#Obamagate: Exposing The Obama Deep State

Clear and concise.

Interesting times, as Fran notes.

Hint: Don’t lose.

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  1. So he’s got a third term. And what will be done about it?

    Whining and crying on twitter ain’t gunna stop it.

  2. Where are the good guys? There has to be battles of immense proportions going on within all these agencies we collectively call the deep state. What can we the people do to help? You tell me and until then I will consider prayer our best weapon after we put Trump into the office of POTUS. I am open to further options on what we can do besides watch and pray. Any ideas?

    • I believe you will be disturbed by the absence of “good guys”.

      • lastmanstanding

        [audio src="https://solari.com/audio/Saker02022017.mp3" /]

        I seldom listen to anything over 40 mins… this is about 85.

        Saker recommends for now that we must support Trump in thought, word and deed…until other conditions dictate. Worth a listen if one has time.

      • I actually think there are more good guys than bad guys but many have just not seen reason to stand up for right yet. They will… otherwise they, their children and grandchildren will have no future worth waking up to.

    • WE are the good guys, and as CA says there aren’t enough to go around. Trust God, Love people & Remember Mattis.

    • William Munny

      Where are the good guys?

      In answer to your question…

  3. “There is now a President and an Anti-President.” Uh, an anti-something that’s for sure. “It is a criminal conspiracy of unprecedented scope.” Are people beginning to see how unusual all of this is? How many people who crossed this “gentleman” have mysteriously died? Seal team six helo, Christopher Kyle for starters? How many bat shit crazy ideas or boondogles has “he” merrily enacted with zero fallout. Unrestricted muslim migration, openly muslim members appointed to high level government positions. Basically he normalized violent, radical muslim killers. Allowing transgenders to dictate policy in our schools for our children. Basically he normalized highly abnormal, deviant behavior. All this, and much more, with nary a peep from, well anyone in significant numbers. Except when it counted, much to the powers that be’s shock, when millions of Americans voted for President Trump. We are making a difference. Stand strong America and God bless.

    • “he” did no such thing.

      the murkins are highly abnormal, deviants. they just finally found their match with the homo. seriously, look around you, the people are freaks.
      when I was growing up, tattoo’s(other than war vets), purple hair, faggotry, were all hidden in the shadows of the rock these misfits lived under. oh, the religion nutters were always there, but they were part of the early freak show so nobody gave them a second thought. I was taught to keep your beliefs to yourself, if anyone is interested they will seek it on their own. I can’t stand some sinner preaching about anything. save yourself and quit trying to force your superstitions on everyone else.

      • “Now when they bring you to the synagogues and magistrates and authorities, do not worry about how or what you should answer, or what you should say. For the Holy Spirit will teach you in that very hour what you ought to say” Luke 12:11-12, NKJV.
        I get it man, at least in part, people, including myself, can be and are, miserable bastards. We believe in something and get the crap beat out of us by the very people we may have been trying to honor and defend. Old story, soldiers don’t have much in common with the day to day business of living. They used to be expendable. No longer, people need leadership to try and show them what not to do and what to do. You need something to believe in again that isn’t all about death and getting back at all of the bastards that didn’t honor your sacrifices. God bless and God blesd America!!!

      • Randall Flagg

        “the murkins are highly abnormal, deviants.” As an admitted and unrepentant adulterer, you do understand that you fall into that category too, no?

        • That’s different. Warlord is as Warlord does. Besides, you can’t reach into your pocket and pull 10k out Like tfat bob barker can

        • redneck noise.
          keep your superstitions and rituals to yourself.

          my compass works just fine.

    • Extortion 17. Shit, this cold war’s been hot for a minute.

  4. It would be interesting to see a U.S President in prison, along with a Secret Service detail.

  5. “Well? We’re waiting!”

    Memes set aside, this remains a very dangerous time and I can’t think of a reason to slow walk the truth as the media creates its own facts/FakeNews.

    The reason Mr. Breitbart never finished his walk is because there was something on his desk. Wiki does it right; drop the encrypted file and then distribution the keys with release instructions.

  6. Frankly it wouldn’t surprise not many Steve et al. Many Patriots – Nationalist’s have been saying this for years. Before W. Bush we knew. Just got systemically worst & metastasized beyond quantifiable. People kept sluffing it off w/ the typical shoulder shrug following by the traditional & perrenial favorite ‘what are you going to do about it’ attitude. We have been @ critical mass for years Mr. Bannon. But we’ll take any thing you can do to mitigate – purge – end the ponerological fraud – corruption – train of abuses for sure. Dig in we’ll back you all the way but, dig in & go for it like there is no tomorrow. Because if you don’t, there will be no guarantee of many tomorrow’s left at the pace we are headed to entropy. It’s all a shit sandwhich no matter how you slice it & if they don’t end or divert it it only metastases into a bigger malignant mass of shit.

  7. amazing how most here think if they can just replace the current scumbags with “honest” people.

    HA HA HA

    the whole thing is corrupt to the core. there is no saving the abortion called government. it’s always the old timers who continue to believe.

    BTW here’s some more of the so-called “good guys” in action.

