Bracken Sends: International Women’s Day Edition

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    Can’t argue facts…

    • Apparently Bracken is blind in at least one eye.
      Rabbis routinely suck babies’ penises.
      Rabbis teach that sex with girls under three is no big deal.
      Rabbis teach that sodomy with boys under 8 isn’t really sodomy.
      Rabbis teach that women are sacks of shit that bleed.
      Rabbis spy on each other to learn the correct way to defecate.
      Rabbis teach that eating dog sh*t cures the flu.
      Rabbis teach that only Jews are human.
      Rabbis teach t hat non-Jews should be deceived, looted, raped, enslaved, and killed.
      etc., etc., etc.

      Evidence for those who have eyes that see:

      • Al:

        You do know you’ve become a self-parody, right?

        As in “Never go full Al Liguori”, right?

        You just went full Al Liguori.

        • “It ain’t what you don’t know that gets you into trouble. It’s what you know for sure that just ain’t so.”
          Mark Twain

          You print your justified complaints and sound bites about Islam. I provide documentation that the same complaints are justified against Judaism.

          I visit here for alternative information, not for the same tribal agitprop I could get 24/7 if I still owned a talmudvision.

      • AL, the Joos are outside your house in that black van. The best thing you can do is dig a deep hole in the backyard and get in it.The demons and Joos can’t see through dirt.A hypodermic needle fiilled with battery acid,shot straight into your eye will make you them. Need more help,give me a call at 1-800-JOOO. Keep up the fine work.

      • Guided by your hate.
        Look in a mirror once in a while.

        • Al Liguori

          Remember that you are the guy who thinks it is fine to profile Muslims as a declared internal enemy (I agree), but you can’t quite connect the same dots about Germans profiling the internal enemy that killed thousands of Germans in the 1918-1919 Bavarian Socialist Republic and Spartacist uprising in Berlin and declared war on Germany in 1933.

          With such a weak grip on matters like history, Matt, now you think you can read my heart, mind, and soul?

          Were your cartoons inspired by your “love” of Muslims?

          • SemperFi, 0321

            Al does have a very real point.
            All my life of 62 yrs. I’ve listened to Americans bashing 1920-30’s evil Nazis and how they were so cruel to the Jews and yet here today, it’s OK to bash Muslims because they’re so evil? A 1930’s German was not allowed to hate Jews (bad,bad think) but 2010 Americans can despise Muslims at will, and it’s a good thing?
            Someone please explain the difference to me, between hating Jews (todays good guys) and hating Muslims (todays bad guys) because to me, it’s EXACTLY the same thing. They’re both middle eastern religious groups, and in 50 yrs, Muslims will turn out to be fine upstanding citizens just like Jews are today, right?
            Someone correct me, but weren’t Jews pretty well hated in the US before WW2 also? I’ve heard stories about WW2 Jewish soldiers who said they were severely abused by their fellow G.I.’s, on the same level as negro soldiers.
            So much for brotherly love.

            • Jews led revolutions IN early 20th century Germany and killed thousands IN early 20th century Germany. Jews led revolutions in Germany’s neighbors and killed MILLIONS in Germany’s neighbors. Jews DECLARED WAR ON GERMANY in 1933… and Judaism teaches “Kill even the best of Gentiles” and somehow Germany was supposed to ignore all that???

              All of it documented and easily verified.

              ‘Scuuuuze me for interrupting the groupthink “love” here.

            • I haven’t heard the Jews recently broadcast a call to remove all infidels from the face of the earth.I have watched footage of Islam clerics call for this. I have seen the results of musloids burning people alive in cages, throwing homosexuals off roofs and stoning unclean women to death,.Mutilate young girls.Wire up the mentally disabled and children with bombs. Tear down magnificent pieces of middle eastern history.Rape and burn their way through Sweden and other European countries.Bomb and mow down innocent Americans in Boston,New York,California,Florida and other places here in the US.When someone tells me they want me and my family dead,I believe them.I take that seriously.
              Wait a minute,I got it all wrong…it’s the Jews doing all this. You read about it every day,the Jews bombing,mutilating,burning people alive,beheading,stoning,killing homos,turning twelve and thirteen year old girls over to old men for wives,killing anyone who isn’t a Jew.Aw shit,I got that wrong also,It’s those damn mackeral snappers,the Catholics ,or was it the Protestants.Those fucking Buddhists again.Organized religion is a designed control mechanism. A cash cow,mind numbing,control mechanism.Carry your religion in your heart.Manifest it in your daily life. It should be a compact between you and your version of a benevolent creator. Cut out the middleman.

              • You haven’t heard…??? (trying not to laugh) You are in deep denial or a disinformation tool.

                As if dumping white phosphorus on women and children is sooo civilized compared to beheading?


                As for sex slavery, including child sex slavery:

                It is sad to read readers here express their mistrust of “mainstream media” only to parrot that media’s falsified “history.”

                • Al, you discredit yourself. None of what you have posted here has anything to do with the topic at hand. You aren’t denying the Muslim issue; you are just barging in where you wish and flogging your particular monomania.

                  Take a few more days off. You need them.

              • SemperFi, 0321

                I’m not defending Jews, or Muslims or Christians, I just have a problem with all the hypocrisy. Calling for people to be nuked and murdered and yet condemning others who did the same thing as being evil?
                I don’t care what anyone’s religion is, or isn’t, but when you think you somehow have a right to push your religious/political beliefs on others, that becomes offensive to me. Two things I hate, Communists and religious zealots, they’re cut from the same cloth of wanting to control others.
                And I fully agree with worshipping my own creator as I see fit. No one else has a right to tell me what’s in my heart. Been that way my whole life. I never saw the point in following someone else who has no idea what my path is.

            • NorthGunner

              Hi SemperFi,

              My take is this, if someone is preaching the collective over the individual; that the individual MUST be subservient to the collective, then that person isn’t either good or a friend.

              collectivism (state) vs. collectivism (religious) = no damn difference in my eyes..neither is willing to respect the individual, let alone leave them alone!

              Yours in Daily Armed Liberty!
              NorthGunner III

        • Matt, Please, what is the status of your new book? Thanks.

        • NorthGunner

          Hi Matt,

          OT I know but when is your new book out please?

          Thanks in advance!
          NorthGunner III

    • POd American

      Here’s a link adding to your list of criminals in uniform (CIUs). Probation….are you f%^king kidding me??

      • ever notice how the slimes always walk with no jail, prison, or felony charges?

        cops are fucking scumbags.

        • POd American

          If I were a defense attorney in that county (just a minute, I just threw up in my mouth) I would press the courts to release all drug related offenders arrested and prosecuted by this shitbag due to “fabricated evidence.” I’m sure an attorney could make this request stick. Would love to see our courts completely backlogged due to normal criminal activity from our elected officials.

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  3. I support Arabic as a language only spoken in Hell. Death to islam, both adherents, and enablers. Deus Vult.

    • Why are there no Arab Muslims on Star Trek (1960’s tv sci-fi of 5 centuries hence)?

  4. We should just say it: Islam means Death.