Barnhardt: Enemy Mindset Overhears – Parts II & III

Part II

Part III


Part I

5 responses to “Barnhardt: Enemy Mindset Overhears – Parts II & III

  1. Alfred E. Neuman

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  2. Well, she may be sorry to dash the foolish beliefs of dumbasses such as myself, but what exactly doed she and others of this mindset desire, A League of the South? Five or more seperate countries in America? And how do we keep out the rest of the world while we’re sorting all of that out? Don’t know what the answer is, just have a lot of questions about how breaking off into smaller and smaller groups makes much sense or works for that matter.

  3. Our Sainted Miss Ann-on top of it always. Exposing smug little fags who think that they are smarter and more clever than anyone else. Grey man time coming: who is equipped and ready to use said extermination practices.

  4. time for Ann Elizabeth to write the great ‘Murkan novel. She’s got the conversational parts down already.

  5. lastmanstanding

    “they know exactly what the situation is” all right… but what she forgot to mention was that they think they will be exempt and on the sidelines watching it.

    Not a fucking chance. When the game is on, no one will be exempt.