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  2. Fred Seymour, Jr.

    Here ya go youngsters……. These “new revelations” of Deep State spying go back 20 years as it pertains to computer software spying. We patriots going back to the 60’s that watched the “social revolution” program have been aware of Deep State all along and have watched as they acquire new tools and technologies to use as weapons against the people.
    ALL software is built by corporations / Deep State jointly, with coded back door access. Your phone, your laptop, your car, etc. They can watch you real time, or go into your recorded, stored files to view everything you do, everywhere you go, contacts , friends. They can watch you on your computer, listen to conversations in your home or out with your friends.
    And don’t think its easy to outsmart DS, by going lone wolf. If you are a person of interest they enter your name / profile in a software program that develops a pattern recognition of your behavior. Like daily trips to work, stores,etc. Break that pattern and the software notifies an agent at his computer station and they begin tracking you real time.
    So maybe you’ve started going off the grid, or you think you have. Well, they know you went to the gun show to buy with cash instead of buying on line with a credit card. They know you went to the gun show because the GPS in your car pinpointed you to the parking lot. Your car was there for 1 hour and 12 minutes. And the facial recognition camera they installed in the dark corner of the doorway caught everyone’s facial image for the last 4 years since that venue has been hosting the gun shows. Oh, and by the way, they rented the venue for the gun show too just to make the data gathering that more fruitful.
    So lets say you’ve decided to take a few matters into your own hands. Maybe using some hardware you purchased at that gun show, and take a Wednesday trip to the State Capitol. Well, you just broke your pattern. a notice goes out to an agent at his PC. He see’s too many things adding up to a bad outcome. He puts a APB on your ass, or if considered an extreme threat an “Amber Alert” on you while he tracks your car real time. You are considered “armed and dangerous”. Everyone and his mother is on the hunt for you as you travel down the highway. And here you thought you were off the grid. You are no longer “on” the grid. In 2017 you are “IN” the grid’….
    I made you think didn’t I?…… GOOD, you keep thinking! Because now more than ever you need to THINK!

    Secret Government and the Death of Danny Casolaro
    The Inslaw Scandal

  3. everything comes down to the same common denominator, some steaming pile of shit with a badge and a gun.


  4. Where indeed is the outrage. Certainly not evidenced on the left as far as I can tell. More dedicated on the right of course, but still fairly muted. More of a resigned ‘what else is new?’

  5. Bad Attitude

    While these revelations are interesting, they are not the least bit surprising.

    Anything that is internet connected can be used for spying. Many consumer electronics devices already “phone home” to tell their manufacturer how you are using your device – your “smart” TV is already telling Samsung, Vizio, or whoever what you watch. The latest voice recognition devices all record what you say to them, and ship those recordings to the manufacturer “to improve [their] voice translation software.” And, your cell phone has been tracking you for decades. The cell phone location data is only better now because virtually all cell phones now have GPS capabilities.

  6. So that is what Dave Emory was talking about on his radio program. Didn’t Mae Brussels have something to do with this investigation as well?

    Dave Foster got whacked for PROMIS? Wow!

  7. Mr. Frosty

    Boomers are the worst. They inherited the greatest country/society in the world and turned it into a 3rd world toilet. Now they blame in on the awful children and grandchildren they failed to raise properly. Sad…

    • SemperFi, 0321

      Don’t blame it on all the boomers. I never had any worthless ungrateful kids, like you.
      You seem to fit in with all the EXCEPTIONAL ones who are constantly blaming their parents for fucking them up, or why else write the garbage you just did. Why the boomer hate anyway, this isn’t the first time you said this. Or you just jealous you missed out on the sixties?

  8. Alfred E. Neuman

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  9. mrscongeniality

    I don’t understand it either. Yesterday I thought for sure this would be the thing that would finally get the masses motivated. The only people who seem to even recognize the significance of Vault 7 are people who were already aware of the deep state deception. I guess it’s because so many people have voluntarily given up their privacy through Facebook, etc., that they think it’s perfectly normal to be Truman in The Truman Show? Where indeed is the outrage? Only 1% has been released. What is it going to take? Are Americans going to insist on doing this the hard way? When are some high level arrests going to take place?

    • SemperFi, 0321

      The masses are so self absorbed they don’t care about anything anymore. I warned folks for yrs, they just shrug and continue on, it doesn’t faze them, because as most have said, “I don’t break the law, why should I worry”.
      And as far as arresting gov’t officials, folks don’t even go there because they believe the gov’t will clean themselves up. That’s why we have alphabet agencies isn’t it?

  10. This isn’t unknown but this fellow might provide useful info.

  11. If the spying were really all that, then Dorner in LA would have been rounded up in 15 minutes, that two-man team shooting people out of the trunk of a car in DC wouldn’t have gone on for weeks, the Unibomber would have been picked up buying ingredients, McVeigh wouldn’t have delivered his bomb, etc. Unless you think these were all allowed to proceed as fundraisers for government, but that’s non-disprovable.

    Stop carrying a cell phone around, stop using Windows, and stop self-reporting to social media. That gets you somewhere. Personal security means to arrange your passive defenses so thieves pick an easier target.

  12. If the spying were really all that, there would have been nothing sent to wikileaks. Reality is, agencies can’t even keep track of the stuff inside their super-duper secret offices, can’t even predict the collapse of the Soviet Union, or keep the fiat currency from preparing to hyperinflate. What agencies can do is keep a couple percent of the population in prison, destroy the saved capital of generations, and lie a lot.

    • Fred Seymour, Jr.

      “and lie a lot”……. Like blowing THREE buildings up on 9-11. Running special effect images of huge commercial jets disappearing INTACT into steel and concrete skyscrapers. and telling the world 20 rag heads flew the jets like top gun and used box cutters to take over the passengers and crew……

  13. And some of us spent the day, writing and calling our shit bag representatives. enough of us call and email, and as our friend Easop suggest, something may change.

    Not holding my breath. But then Im one who use’s my morning coffee time penning instructions to their elected leadership.


    • POd American

      Dirk, I used to religiously write and call my reps.I even attended townhall meetings and got in their faces. I encouraged my friends and family to do the same. I no longer waste my time. It’s the unbalanced ratio catching up us. Elected officials aren’t….they are crowned by the system.

  14. If you don’t know what you’re going to do this weekend, just call the NSA. They can check your personal algorithm and tell you exactly what you’re going to do.

  15. Where’s the outrage? Ask the right question, Boss. Are we adrift in TMI? You betcha. Take away the apathy of most, the self absorption of most, the distraction of most, the fucked up “education” of most, the propaganda of most, (going on for lifetimes) and the carefully crafted web of lies that most have to deal with, from their own govt. at every level, and it’s a miracle anything like this saw the light of day. That they will seize it and do something with it to save themselves and their posterity is an impossibility. The odds are too high against significant blow back, because the Left has Successfully Prepared the Battle Space ahead of time, and everywhere. We are playing against a stacked deck. All we got right now is that reactionary stuff, and they’re monitoring that, too. Do WE have any plans, organization, leadership, structure, supply, money, commo? No. We are a thousand gnats, buzzing around Leviathan, as it goes about its business. Oh, I know, we can’t because infiltration, stooges, plants, and so on. Has anybody ever realized that the discouraging and disparaging talk about getting our shit together being impossible, is a tactic that Leviathan uses to nip that shit in the bud? We got nothing, and we’ll always have nothing, until we get something.