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Without first discerning what is to be rebuilt and why, how can anything good rise from the rubble of the former United States of America?

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  1. Nothing will….. It’s tribe vs tribe vs tribe … The rest of the world can burn


    “The conception of illicit activities as a phenomenon unique to the underworld is an illusion according to Moíses Naím.[3] Global criminal activities are creating new norms, new players, and, at the same time, are reconfiguring power and economy on both national and international levels. Criminal groups traditionally rely upon the state because of its monopoly on armed forces and justice, which guarantees their protection. From this perspective, criminal organizations come from outside and modify a situation that should be acceptable to democratic institutions. However, in some cases, the security agents (i.e., the police, armed forces, intelligence agencies) or government personnel (i.e., leaders, municipal official and provincial governors) cooperate with criminal organizations and perform or enable the criminal activities required in order to maintain power.  As a consequence, the state morphs into a criminal organization and not the inverse. This phenomenon could be called a “virtual state-mafia” in which institutional activities are inter-connected with criminal ones.  In general terms, the nexus between illicit wealth and political power defines the Illegal Structures of Power (ISP). They are built and cemented through the criminal activities of state groups (security forces and policy makers), non-state armed actors (paramilitary forces, warlords), and criminal organizations (illegal traffickers, mafias, and gangs). Illegal wealth plays an important role in fighting for maintenance of illegal political power that it is managed by ISPs. This faculty can survive because of the violent repressions and patronage activities which constitute an engine of criminalization of both public and private sectors. In addition, ISPs can capture the state or they can act as its violent opposition.”

    “Preventing the formation and spread of ISPs requires the collaborative actions of a number of civil agencies and is a key strategic issue. Indeed, the Army can aid whole of government political efforts to eradicate corruption by setting conditions of security corruption and, as a result, limit the exploitation of a population by a poor or self-interested leader (warlord or capo). If the Army doesn’t respond adequately, serious problems arise: “…if the arising evils are discerned from far off (something which only the prudent are able to do), they are soon dealt with; but if they have not been discerned, but allowed to grown until everyone sees them, there is no longer any remedy.”[7] Without doubt, a comprehensive understanding of the ISPs’ nature and their erosive effects assure the Army of its real landpower and leadership in countering corrosive corruption and criminal threats to the state.”

    • Once the rule of law and equality before the law fell as organizing principles, all that remained was force.

      And force will wear any costume necessary to preserve and advance its interests.

      Here we are.

      Imagine where we will be.

      Wish you’d reconsider your hiatus from ‘Net writing.

      • NorthGunner

        Hi CA,

        Here’s a excellent essay from back in 2015 by Bill Buppert regarding the ‘rule of law’

        The Myth of the Rule of Law: An Analysis by Bill Buppert

        “..Per politics, the myth of the rule of law is ideal for creating, maintaining and expanding societal controls at the point of a gun. All politics is based on the use of violence. If we were honest, we’d call all politicians violence brokers. That is all they are, they dispense the rules for threatening and ultimately killing people by approved government agents. In America, the legislative branch of thuggery formulates the sparse guidelines for the latest variation in the application of the stick to a targeted victim group and then the executive agencies and the armies of bureaucrats crank out tens of thousands of pages of regulations that become the enforcement edict of the hundreds of thousands of badged and armed government bureaucrats who are the pointy end of all politics…”

        Like the utterly contrived and fraudulent constitution, ‘rule of law’ is a superstition created to ensnare and enslave the host while the parasitic class anesthetizes them with the superstition that the host is in some way in control of the parasite (and that the parasite is NECESSARY to the host).

        Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
        NorthGunner III

      • CA,

        Too much family stuff going on including impending death of a family member sometime this year.

  3. I would venture that every one us … visitors to this site … was born in a more free condition than he finds himself today.

    Which means that we have spent the whole of our lives losing ground… in fact, offering no meaningful resistance, whatsoever.

    The Problem … it’s us.

  4. “Without first discerning what is to be rebuilt and why, how can anything good rise from the rubble of the former United States of America?”

    I know the answer. I’m living proof of it also. Call me an optimist, call me provincial, I believe us dirt people got a lot going for us. There is a quiet revolution going on, a zeitgeist, lot of people are working and acting to rediscover the old ways, the practical means, sustainable self sufficiency, building tangible assets, learning practical trades, they are going back to first principles and building things from the primal precepts of liberty and freedom of every facet of their lives up. Grass roots, brother.
    It is a evolutionary movement that is happening right now.

    There is tremendous latent strength in that motive power and audacity.
    Not for nothing, this kind of dirt people motive power is a perquisite for rebuilding, for rising up from the rubble. From that springs many things.
    Another thing, it is happening, now, not after TSHTF, not when everything is hopeless and all is in despair.

    I can say my liberty and freedom is not going to fail because of me.
    You can only take it after you pry it out of my dead cold hands.

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  6. “What hope for the person and the republic?”

    Understand what Christ told Paul. The universe pivoted upon the cross and the mystery first revealed to him. Therein lies our only hope.

    • NorthGunner

      Or one can deal with reality objectively as RUSH mentioned in “Free Will”

      “You can choose a ready guide
      In some celestial voice
      If you choose not to decide
      You still have made a choice

      You can choose from phantom fears
      And kindness that can kill
      I will choose a path that’s clear
      I will choose free will”

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
      NorthGunner III