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These flyers seen in the same vicinity this morning.

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  1. Time for a little counter opps Stickman!!

  2. All the contact strips are gone!

  3. Boss, that masthead being a little wordy for the likes of me, could you break it down for a private to understand? I THINK I get it, uh, mebbe. I got back sink duty at the O club tonight, and it sure would set my mind to rest.

    • It came up in a discussion about “range fast” and “war fast” with an Iraq vet. He was underscoring the need to make sure that when you are pulling up on a target, you are sure that it is a legit target (and that you won’t whack someone behind the legit target).

      The game that is being prepared here in CONUS will not have a lot of uniforms. Smart people will try to blend in with innocent crowds. People who aren’t thinking about the upcoming North American Frisky Games are underestimating the problems of engagement — e.g., I have a legit target at 80 m or so, and I am firing ball ammo….40 m behind that target is a mom and her kids from an allied group.

      I’d best think about my angles and my skill level before I let fly. I also should be considering varmint or SP loads as I top off those cases of ammo so to minimize overpenetration; it’s not like I am a Geneva Convention signatory.

      Make sense?

      The issue is compounded by the limited amount of rifle work that most folks will have under their belt (see yesterday’s doggie advice, with “short range only” added to list of game factors: https://westernrifleshooters.wordpress.com/2017/03/06/a-reminder-21/), and compounded even further by the generally low level of skill with handguns.

      Not shitting on anybody; just noting that we won’t be playing three-gun games once the balloon goes up on the two-way range.

      Hard to condense a 10 minute convo into a few words. Thanks for the feedback on the near-miss.

      • Three gun square ranges don’t return with spray and pray fire that doesn’t care about “innocents” and other non combatants. The means justifies the ends.

        Or something like that.

      • Perhaps that 8 meters could be closed to contact range and “Pistol combatives” comes into play. Nobody trains in that and it may become the order of battle.

        • Leave the gun.

          Take the cannoli.

          • ALCON,

            CCW practice = “Dot Torture” drill.

            1. 3 Yard range requirement.
            2. Manipulates one’s weapon.
            3. Practices draw from CC.
            4. Hones trigger control.
            5. 50 rounds ammo (a box).


      • CA,

        “Make sense ?”


        Good comments.

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  5. They’re all over Denver too. Some grassroots, eh?

  6. Seems like an engraved invitation to get “inside the machine” so to speak…. Beyond depleting their warchest, I’d imagine all kinds of good intel could be gathered along with the opportunity to foment turmoil. You know, using their own tactics against them…. But what do I know?….

  7. They’re only doing this so people will quit asking the protesters, “Why don’t you get a job?”

    Seriously, though, if they have to be paid to show up, how big of a threat are they really? Mercs don’t work if they don’t get paid. So, shut off the payroll.

    Who writes the paychecks? Not Soros, I mean the flunky at Paid Political Agitators for Thug Demonstrations, or whatever organization handles it at the bottom end of the money chain? Who handles the paperwork? Who makes sure they all get their flags and gear? What if some of them are wanted illegal immigrants who ICE might be interested in? Sure, sometimes mistakes in identification happen, but can you really be too careful with something like that? Better safe than sorry, right?

  8. So where are the fliers advertising paid positions for those on our side? Why are we unable to field dozens or even hundreds of marchers and have the support of pro bono attorneys and donations to cover our bail should we be arrested? The leftists have this and more before they even show up at an event. Our side is loosing this war. In a matter of months we have seen Antifa, a relatively unknown protagonist here in the States, raise a small army across our nation and employ the same uniforms, banners and tactics they are using in Europe.

    • Hater.

      Everyone knows that logistics don’t matter.

      Nor does backer financing.

      Being on the right side of AR vs AK?

      That’s the dealio.

      • 1) Logistics for stupidity don’t matter.
        Never interrupt your enemy when he’s making a blunder.
        2) “So where are the fliers advertising paid positions for those on our side?
        The same place we kept the squadrons of Army Air Crops kamikazes in WWII, because the Japanese ones were such a great idea.
        But at least if everyone else jumped off a cliff, we know what you would do.
        Paid protesters…to accomplish what, exactly?
        I’ll wait while that stumps anyone trying for an answer.
        3) Make a list of everything “protesting” has accomplished from the dawn of time to date.
        Show your work.
        It will fit in this space:().
        Next question.
        4) If your side is looking to play stupid games in the streets by counter-protest, please keep your allegiance a deep dark secret from everyone else.
        5) This isn’t a war. You can tell, because no one is shooting. Yet.
        When warfare levels of shooting starts, then you might could call it a war.
        6) Kindly refrain from telling us we’re way behind, before the first pitch has even been thrown. It makes the announcer of such look foolish, and events have proven we have no shortage of people willing to look stupid and pull their own pants down in public.
        And, hey, maybe let’s stop doing that.
        Just saying.
        7) Antifa has not raised a small army.
        They have raised a small Children’s Crusade.

