Funny That

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  1. Centurion_Cornelius

    cough…cough. “I just don’t get it at all!” cough…cough.

    (never interfere when your enemy is destroying themselves–just pass the popcorn and stack your ammo deep for the “final curtain” act when the fat lady sings (or coughs.)

    Rule556 a la Breaker Morant….sorry Breaker! no rimmed .303 for us.

  2. All races are allowed to be proud of their heritage except for whites.

  3. STFU, you fat Jew bastard Podhortz. You and your entire staff.

    You and your shitty rag Commentary have always been part of the problem, consistently putting Israeli interests before America’s.

    Your “observation” has been blatantly obvious for quite some time now to any and everyone. And only now you come to your senses? I don’t fucking think so.

    Eat Shit And Die Cocksuker.

    • Bill:

      It wasn’t a referendum on the Commentary crowd. It was highlighting the accuracy of the observation re the awakening of white men and some white women.

  4. Pod Whore etz, stands with a burning match, saying “Look at what those arsons did!”

  5. Funny, they thought they would create a regime that would then be set with all it’s power and resources to dividing and conquering us dirt people.

    In the end of it’s days, the consent of the dirt people reigned over every prediction of it’s demise, that it is the regime which dividing itself from everything, it is tearing it’s own throat out, it will soon collapse leaving a odorous drained swampland.
    MAGA Bitchez. -pepe

  6. The default position of all Progressives is violence, we have yet to see the end of this event, heck, we have only gotten a peek at the start!