Flight Of The Cadgers

Porter probes the refugee rationale.

Finding only cant and bollocks.

Gomer knows.

7 responses to “Flight Of The Cadgers

  1. 3 billion people making less than $2/day in the third world…..How many do you want in your neighborhood?

  2. Gentlemen, prepare to defend yourselves.

  3. kay_de_leon

    No women, no children, no elderly.

  4. If we could just bring back colonialism, they wouldn’t have to leave their countries:

  5. “For the obvious reasons, many Jews prefer to live in multi-ethnic and fragmented societies, being one minority amongst many. Identity politics, pro-immigration and multiculturalism are there to dismantle the cohesive national and patriotic bond in favor of a manifold complex structure consisting of a fragile and dynamic exchange between a manifold of minority groups.

    Jews are often threatened by the possibility that indigenous lower-middle and working classes may follow their nationalistic and patriotic inclinations and turn against them. In that regard, a radical demographic boost of the working class with a varied mixture of foreign ethnicities is regarded by progressive Jews as a necessary preventative measure against anti-semitism.”