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More to come from the Wikifolks, I’m sure.

UPDATE 1325E 7MAR2017: See also http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-03-07/wikileaks-hold-press-conference-vault-7-release-8am-eastern

UPDATE 1342E: Reddit thread:

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  1. As I said in a comment on an earlier post, a few years ago folks would laugh someone out of the room for saying stuff like this, it’s tin foil hat speculation after all. Now, we see who was right. I wonder how they will take to all their secrets starting to see the light of day?

    • Getting closer with every revelation and expose to it not mattering how they take their secrets getting out.

      Trump is either an incredibly lucky guy or incredibly intelligent. Every time who skips all the politics and nails the issue of the hour or what somebody has done with straight up facts, he is proven dead nuts right a couple days later. With Vault 7, Trump and his swamp drainers hit the jackpot.

      Both bushies, the clinton regime and the mighty kenyan have salted the CIA and the rest of the “deep state” with operatives. They own these instruments of tyranny. They turned the CIA into a full blown Stazi organ.
      The question is what haven’t they co-opted? Sure is looking like the truth all along is there isn’t any component of the federal government that is not infiltrated and employed to nefarious purposes.

      I think what we got to be considering is they are rapidly running out of lies and options for cover.
      Every “conspiracy theory” turned over is conspiracy fact.
      My money is on Pizzagate. It’s the ruling elite Rosetta Stone. It’s too big, too many connections, with everything these fucking scum are about.
      Pizzagate is key, it made the deep state possible.

      • I’d suggest the concept of “debt doesn’t matter” played an initiatory role, along with the base lust for power of all politicians, with all of the various pedo/pervo games supplying the glue needed to keep everyone in harness.

        Throw in an occasional “heart attack”, “loss of driver control”, and my personal fave, “jumped to his death”, and most self-preserving types will heed the message.

        Human frailty.

        It will git you every time.

        • Centurion_Cornelius

          Agreed, CA!

        • Listen for The dog that didn’t bark.

        • Pizzagate is a world spanning system of blackmail. Blackmail as an instrument of control, is the only logical action that makes sense if you are a small entity who must have absolute power over a political elite of a representative government like America, who are your front men. A buffer and an instrument of absolute power.

          You could not accrue power to rule such a people as American’s any other way then to create a fictitious illusion of legitimacy that resembles a constitutional republic enough to keep the majority of the governed in the dark there by garnering the level of consent required to run your deep state organ out of sight, out of mind.
          You don’t have to con everyone, just enough to pull it off.

          Pizzagate makes perfect sense under these conditions. Because after all, who is going to go along and not spill the beans, but the most hedonistic dishonest, self serving greedy mother fuckers you can get “elected”, they are already dilettantes and mandarin’s, crooks liars and thieves, they have no virtue or scruples to begin with. So tempting them with sins of the flesh and perversions unspeakable to the common man is a simple matter of stroking egos and tempting the weak character of such as the political class.
          Once you get the top dogs and key actors hooked, they create a club for members only, and to rise up the ladder of wealth influence and power, they have to join this club. Once in, it’s not unlike the offer you can’t refuse, committed. But being it is a club of cunning crafty actors, it is easy to separate the suitable candidates from those with principles and courage of their convictions. they ain’t part of the club, and a minority easily kept at bay, marginalized and run off.

          All the revelations we are seeing are like sequential layers of an onion. Near the center is Pizzagate, below the Pizzagate layer is the small elite with singular power that controls the gold, oil, food, politics and other strategic necessities of life.

          It’s game over if Pizzagate is revealed for what it is.
          Anyones guess how things go down. From the entire political structure crashing down, to Ragnorak.

          Shits in motion. Really serious shit. Like shit we never seen. Something is about to blow big time. The political class as a whole other than a few mouthpieces spouting the Trump as Hitler narrative, are unexplicitly circumspect these days. Like they are waiting for something to happen.

