Suidlanders: Our Emergency Plan

Devised against an emergency such as this:

UK Telegraph: South African President Jacob Zuma calls for confiscation of white land without compensation

the Suidlanders have devised:

The Suidlanders Emergency Plan

Read it.

Print it.

Think about how to adapt it to your area’s circumstances should there be a Red/DeepState attack on POTUS, widespread civil unrest, or other political cataclysm.

Tempus fugit.

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    How could these white South Africans not think that this would happen? Sure, it took years, but in the long run, they are on the verge of losing everything. With Zimbabwe right next door, they had a window into their future. Sad.

    • *With Rhodesia next door. There corrected it for you. Rhodesia wasn’t even settled a hundred years before it’s unfortunate demise. The Boer have been in SA since the 1600s. They fought hard against the British Empire twice, having several victories but ultimately defeat, they were victims of the 1st concentration camps in history. They just need something like this to happen on a large scale instead of the farm murders by small groups of government/nongovernment thugs, and the Yugoslav wars will be considered humane. They have a large cadre who have been in various wars since the bush wars. My money is on the boers if they don’t win a homeland it will be a helluva big Alamo.

    • We could say the same about ourselves. How can so many of us not see what happens in multi-ethnic nations, given Zimbabwe and SA as examples? Much of Europe today, for that matter.

      What else can they do? Revolt when they are 10% of the population, and much of the worlds’ nations would rally to help the poor down-trodden minorities (even though 90% of pop) being oppressed?

      What else can we do, when a vast majority of whoever we elect to represent us suddenly comes to favor mass immigration once they get a place at the trough.

    • How could we have not seen it here? We have a window to our south. Giant failed narco state. Heads on sidewalks. Politicians and gov bought out. Factions of the military bought out. No bueno senor. But it could never happen here right? Those people are hard working and go to church and send money home to their families………

  2. Grey Ghost

    They can either stand and fight the SA commies or get as much of their assets “liquid” as soon as possible and get the hell out of their as a real refugee.

    Grey Ghost

  3. Centurion_Cornelius

    the Prelude Act was clear:

    “What’s past is prologue”

    The Tempest, Act 2, Scene I

    • Yep and you have to wonder how many of those prepped, were trained, but didn’t have tribe/community they could count on when they were being attacked…Wonder how many were lone wolves that thought they could make it on their own…Wonder how many were rugged individualist that didn’t want to lead or follow anyone…Wonder if they could come back from the dead just what advice they would give to us…

      • Jimmy the Saint

        “Wonder if they could come back from the dead just what advice they would give to us…”

        “When your enemy says he wants you dead, believe him.”

  4. GG,

    “….a real refugee.”

    Did you read the attached link ? 95% of legitimate war refugees from the Ukraine were denied entry into Merkel’s Germany. In the meantime the Marxist Merkel has welcomed hundreds of thousands of invaders into what once was Deutchland.

    The problem for anyone fleeing South Africa as a refugee….they ain’t fucking moslems.

    The solution here in fUSA and elsewhere is to KILL those who would do one harm. AESOP recently posted a short, hypothetical essay on how good folks should respond to the Marxists. He was spot on.

    For a primer on payback, justice served upon the left, I suggest the book FRY THE BRAIN by John West.

    • actually, Putin has offered refuge – and land – to any Whites who escape the niggers’ cooking pot.

    • Grey Ghost

      Dan III,
      Sure I read it. My point was they were “real refugees” not a bunch of Team Mo true believers infiltrating/invading a country for ultimate domination. I’m not sure that any country they would want to go to would accept them, but you never know unless you try. I also said they could stand and fight which in my mind encompasses the whole shooting match (pun intended) revolution/guerrilla warfare/4GW. In my mind, there are only TWO choices when the .gov says they are going to confiscate your property… fight the .gov ENFORCERS or get the hell out as best you can.

      I read Aesop’s “short story” and commented there. Well, written and IIRC, shades of MattB.

      Got it… “Fry the Brain.”

      You want to really understand what is happening in SA post Apartheid, then read this:

      Grey Ghost

  5. GG,

  6. I remember back when Rhodesia was experiencing the same thing in the 70’s. I can’t help but wonder if history will repeat in regards to US expats & ex-GI’s going to fight against the communists.

    • Ex 11B2PB4 here and I will gladly go!

      • BTW we all know about MRAP and all the Rhodesian ied vehicles the information was there our leadership was just too proud to pick up a book and read history or listen to the PMCs who were all bush war vets, the fire force methods and coin ops became verbatim after awhile but no one gives credit to the racist Rhodesians. Rhodesia is a good example of Gunga Din trying to take over, fine keep your country but don’t try and take ours. How the mighty have fallen.

  7. Under this type of globalist mentality I should return to the UK and claim my London mansion by kicking out an Arab or Russian and claim my Scottish golf course by kicking out the non-Scottish Eurotrash.