        Look up how the first one turned out, and get back to us.
        8) You keep using certain words.

        Here’s a few learning aids to help out.
        This is what an army looks like:

        This is what war looks like:

        This is what losing in war looks like:

        So for the same reason everyone who disagrees with one’s position isn’t Hitler, let’s stop throwing out words recockulously hyperbolically removed from their actual meanings in the real world.

        You want to get out more?
        Work on monkeywrenching the shit out of this idiocy.
        It’s hugely overripe for beclowning.
        And remember Rule Number One of covert ops:

        DO. NOT. GET. CAUGHT.

    • George Soros is paying all of their bills. The antifascist protesters are mostly either paid (they don’t have day jobs) or trust fund babies (who don’t need day jobs). They’re also getting help from associated non-profits like SPLC. For all we know they’re also part of the leftist groups the DOJ has been funneling billions of dollars to through their slush fund scheme.

      • When the hot war kicks off and the trucks shut down long term, without infrastructure and logistical commerce, we’ll see how much our numbers and skilled operatives overwhelm the leftists.

        It really will outclass Yugoslavia, Venezuela and the Middle East. It will be epic. (Not looking forward to it, but I am preparing for “der Tag.”)

        • I’m less and less inclined to think that that any kind of “hot war” is going to happen. The left simply doesn’t have anything to fight with. At best they can fire up a few mobs, but the Korean shopkeepers in LA showed how that can be dealt with. What else have they got? Antifa? How many of those guys did they have to import from Europe because no one here was interested in playing that game? And how long are a bunch of paid thugs of that caliber going to stand firm when a couple of guys on a rooftop with deer rifles start dropping the people around them? What else? Black Panthers? Drug gangs? They don’t have the discipline to act as any kind of credible force. What else? A bunch of gays and trannies wearing feathers and g-strings? A bunch of shrieking women in pussy hats who don’t even know what the hell they’re marching for, except VAGINA!!!

          Frankly, there is no “left.” There are a bunch of splintered special interest groups who largely have nothing in common and don’t particularly like one another. They’re constantly being played off against one another by the people at the top playing “Victim of the Day.” Some of them, like the blacks and Hispanics or Muzzies and gays, are actively hostile towards one another. The left’s voting base is majority female. Take the female vote out of the equation and the left would never win a single election ever again, even with the illegals to help. With enough manipulation you can get them voting along the same lines, but do you really think they’re going to go to war for each other?

          The left doesn’t have an army to field, and they don’t have an issue capable of allowing them to build one. The male Democrat voters aren’t going to put on camo and carry black rifles to put trannies in the same bathroom with their little girls, or to bring in 100,000 more Syrian “refugees” a year, or to increase the quota of H1-B visa holders. Despite owning the MSM and Hollywood and the bankers and billionaire oligarchs, they’ve lost the House, Senate, White House, and state after state to the right.

          So who on the left is going to do all of this fighting? I think it’s pure disaster porn, like a zombie apocalypse. Fun to read about, but unlikely to happen. If any situation arises, it’s going to look more like 1789 with a popular uprising against TPTB, who the military promptly abandons to their just desserts and very limited actual combat.

          If that does happen there will be large scale rioting and looting and massive unrest, and that’s when the preparation and training will become vitally important. But as far as any kind of open warfare between “Us” and “Them”? I just don’t see that happening.

  9. There are the same number of Bolsheviks in the US today as there were a year ago, but I am more convinced every day their organizations have been dealt massive setbacks. Individually, they still rage with envy and resentment. But they have to put flyers up now to find someone else to help them steal hair extensions and break Starbucks windows. I’m as alert as ever, but I have a smug smirk on my face these days…

  10. Hmmm Intel opportunity here … Put out your own and collect the names and phone numbers of those interested in attending

  11. Professor G says their address is 2140 Shattuck Ave. ste 710.

    When I called the number, a chipper sounding gal informed me there is currently nothing doing in Florida, but suggested…


  12. That ain’t workin’…

  13. It’s real simple & not complicated at all. The Shadow Government aka 5th Column – ‘CFR’ and it’s cohorts – coterie of International Bankers – Vatican & Cult’s i.e. Jesuits – Zionist’s – Kharzarian Mafia – Bush / Clinton / Rockefeller Cabal et al etc. want a 4th Turning of sorts or Balkanization of some sorts ASAP. Obozo – Valeria Jarret – ‘OFA’ are in place to make sure it happens. There are two Governments running. One has ROL as a guiding template the other has no ROL. We are there & it is happening now.

    Strange Days indeed & only metastasizing & escalating.

  14. GrassRootsCampaigns.com , 2041 Bancroft Ave. Berkeley, CA 94703 is one address associated with that phone number. So is 1573 Scenic Ave
    Berkeley, CA 94708-1813, an apparent residential area.