          My hunch is watch the fuckers, when they start to quietly go away, they are doing so because they know the jig is up. It will be rats abandoning ship. They been buying up compounds and bugout locations, they have no plans or schedule of legislation this year or next. There are no party agenda’s business as usual politics to be heard.
          it’s like everything came to a complete stop.

      • Grenadier1

        You know how fucked up it is? Over on Above Top Secret (A conspiracy site where every conspiracy is spoken of), all Pizzagate threads are shut down and not acceptable to post. Someone got cold feet when the mass media came out and made a stink about “innocent business owner” getting grilled by people over Pizza gate. Now I think some of the “evidence” is a little weak, but I do believe that there is something to it. Combine it with the other “Eyes wide shut” types of activity going on and as CA says you have a glue to hold people in the conspiracy. With the intelligence agencies skirting legal requirements by vacuuming up ALL communications and you have the makings of a deep state control mechanism over even its OWN members. THEY cant even communicate outside of the channels that are under surveillance.

        • Same thing happened at Reddit and a few other places. Also, the amount of “it’s been debunked” bs was a huge flag. Nothing was “debunked”. Shit no one investigated anything.

  2. they own you already, just another proof and if you think they are backing off; you’re naïve.
    if this is where the country is now, imagine it in 20 years or even 10; 1984 is now.

  3. Awesome piece over at Zero Hedge with a overview. Tyler and his brothers did good.


  4. And we peck at our keyboards in faux righteous indignation….carry on ,that is all.

  5. Here’s a grass roots reddit timeline and archive currently running.

      • Wonder how many dollars has gone down this CIA sinkhole. And how many of those dollars washed into numbered offshore accounts?

        This is pretty wild. Hackers hacking hackers:

        CIA’s Remote Devices Branch’s UMBRAGE group, Wikileaks’ source notes:
        “collects and maintains a substantial library of attack techniques ‘stolen’ from malware produced in other states including the Russian Federation. “With UMBRAGE and related projects the CIA cannot only increase its total number of attack types but also misdirect attribution by leaving behind the “fingerprints” of the groups that the attack techniques were stolen from. UMBRAGE components cover keyloggers, password collection, webcam capture, data destruction, persistence, privilege escalation, stealth, anti-virus (PSP) avoidance and survey techniques.”

    • Randall Flagg

      Bill Clinton or Sean Connery, alls the same here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0bxnuOdWUmA

  6. I had a friend who was a janitor where I worked. He retired from the Marine Corps. Started out at the bottom, and ended about as high as an enlisted man can go. His last stint was in intelligence.

    He kept his computer unplugged from wall power and from the phone when he was not using it. This was in the mid ’90’s. He would not elaborate on why, but said it was because of what he used to do.

    They’ve been doing this shit a long time.

  7. That’s kind of why I quit trying to hide. Using TOR or a VPN automatically puts you on their watch last. If they really care to find out, they know who I am, where I am, what I buy and so on. I am not currently in a position to, nor do I currently care to go 100% hidden full time. More power to those who have the time, resources and motivation to do it, though.

    Consider: even with these capabilities, they can’t (or don’t) stop radicals from communities that they’re watching when they decide to get shooty. I don’t think we’re anywhere near the point where we should be getting shooty, but God forbid it ever get to that point, I’m not some hardass door kicker. I’d just hope to get a few more of them than they get of me before they do.

    Hey, feds. Hope the weather’s lovely in DC today.

    • If, as rumored, “anything that has a plug” has been vulnerable since the Eighties, it matters little.

      On the other hand, technical means have a bitch of a time with couriers and paper messages decoded, read, burned, and muddled immediately after consumption.

      And what’s the weakest element of the Five Eyes?


    • I can understand OPSEC, there’s good reasons, but there’s another dynamic, of course this is my personal point of view and my choice, I refuse to hide from the fuckers. I want them to know at least this guy is not afraid of them. It is good they know I see them as scum of the earth.
      Like as in go fuck a flying’ rollin’ donut.

