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  1. Lightninbolt

    On the “so-called” investigation board of Russian “probe”….Comey, Clapper, ex-CIA Brennan and two others…WHAT??!! Majority ALL O Zero’s henchmen! You can guess where this will go folks….nowhere. Wikileaks today, just busted the whole “Russian hacking” lie into a million pieces! CIA are a bunch of “politicized posers!” Zero, with Soros help, behind the whole
    thing. Trump has just routed them all out!

  2. Alfred E. Neuman

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  3. I’d call it the Bush/Obama legacy, unless it is the Clinton/Bush/Obama legacy…

  4. SemperFi, 0321

    Great wisdom, and yet how much of it is denied by even those who read here? Or still agree with gov’t policy as being in best interest of us all?
    So many of us here understood every word he spoke, and yet there are those who cannot bring themselves to fully comprehend and accept how bad Big Brother really is. And to me, that’s the scary part.

    • SF0321,

      “….how bad Big Brother really is.”


      Don’t pay your IRS tribute.

      And at the local level….don’t pay your school taxes supporting at the barrel of a gun and badges, your funding of Marxism known as public schools.

      • SemperFi, 0321

        Haven’t paid IRS in 11 yrs, but how do you get out of local property tax? (mine’s only a couple hundred/yr with Vets exemption)
        The sovereign citizen thing doesn’t hold up in court (and too many stupid peers to count on for jury), and they already tried to auction my property once several yrs ago for failure to pay.
        Yes, worst part, most of property tax goes to public schools, where our illiterate little commie kids learn nothing, but get tons of grant money for shit like laptops, brainwashing and sport equipt.

        • SF0321,

          “….illiterate little commie kids….”

          Yep. It is the same in my AO.

  5. I think it’s quite telling by Trump’s CIA director Mike Pompeo is relatively quite anybody else notice his silence on the issues ?
    Just a little bit of autonomous critical thinking skill sets & analysis to figure it out.

    • Grey Ghost

      “relatively quiet”, hell, he hasn’t spoken one word publicly that I can find. I agree, I find his silence deafening and very telling.

      FWIW, I remember the Ron Paul campaign of 2008 and he maintained the CIA should be dismantled. Everyone thought he was a lunatic, but then I voted for the crazy bastard.

      Grey Ghost

      • Yes indeed right there w/ you. Eerie & awkward silence that shouldn’t be if you follow the narrative & flow. War machine cranking up as Troops getting deployed. ME uptick I’m hearing from BOG & Pilots. Trump picked him & the CIA isn’t exactly winning any popularity contests regarding it’s roles & fingers I multiple pies. Wouldn’t a new Branding or at least effort of Fake Branding make sense ? Wouldn’t the director make a statement about standing behind his POTUS or ongoing investigations of alleged Roos-ski hacking interference ? Or latest ‘Spooky-Leaks’ about CIA hacking abilities ?
        It’s bigger than the Snowden dump in orders of magnitude ?
        It’s the silence that is the tell…

    • Randolph Scott

      None of President Trump’s appointees have said anything about anybody. Have their brains been turned off and vocal cords tied. The silence is truly deafening.

  6. As for the “mind reading” forecast, it’s already here – every time you post something on the Internet. You don’t need to read minds when you can read the text from the mind. Couple that with social media, photos, events, travels, friends, etc. = social network analysis straight from the source.

  7. The question begs. With all this going on, how the fuck did Trump win? The deep state was, and still is, astounded at the results of the election. To this day, no one knows what happened in Wisconsin. More than 97% of all political donations by federal employees to this last presidential campaign, went to Hillary. All of wall street, all of the newspapers, most of the republican leaders were against Trump. What the fuck happened?
    Part of the answer, I believe, comes from the tweet you posted by John Podhoretz. The left has succeeded in dividing Amerika into warring identity groups only to realize, too late ( Nov 9), that middle class white America was still the largest group by far, and that they voted their own identity in this last election. This wasn’t a racist action. This was what the left has been telling us to do all along, vote for your own kind. The deep state pollsters called us and we lied to them, just like they lied to us all along.
    The other part of the answer is possibly divine intervention. Can anyone explain how Trump won, with the entire world, along with the deep state, using all their assets against him?
    I can’t.

    • Randall Flagg

      ” The deep state pollsters called us and we lied to them, just like they lied to us all along.” Damn right. They kept calling, and I just told them what they wanted to hear. Over and over.

    • We all saw the turnout for Trump campaign & rallies. There was simply too much disparity to pull off that big of lie. They know & monitor it all. They also know they have lost the information War & vastly outnumbered in physical numbers – in principle & ROL.

    • “The deep state pollsters called us and we lied to them…”

      Very true actually. There were studies on this, how people in phone polls were far less likely to support Trump than in internet polls, because they didn’t want to admit to a live person that they supported Trump. Even anonymously.

      I live in WI, and I can tell you what happened. The shitlibs in Madison and Milw had low turnout due to Bernie not getting the nomination, and the many conservatives (not necessarily Republican) turned out in droves. WI conservatives doesn’t like to vote for RINOs (Ryan is a special case), so we often elect a Dem president at the same time we elect Republicans to Congress or to state legislature.

  8. 34 Red Bull

    Not only should your devices with cameras be covered with opague tape, but you should plug into your microphone jack a plug with the wire cut to mechanically disable your microphone. (Cutting the wire on a cheap pair of headphones will work)

    Now we know why the latest iPhone removed the microphone plugin jack for a wireless option. So you can’t disable the mic.

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  10. Imagine the power they will have when you are travelling in a driverless car.