    Here are the ten reports of police misconduct tracked for Thursday, March 2, 2017:

    Ocean County, New Jersey: A lieutenant is facing drug, official misconduct, and theft charges after cocaine went missing. ow.ly/kqLK309w12P
    Aberdeen, New Jersey: An officer pled guilty to illegally accessing a federal law enforcement database and passing on information to others. He is scheduled to be sentenced March 20. ow.ly/Fvh0309w2xk
    Shirley, Massachusetts: The chief was placed on leave after a female former officer alleged mistreatment by him and others under his command. ow.ly/YDnb309w5r5
    Opelousas, Louisiana: An officer was arrested for interfering with St. Landry Parish officers during an off-duty incident. ow.ly/BuHP309w5Ww
    Shawnee, Oklahoma: An officer was arrested for domestic assault against his girlfriend, who is also an officer. ow.ly/octy309w9lo
    Springfield, Illinois: An officer was arrested for official misconduct and battery for actions against a 19-year-old during the course of an arrest. ow.ly/fgT5309waaT
    Florida Highway Patrol: A trooper was arrested for a filing false report to cover up hit-and-run in Miami Beach that left the victim brain damaged. ow.ly/ZZXQ309wbtC
    Update: Arlington, Texas (First reported 12-12-16): Sixteen officers gave up their law enforcement certifications to moot criminal indictments for fake traffic stops. ow.ly/BNOB309wclT
    North Las Vegas, Nevada: A SWAT officer accidentally shot an innocent man in his car during a standoff. ow.ly/wOvu309wdAE
    Update: U.S. Secret Service (First reported 11-16-15): A now-former officer pled guilty to sexting a Broward County, Florida underage girl while he was on duty at the White House. He had previously pled guilty to charges stemming from a sting with similar circumstances. ow.ly/VEzl309wfJT

    will the stupid sheep ever learn?


  8. I find it interesting that a few years ago any talk of ” Deep state” would have gotten screams of nutcase, conspiracy theorist. I have seen the term Deep State all over regular news, etc. the last few weeks.

    • I perused his official Twitter page. I think it is not him but yet another PsyOp & digitally created persona. Just instincts & hunch.

    • This article, is smoke and mirrors, a fake trail. If you believe Barracks house is the NEW HQ, your not seeing the picture correctly. Your playing chess, their playing three dimensional chess.

      His new HQ, is centered in EVERY Intel department in the nation, a snake with a thousand heads.


      • lastmanstanding

        Brother, I’m not saying you are wrong at all, just saying that this shit has been in plain fucking site for decades…an “Americans” eat this shit up.

        Half or more of fusa believes the only reason that barry stayed in dc so the 2 diaper babies could stay in school…HOOK, LINE & SINKER.

        No way he was staying in his mind, he was headed to golf lala land in Hawaii.

        He was ordered to stay. They knew in advance that hill was a no go. How’s that for a wrinkle?

        Imagine how any of us would feel if that thing moved in down the street and opened that can of commie/treasons crap.

  9. kay_de_leon

    Anyone see the makings of a proper civil war behind this shit?

    Right wing death squads = anyone against satanic pedos?

  10. Not a big Rap fan, caught my youngest son listening to this while he was working on hi truck. All is not lost.

    • Rednecks are among the worst of the worst. Degenerative. Terrible examples of the human species. That video is a great example and by the looks of the people, so is the gene pool. F your no tresspassing signs and your private property if you have any.

      Rednecks love some us gov handouts and still ‘proud’.

      • Advice… Stay on the paved roads.

        • Look at the negroid chimp expression on his face. Rap has even conquered the backwoods. But yes, at least they making their own and not listening to the Blacks themselves. But it would be better to stick to the Old Music, with new themes of course.

          • Pops always said work hard play hard sleep well. All my boy’s and their friends work hard at saw mills, insulation factory, construction and so on. Spend the money on trucks, guns and Living. Hell when I was their age I was listening to Hank Jr and Pops would holler turn that crap off! My wife remembers Elvis’s hips being censored. So yeah all you moral magician’s can STFU. You’all should shake the crap out of a rattle snake, shove in your paints and see if God love you.

            • ^this is not progress.

              The rednecks of today are about as respectable as the native Indians of today. Poor people had their spirit destroyed which they can’t realize. Even if they did realize, they do not have the will to overcome.

              10 billion people on earth with this type of thinking will not work. It does not work with 7.5 billion. Aproaching threshold… Human induced or other.

      • . A redneck,historically,is a white farmer.ultra-conservative in their political views and norms. A cracker,hillbilly,white trash is a different animal. A true redneck is self sufficient,innovative and conservative,from Maine to Arkansas.The term ,redneck, has been hijacked, exploited and misunderstood for many years. Similar to most things that mainstream US culture and marketing get their hands on. Make some money off it ,ram it down your throat, destroy it, and move on to the next thing.
        The Scottish Covenanters of the seventeenth century were the original rednecks.Scottish rebels who rose up against a monarchy and signed an oath in blood.Many of the Scots-Irish emigrated to America.

    • what fucking disgrace.

  11. Not one single person of any real importance or significance will go to jail. Not. One.

    For those with short term memory issues, Mr. “Lock Her Up” immediately about-faced on that little issue the instant the election was in the bag. We all know how many banksters should be in prison, as Iceland and Spain and other countries are doing. Yet how many Goldman Sachs alumni does Trump currently have on his staff? And this after he blasted Cruz for his wife’s ties to GS, and going after Hillary for all the donations she got from GS employees during the election.

    Why wasn’t Lois Lerner brought up on charges for the actions of the IRS on Day One? Why wasn’t Eric Holder charged for crimes committed under Fast and Furious? This is low-hanging fruit with documented criminal activity.

    At best we’ll see a couple of Scooter Libbys marched in front of Congress and given show trials to keep up appearances.

  12. Alfred E. Neuman

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  13. Fred Seymour, Jr.

    It’s coming!