      I refuse to submit or bend a knee.
      Because Fuck You Thats Why.

      The more of us who give them the finger the more of us they will have to try and stop. At some point it becomes physically impossible. At some pout they are the ones who are right to be afraid of us.
      They should be afraid of us dirt people.
      They have gone toooo far.

      • Maybe 144:1 can gin us up a BFYTW morale patch, based on Zoomie’s Resist graphic:

        Anyone know any jewelers out there? It would also make a helluva lapel pin.

        • 144:1 guy rocks!
          BFYTW is iconic like “Give me liberty or give me death”.

          BFYTW rolls off your tongue. It feels right. It is truly appropriate. It fits the time we are in.

        • Grey Ghost

          I was just thinking the same thing yesterday. How about just BFYTW embroidered on a rectangular field pick your own colors… yep, a great idea for a morale patch. How about using the the battle flag or Northern Virginia as you’ve modified as the graphic portion of BFYTW. You see someone with that on and you immediately know you might have something in common or not.

          Grey Ghost

      • Centurion_Cornelius

        I’m with you, mtnforge! These SOBs know exactly where I buy my 2nd Amendments, primers, cases, propellants–the whole nine yards–and how and when Big Brown sets ’em all on my doorstep. They know all this shit already. I’ve got one scream out to ’em:

        FU !

        You want a piece of my ass–well, come on down.

        In my younger days I had a few dealings with La Cosa Nostra on the fringes. One day a “soldier,” (non-capo) meets me in my office and complains: “We didn’t like what you did–you’d better watch yourself.”

        Got up from my desk real slow, motioned for him to follow me to the parking lot. He did. Showed him my vehicle, read the plate to him, then told him EXACTLY the route I took every day to/from work and the arrive and departure times. Looked him in the eyes and said: “But–don’t miss. I sure as hell won’t.”

        Never had any more trouble with that outfit.

        Same with “Da Bruthas” in the inner city. You lay it on the line to them and they get the message: “This MF is crazy! No tellin’ what he be doin’.”

        Works both ways….

      • WRONG!

        “today it is infinitely easier to kill a million people than to control a million people.”

        • You seem to have staked your future on mountains of dead bodies and rivers of blood. Genocide on a nuclear scale. Killing everyone.
          Not for nothing, I think a little cheese fell off your cracker.

          What are you going to do when you find out your doomsday, chicken little, we are all gonna die, resistance is futile fantasy future is wrong?

          • dude,

            you need to educate yourself.

            the trump and politics billshit is bread n circus for the ignorant masses.
            if you don’t think the plan is extermination you are seriously behind the learning curve. i’ve been researching full time for 15 years – you?

            some people just can’t be helped…

            • Education is no substitute for common sense, intuitive reasoning and critical thinking. It is highly overrated.

              History is only circular at best, a guideline out of many.
              What you repeatedly fail to garner, as your comments repeatedly indicate as the basis of your argument from your 15 years of education is the human terrain is always on top.

              It’s not rocket science genocide, world order genocide that you are fixated on to the exclusion of any other possible course of history, is always a possibility, but it’s possibility in no way makes us dirt people incapable of resisting and winning.
              As you say, your such a student of history, maybe you can explain to me how the various revolutions and defiance of tyrants exist?

              Your argument to date doesn’t negate the truth and realities of resistance to tyranny and it’s physical successes: the American Revolution, the Spartan’s, The Gates of Vienna, The Reformation, The Magna Carta, The Declaration of Independence, The Compact of Confederation, even Jesus Christ and his Twelve Disciples, the finest insurgents and revolutionary’s in human history. It is a piss poor argument Trump is an elaborate rouge cooked up by the elites to keep us dirt people distracted
              History is replete with victory of dirt people winning freedom over tyranny.

              You interestingly, for such a history genius, never provide any rational proof to the contrary with your resistance is futile claims. It’s funny because cultural marxists operate the same way.

