Derbyshire: Invite The Russian Ambassador To Cabinet Meetings To Stroke Out The Opposition


Money quote?

“…If the first duty of intelligent men is the restatement of the obvious, the second duty is to question what goes unquestioned…”



8 responses to “Derbyshire: Invite The Russian Ambassador To Cabinet Meetings To Stroke Out The Opposition

  1. Gentlemen ! … you can’t fight in here. This is the War Room !

  2. But…he’ll see the Big Board!

    • True story.

      There I was, in a big western state’s central emergency planning center.

      Said to the lawyer from our side who was with us, “That’s the big board” – ‘cuz it was.

      She comes back with a full George C. Scott rendition of the line you just delivered.

      I bowed to her and applauded.

    • We are planning beeg trouble for Moose and Squirrel.

  3. Derbyshire ref’d a POTUS quote:
    “Free nations are the best vehicle for expressing the will of the people, and America respects the right of all nations to chart their own path. My job is not to represent the world. My job is to represent the United States of America.”

    However, apparently the support (or not, depending on the day) for NATO leads to “concern” and admonitions about re-evaluating relationships when a country wants to expand its forces to a full-fledged (albeit relatively tiny) armed force. Disclaimer: I give a shit less about Kosovo but this is an early example of the double-tongues.

    As to Kislyak for regular consultations? Love it, just for the popcorn while the collective goes batshit crazy (and Kislyak’s boss would understand completely). Whew… if CNN thinks they’re embarassed about the Venezuelan Prez telling them to pound sand they ain’t see nothin’ yet.

    • It has been less than enjoyable going through multiple iterations of “Everything you know, Peter, is wrong” — and the modern reality of NATO is another opportunity for personal growth.

      The sooner the Euros get to build their own destinies free(er) of globalist krepola, the better for the world.

      • Trackin’ – Experencing your first line every morning seems genetically linked to my 2nd cup of coffee as I reach for pencil and my “I’ll Be Damned” book. 🙂

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