    • I’m with you pan-European if everyone is picking sides why do we feel like we are better to not pick sides

  8. Independent Communications appear to be a cornerstone of their community planning. It looks like they’re using higher-end kit too. The Boers have weathered a storm once or twice, they know the deal.

  9. The effort is a notable jump beyond most. Local. Start with one farm; add nodes as able, when safe. Incoming aren’t pampered, they bring some skill to the table, or are simply put to work.

    Yes, the history (and the Ruark) is strong but perhaps one person will take that and apply thought-pieces where needed vs. keyboard pontification.

  10. wealthy farmer

    They need to evacuate immediately.
    We need them here: the average age of farmers in the USA is 58 and rising steadily. Turns out snowflakes are terrified of real outdoorsy work. Afrikaners are tough smart and very hard workers.

    • Not many here can afford to purchase a farm, or start a farm. Farming is now owned and operated by the machine. Don’t shit yourself, farmers are owned and operated by govt perks.

      Many many friends who farm. Each freely admits that without govt substitutes their combat in effective.

      Just food for thought.


  11. I did consult work in SA.For every man working we had two on security detail.The pavement apes would steal or murder at the drop of a hat.Compounds for equipment and worker safety were probed nightly.The chimps broke in the compound of the Prez of the Local 81 and killed him,shot his daughter. What a fucking shithole.Africa is tribal,third world and will always be a shithole. Centuries of tribal inbreeding(low IQ) ignorance,corruption and being sodomized by the colonial powers, have had a lasting effect..Nuke it from space,Ripley.

  12. Uncle Larry

    Refugees from Rhodesia were denied entry into Britain and the US when the commies took over. Our media will do it’s best to hide the genocide. They have experience at hiding news. The commies shot down 2 civilian airliners in Rhodesia. Nothing in the news. Mugabe murdered 30 thousand members of the second largest tribe in his country, in order to let them know he was in charge. He used his North Korean trained units for that. Nothing in the news. TPTB don’t want White people escaping and spreading the horrific news to potential future targets.

  13. Rhodesian farmers are worth a review, one of my models for site security, and agreements for QRF, with others in the hood. Their model has merit.


  14. Wasn’t the first heart transplant in the world done in (white) South Africa? They sure are different now, with black communists running things….

  15. The two most effective assets this group has? Morality and trust. The former begets the latter. With those two assets, they can organize, and they did. This plan, by their own admission, took years to develop and it is still a shell, a framework. It has a partial dependence on a paid subscription to SMS alerts – a small amount, something like 20 cents per day. But as ncscout noted, they also have independent comms and that’s critical. Primary, alternate, backup, and contingency comms plans and rally points should be devised.

    Having said that, the plan, sketchy though it is, is miles ahead of anything I’ve seen here. We don’t even have a shitty plan. Why? I submit it is because we are: 1) too comfortable with the status quo to do the work and, 2) too willing to accept all comers and, as such, infest our ranks with low caliber, immoral and untrustworthy individuals. Look at the Malheur clusterfuck as a sad example.

    In addition to the physical, gruesome genocide in RSA and Rhodesia, there is an economic genocide which has driven many former middle-class whites into penury and, yes, suicide. We have the same here – research the U.S. suicide rate among white males over 50 – it has skyrocketed over the past 8 years. Those 22 veteran suicides a day? Over half are guys over 50. This is the result of an economic genocide and the OPFOR foot soldiers are the human resource twidges that spend their day virtue signaling and thus transforming our economy into a socialist matriarchy. The .gov at all levels fully reflects this, Federal right on down to your local community associations – check it out. Dismantle the administrative state – Bannon is spot on with that.

    Locally, be selective, be moral, build trust, identify good leaders, persevere and be willing to follow. Without followers, the best leader is just some guy taking a walk.

    Pro Patria Vigilans

    • ^^What Ralph said.

      Re: S.A., they’re stuck there. The lucky ones got out, the ones left behind are stuck with probably being overrun and slaughtered. But they may pull off a miracle on the day, else they’ll leave one helluva pile of brass and corpses around their last positions. I’m betting on the latter.

      If we could implement Lincoln’s Final Solution, and swap the Afrikaaners for Detroit, D.C. and large swaths of the Diversity here, it’d be the immigration win of the millennium, but I doubt it ever gets half a chance.

  16. Alfred E. Neuman

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  17. I am told that the Chinese have been invited into Zimbabwe in large numbers. Building a base in the eastern highlands near what used to be called Umtali.

    • yes they have been grabbing control of east-central Africa and Brazil for decades

      • Jimmy the Saint

        With history as an example, they are gonna have all sorts of fun trying to run stuff in Africa. Brazil might work out better.

    • Grey Ghost

      As I recall Zimbabwe has a good amount of rare earth metals needed for a lot of high tech production. Not surprising the Chicoms have been moving into this area.

      Grey Ghost