              You have this galactic scale mentality we are all gonna die.
              Why are you on WRSA to begin with?
              Do you have this fantasy your are going to set us all straight the end is coming, so why bother going on living?
              If your such an educated man, why lower yourself to our level?
              Isn’t that demeaning for you? To have to wallow with all us mouth breathers here? To even think there are men who would fight regardless of the odds, in spite of the odds, even when all hope is lost, because fuck you thats why, must be apostasy to you.
              Your a chicken shit coward if you do.

              I’ve always thought you are here to shit stir and spread doubt and discontent. There is something disingenuous about you. At the very least, seriously no joking, your fucked in the head crazy, but educated brainwashed crazy, like a sly 5th column professor trolling or the like. But that is my personal opinion. You ain’t who you try to make yourself out to be. Some key parts are missing from your persona that would make you a genuine negative gloomy gus.

              • i never said i was a student of history.

                i’m a student of the NWO.

                BIG difference.

                they simply don’t need people anymore just as they don’t. they need sex slaves, servants, and menial laborers.

                • With breeding amongst the elites to handling that caste’s reproduction.

                  Sounds about right.

                  My assumption is that their plan will stall and crash once a good start is made.

                  If I’m wrong, your 4 billion may be conservative.

                  • their plan is rock solid.
                    there’s nothing they haven’t considered. they will destroy all life on earth before they give up and go home.

                    like me, they have ALLLLLL DAAAAY to game this out. and they’re very flexible. it’s a generational plan. although, kissinger, brzezinki, rockefeller, poppy bush, soros, prince philip, and the gang really want to see their NWO before they die. their timeline is overdue, it was supposed to happen by the new millenium.

                    we’ll see soon enough.

                    • That’s one of the pieces that is going against ’em: their own mortality-based impatience.

                      Their bad polling last year also demonstrates their fallibility.

                      Putin has not played into their hand yet.

                      The climate con is dead in the water.

                      And even though it is infested with multi-iteration psyops, the ‘Net has been a net win for those who oppose the Big Bad People.

                    • ah. but this world belongs to satan and will continue to be so until the 2nd coming. which by all accounts is after the anti-christ sits on the throne that rules the world.

                      can’t have it both ways.

                    • It is bizarre to me that comment about the return of Christ in a post below. You clearly are not a follower of His, you make that clear day after day, week after week on this board. Your demeanor and attitude show ZERO evidence of ‘fruit’ which is enough to utterly dismiss you.

                      But let’s go a bit deeper: who ELSE uses Scripture or Biblical citations but in a distorted fashion? Yes, “the other team.” So a bit of discernment should make it clear to His people which team you are on. Therefore one needs to ignore you and the profanity laced complaints and attacks you will throw at me. Have it it, moron.

                      OTOH, my friend Doug who engages you DOES annoy me, and I know I annoy him. We butt heads in various comment sections, although we enjoyed each other’s company at Snowmageddon. While I think he tries a bit hard to say too much, I KNOW that his heart is in the right place, unlike you, tfat.

                      Ultimately character and underlying beliefs (as lived out) are what matters. WHO CARES what the idjits think they are going to do? I belong to THE KING and KNOW how this will ultimately end (the good guys win!). I seek to do my part, to NOT get discouraged (which is hard, I confess), and put one foot in front of the other.

                      CA, drop me an email. Time to eat some ribs again, or whatever suits your fancy!

                      To all the rest: stay the course! I know I struggle with this at times, but holding on to TRUTH and seeking to live right before God is all any of us can do.

                      May God richly bless all of you.

                    • Agree re ribs. I’ll drop you a line.

                    • whatever.

                      “Countless millions will protest against the New World Order, and will die fighting it.”
                      – HG Wells, The New World Order

                      Wells is just a bit more credible than you.

