy.
    they are everyone’s enemy.
    they are the lowest form of life known to free men.
    simply put. they are scumbags.

  16. Never going to NOLA again, never spending any money there again. Fuck em. Vote with your wallet.

  17. Grey Ghost

    Well, this mornings intel from the group that lost in the 5th Circus is that they still have 2 or 3 legal maneuvers in order to get a favorable legal decision. We’ll see if they are successful. The mayor says he plans to put all four statues in a “warehouse” and that a benefactor of the city is “paying for the removal.”

    After what happened earlier to some of the construction equipment that was move into place, I don’t think any local company wants to put up with any of the possible monkey wrenching that will occur.

    The activist group that has “targeted” the 4 statues has publicly said their next target will be the famous Andrew Jackson statue in Jackson Square. Once that that statue is removed they plan to rename it Tubman Square. And in case you can’t figure it out, these fuckers will NOT stop… until some people in the city decides enough is enough and takes the situation in hand.

    They haven’t won just yet but it surely doesn’t look good. If the statues come down I sure wouldn’t blame anyone for not going there. Hell the city is almost in collapse now as their murder rate is twice that of Shitcago and the potholes are LARGE and numerous.

    Grey Ghost

    • the “statues” are just symbols of you and me, which is the real final solution target. I suspect the Progs will soon move to living targets enmasse, beyond the skirmishing phase of picking us off sporadically.
      Hopefully we will be well stocked, and prepared at that time. If well prepared waiting until we see the whites of their eyes can be a good standing order. just my opinion, firing First like at Ft. Sumter was a mistake. Lincoln played us like a fiddle.

  18. “New Orleans” won’t demolish anything.

    The demolition will be done by real men, who live alongside you … “just following orders”.

    It’s always ordinary people who make it happen.

  19. There’s nothing wrong in NOLA that another barge full of explosives wouldn’t fix. Give the place an enema.

  20. Just remember the Motto of the Confederacy. Deo Vindice. G*d (Will) Vindicate. The battle is joined, but not altogether yet. We will see worse, and then worse still, and then bloody awful. We will fight these bastards until we win. And let’s now concentrate on defeating the bastard enemy, and stop attacking each other. I am still waiting for leadership to emerge, because I’m not afraid of self discipline, and following orders. And for all those of you with the snide attitude that all I seem to do is follow orders, and that that makes me a weakling, try this. You will never be able to give orders, unless you can first follow orders. Twelve inches make a ruler. Notice how they are joined together.