TOR Users

You might want to read this Reason article.

Key term?

“[T]he government’s TOR-compromising software…”


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  1. EVERYTHING is compromised on DER webz. EVERYTHING. How was the interwebz invented yo? Where did them come frum. Sorry my sarcasm meter is just pegged today.

  2. No surprise for people who follow that world. The key is your behavioral procedures when you want to obscure your identity.
    -never connect from your home or places you commonly frequent
    -only connect with a device that can be sacrificial and never use it the same -device for general internet access, only for items needing “anonymous” connections
    -Understand fingerprinting / pattern analysis, there are some software tools to help obscure this.

    If you do some research using the right tools in combination with “secure” behaviors prevents a single point of failure, such as tor being compromised, from identifying someone.

  3. Yeah, but the FBI MEANT WELL when THEY did it!

  4. What about Silk Road. Wasn’t TOR compromised for that?

  5. No doubt there were a few in the FBI who’s expertise in kiddie porn were instrumental in setting up the website.. Creepy chimo’s join the priesthood to shield their fetish, and creepy chimos join LE to do the same.

    • yes.

      most cops/judges/politicians are rapists and child molesters.

      it’s a proven fact.

      • This is a recurring theme with you, yet you pitched a wobbling fit when I suggested targeting child molesters off the various government supplied lists. Hmmm.
        Did you have to get special permission to move north?
        All this vitriol because “the man” was always hasslin you?
        Were you simply a runner up for the list, so the locals kept up the heat until you left for someplace no one knew?
        Did she “want it”?

        • why is it that the murkins can’t bring themselves to realize their masters are satanists?

          all government is evil.
          what don’t you understand?
          look up Stockholm Syndrome.

      • “most…”

        Demonstrate the proof.


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  7. The biggest issue with TOR is that most do not know how to use it properly to stay anon. You can’t just download it and start “surfin” the deep-darks.

    • The biggest problem with TOR are the exit nodes; probably a significant fraction of them are government-owned. Try setting up your own TOR exit node and see what happens to you.

  8. The internet was a DARPA project. And TOR was a Pentagon project.

    The most secure means of communications is messenger. But you have to send two, because the lions will eat one.


  9. Grey Ghost

    Tor was a pentagon project AND it was compromised from the beginning.

    Grey Ghost