                • Your waffling.
                  Like I said its not rocket science. Tyrants always use people for their benefit, its why they are tyrants to begin with.
                  This current bunch isn’t called the human extinction movement for nothing. The Fabian’s and their marxist pals have a lot of hurdles they never faced in previous go arounds.
                  Aside from liquidating the amount of people, never mind the right ones, required to create a manageable population is a very tricky act.
                  And they have a habit of underestimating dirt people.
                  Looks like to me inbreeding and the destructive decay from hedonism and hubris is another problem.
                  They really needed that bat shit insane blood thirsty genocidal vagina in a pantsuit to be the next one world order regime tool to get the genocide ball rolling. What are they going to do to find another mass murderer? It’s not exactly like Mao’s, Hitlers and Stalin’s are sitting around waiting to be installed in the appropriate seat of power.
                  She was doing a pretty good job of setting the stage between her and the manchurian POTUS putting the right ducks in a row. The FUBAR in the Levant when Putin stepped in didn’t help with the flow to Armageddon. Certain things have taken a shitter on them lately. Looks like a lot of things on the long march to do list are not exactly going their way. And the natives are getting restless everywhere.
                  I think unless they pull the plug and go full retard high death rate plague or false flag nuking a juicy target that escalates into a full blown exchange of MAD, they got nothing because the political societal advantages they had they squandered.

                  But like I say, the dirt people messed up their timeline. It’s an existential strain on their manpower and resources to create workarounds with Trump in the way.

                  But how that all matters in regards to God’s providence, it don’t. There’s a great design in all this. It’s beyond us mortals. But how is it different from any other day? Some thing’s you can’t do much about till you can, some things you can right now. There’s a lot of us dirt people who understand it’s better to get busy living free than get busy dying thinking like a slave to tyranny.

            • You spend to much time over at Info-Wars. Silly kid.

      • I respect your choice but we need more students/masters skilled in the art of war. Build two “lives” one for the pig police state, one in prep for the day of payback. Spread dissemination, keep them confused. Pass on your knowledge, master the details the enemy is too arrogant to notice.
        Be the grayman, study your local and regional AO. Stay two or three steps ahead of your enemies. You’re no good to the cause 6 feet under.
        There are ways to fight back using tech, high and low.

      • Fabbersmith

        Ya know, there’s another part for those (me not included) smart enough, or with friends smart enough. Half the tracking is pattern analysis- – looking for the oddities when you change things later. With proper work, a good pattern can disarm some of this, it just takes some prescience regarding the patterns your making and the opportunities they present. I’m not even smart enough to say it right I think.

  8. Alfred E. Neuman

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  9. My generation if you served they got my DNA, pano, prints, iris scan. They know all there is to know and can follow us every minute of every day.

  10. Johnny Red Walker

    I’ve noticed something real funny about all of this that no one is talking about yet. If they can do all this at will why do we still have organized crime, drug cartels, pedo rings, terrorist cells, etc…? The more I study the Powers That Be the harder it is to tell them apart from the aforementioned undesirables. How strange….

    • But…but…but…that might mean that a whole lotta gubmint can only be distinguished from other organized criminals by costume and the possession of nuclear weapons/related systems.


      Mr. Greenwood told me so.

    • Organized crime and drug rings? Because they’re profitable; see US heroin smuggling in Cambodia, Mena, Arkansas if you believe those stories, etc.

      Pedo rings? Because that’s some damn good blackmail; i.e. the pedo MPs that GCHQ was aware of, the Pentagon not investigating CP purchases in the Pentagon, the Oathkeepers and We Are Change getting CP emails, etc.

      Terrorist cells? Because they’re useful until they aren’t; think the Mujahadeen we armed in Afghanistan, the Sunni militants in Iran that we recently de-listed, etc.

      Quoth Carlin, “it’s all bullshit and it’s bad for you.”

    • JRD, You answered your own question. 🙂
      As in we used to say around here: “Did I just repeat myself”

      “The more I study the Powers That Be the harder it is to tell them apart from the aforementioned undesirables.”